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Maker’s Journal : The Crochet Edition

Granny Square Hottie Cover :

Finishing projects has been a struggle for me lately . I had misplaced two works in progress somewhere.That put a damper on my spirits and I kind of lost my making mojo.

The Granny Square Hottie cover came about as a result a scrappy make along. I had a big tangled mess of yarn which I had frogged from an abandoned project . When I found a hottie bottle without a cover , covering it up with granny squares seemed like a great plan. And it indeed was !

So quick and easy, with the granny squares getting done in just three rows each , I kept reaching out to them until it was all done. The Hot pink colour and the cream ( Kan Ten and Curiosity) made it a very bright and cheerful project.

I think the vintage buttons that came along as a free gift with Molly Makes magazine, tied the cover so well together. It is one of my favourite features of this project, on top of how this hottie cover came along.

Moreover ,an added bonus was the immense satisfaction, of pretty much using up all the yarn ,that was a frustrating pile of tangled mess mocking me.

I roughly followed Alexandra Mackenzie’s Granny Square Hottie Cover pattern.

Pattern Details :

Pattern : Granny Square Hottie Cover by Alexandra Mackenzie

Yarn : Outlaw Yarn Bandit DK in Kan Ten and Curiosity

Hook : 4 mm

Project Notes :

A few things I did differently from the pattern first and foremost , were the granny squares themselves . As a result I had to adjust the number of squares I made for the cover. I also joined the squares using single crochet rather than whip stitching them around. I was really happy to have a guideline in the pattern to follow and then make modifications to suit my needs.

Easy Victorian Shell Mitts :

While I do love a quick and easy granny square, nothing makes my soul sing like a feminine lacy pattern . I have made these mitts before in a cotton mix yarn called Main Line from Knit picks, now discontinued , when we were in Kuwait. For the Winters in Kuwait , that was good. After coming to Christchurch, a 70% cotton and 25% merino did not cut it for the Winter chill here. My hands were froze constantly and I have been meaning to make another pair in Merino.

When I first joined the Outlaw yarn team , Deb gifted me a Bohemia Worsted Yarn in the colour Royal and immediately I decided that I was going to use it for these mitts . Only, I never got around to making them. Even though they are a very quick and easy pattern that hardly takes more than an afternoon to finish the pair.

When I finished my granny square hottie cover, I was pumped up to crochet a little more and decided to just get these mitts done too. I had to go up a hook size than the pattern called for as I could not get the gauge right.That took a bit of time , as I started with a size smaller like I had done the first time, then the size called for in the pattern and finally going up a hook size . Yet, it did not take more than an evening to finish the Mitts.

The Polwarth, Possum and alpaca mix in the yarn makes these mitts so cozy , soft and extremely warm to wear. I love how the yarn and the colour bring out the beauty of this pattern. Needless to say , I’m so pleased with how they turned out and have this long overdue project ticked off my list of to do things.

Pattern Details :

Pattern : Easy Victorian Shell Mitts by Bron Green

Yarn : Outlaw Yarn Bohemia Worsted in Royal

Hook : 5 mm

Being able to create these two projects with yarn I had in my stash, after not finishing anything at all for a while ,has truly been a magical making moment for me.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Until Next Time

Happy Crafting

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Pointy Coasters

In an attempt to organise and decorate everything, I have been quietly working away on adding in little cozy corners around my home ,for me to feel inspired and be creative.

So with the help of J, I put together a little blogging nook for myself. I’ve always liked to have a little desk in the corner of our bedroom to read ,write , plan and contemplate.

It is not at all fancy, the table is a hand me down from Steve and the chair is a thrifted gem from the Eco store in Christchurch. But I was extremely happy with how it all came together to serve my purpose.

When we finished working on the space,I was doing my morning devotion with my tea in hand and realised I did not have coasters that went with the space.

So I went stash diving and found this lovely Egyptian cotton my friend Jessyz had gifted me , at one of our meet ups, a very long time ago.

I had tried making many things with this yarn, but nothing made me happy . Each time I would make something, not feel the project, and then frog it and wind it back into the ball.

The best thing about this yarn is that, in spite of the several making and frogging I did, the yarn held its shape without pilling or losing its sheen.

This time, when I tried making these coasters , it made me very happy with how it turned out, that I decided to make a set of four.

I used Laura cotton for the edging which made it go perfectly with my space.

Project Details :

Pattern :   Pointy Coasters by Carmen Heffernan Boho Crochet: 30 Gloriously Colourful Projects

( I do not have the pattern. I saw the picture of the coaster online and kind of made up on my own from the picture and assumed the pattern was by Marinke Slump! Funny thing is, I just now discovered that I made a mistake of who the designer was,as I was writing this post! )

Hook : 3.5 Addi hook

Yarn : Egyptian Cotton ( Gift from Jessyz)

Laura Knitting Cotton in the colour 894

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Sweet Baby set

 This Vanilla and Chocolate  baby blanket was custom made for my cousin who is going to have a baby soon.

The Blanket is my run-to baby blanket.

While I have made many baby blankets for little ones in the family, the flip flops are a first.

I rarely make baby booties or flip flops. I might have made a couple for Lil B and then for my nephew, that is it.

It took some time for me to get my head around the concept of  having to make a new born to three months size. Are baby feet really that small?!! What if it is too small, what if it doesn’t fit … ah those doubts come without calling!And then I checked the sole size for newborns and the size was spot on! phew! big relief.

I so wanted to add a ribbon to secure it tightly .The to-be parents have chosen not to find the gender of the baby yet and wanted a gender neutral option. And so i made this. After I packed and posted the package to Auckland, where it has reached now, I got an idea for a simple tie. Ah, hind sight is always 20/20!

At the moment I’m on a making mission . I have finished some of the unfinished projects that I had sitting in my WIP basket. Feeling very productive, I made a few more things with the plan of stocking them  in my Etsy Store.

Its the photography part of it that gives me the heebie-jeebies. However, slowly but surely  we will over come that too 😀

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Ruffled Doily

When I first started crocheting, I made only doilies. I enjoyed the seeing the dainty delicate lace pattern come to life in my hands.I loved working with thread, the finer the better .Still , I never once made a ruffled doily.

Pleat Repeat close edited 1

 just love the mesh centre 

Then I moved on and did not make doilies for a long time.

Pleat Repeat 1

the complete look

When there was a Crochet Along  for a ruffled doily ,at the Crochet group I belong to, on Facebook, I decided to join in .

Surgery, recovery got in the way and I finally got   in,late to  the party. All the lovely finishes of the ladies in the group, motivated me to finish mine.

I just made one part of the pattern. It was a breeze till I reached the ruffled part, then I did not know how to proceed from there.The lovely ladies in the group tried to help me but no I  couldn’t figure out how to do the ruffle joins. I kept it aside and went on to make other smaller projects. Then it came to me.Without any trouble.

Like a honeycomb

Tell me, would you have known, if I didn’t tell you, there was more to the pattern? No? I thought so !

I decided to stop working more on the pattern, because I felt that  just the inner part of the pattern  was a doily by itself.  Moreover,The novelty of making a ruffled doily had worn off as soon as I finished this part and did not want to go further. 

Pleat repeat close 2 edited 2

Inspired by the pictures of fall colours I saw on FB, I made this doily in a not so thin  size 8 DMC Perle Cotton , and  a 2.35 mm steel hook. 

Pleat repeat 3 edited 1

Apart from the customs people still dragging on and on pointlessly, power cuts and lack of internet driving us insane; the inverter does not even have a chance to charge ,we  sit  sweating , cranky and ready to scream,waiting for the power to come back , rubbing on odomos ,  and flaying our hands around to keep mosquitoes from whining in the ears., (A lesson in patience for us, I guess!) nothing else is going on here.

So how are things in your part of the world?

Have you made doilies before?

Do you like making doilies?

Have you made a ruffled doily before?

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Teapoy Cover

These squares were originally for a little cushion that my mother in law made a long time ago for A .A misplaced it somewhere and so I decided to turn the squares into a Teapoy cover just in time for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. DSCN7011

What makes me excited about this cover is not the top …’s the edging that I came up with for it.DSCN7014

All made with Laura cotton yarn and a Hook. All that cotton yarn has made the cover quite heavy ,even if that’s what make it hang so nicely.I really like this yarn ,just wish it came in 100gm balls. The border was a yarn eater really.I do regret not keeping count of the number of balls I used for it and  also not making note of what I did. However,its easily reproducible .Nothing complicated  at all!



yes ,it completely matched the cake; no, it was not planned but a sweet coincidence Smile

I  also made a couple of other little things here and there….an edging for a hand towel


and a little granny square with Embroidery floss and 1.75 mm steel hook.This is a colour combination I saw online  and wanted to try it . DSCN6010

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Square doily


This doily was part of a group project, I belonged to .We had several projects going on every month.As usual, I was always behind in completing all the projects, but I liked all the charted thread projects they chose to make.And made quite a few of the patterns too. Now the group is sadly closed.

The shape of the doily was what drew me to it.I’d never made a square doily before. I had some  size 10,DMC Babylo thread  in lovely green lying around.Plus it was charted.I have no idea where the pattern is from , or what it is called.I used a 1.5 mm Jimra hook for it. I love working with this thread, its so smooth.But the store  has  very few colours  to choose from.

That s the reason I gravitate towards Perle’ cotton 8 most of the time.I was hoping against hope that the thread would be enough and luckily, it was just enough.


Only charted patterns appeal to me now.With written patterns, I find myself getting extremely impatient and keep checking the pictures from time to time to see the number of stitches, etc ,instead of just reading the pattern fully!

I had finished this one loooong back, but as I’ve been known to do,I kept putting off the blocking  part.Although I did not do a very good job of the blocking, I ‘m glad it is done.

I ‘d decided  not give away any of my doilies and other crocheted things  when it struck me that I have none of my crocheted things for myself or our home to show off.It ‘s decorating my coffee table right now.  IMG_8175

Project Details

Thread :   size 10 DMC Babylo

Hook : 1.5 mm Jimra

Pattern :  group project ; unknown source

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Tissue Cozy / Crochet pincushion

Recently, I got to  attend a Basic Sewing Workshop where we learnt about quilting and sewing terminology, tools , fabric, thread ,needle and most of all learning to use the sewing machine and caring for it. (Yea, I am going in the reverse order, learning to quilt first and then learning to really use the machine :D)

I would have immensely benefitted, had I  taken this course before I took the beginners quilt workshop.Still, this was very helpful for me as I got to refresh  some of the things I already knew and got a learn few other things I did not know about.

Having attended this workshop, I am now more confident with my sewing machine. I actually tried out the different decorative stitches my machine has.It has all sorts of cute stitches programmed into it, which was a lovely little surprise to discover.I’ll show them one of these days.

We learnt little tricks and tips to remember while cutting with  the rotary cutter .I am now so excited to use all these little things I learnt there.

I’ve been browsing the net for quick little  sewing tutorials . Of the scores of tutorials I found online, I really liked this  tissue cozy tutorial.view 2

This concept of ‘Share the love ‘ impressed me a lot too! I might started following this campaign.Once I learn to stitch neatly, that is.view 1  view4

I have found a whole lot of quick and easy tutorials I want to try .My plan is now to sew something new everyday. Now that  school has closed out for the boys, I am not sure, how much time I will have for my crafty stuff . But I do have a plan and if I could sneak in some time here and there, then I know where to look 🙂

I  do have a couple of projects on the hooks, in the meantime, I happened to find this little beauty by chance and I just  couldn’t pass.IMG_8148

.Its so quick!

Nothing like  having a cute daisy pincushion  hanging on to your  sewing machine to  cheer you on as you try new things rt?! It does make  me smile ,each time I look at it  sitting like that on the machine table.


plus, its  a nice little way to use up scrap threads and fabric, what more could you want?

I did not go looking for it, but I am glad I learnt to do the crocheted I chord from this tutorial with this project. It always feels good to learn something new everyday.

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Doily/ Coaster

Call them whatever you will_ little doilies or coasters, these are handy little things to have around when you want to grab a little gift for someone or even when one of your little coasters disappear into some mysterious land never to return.

And ofcourse ,who can resist the lure of an instant gratification, when ones sees these little charted japanese patterns?! Not to mention, stash busting as well!

Anyways, here are my little doilies.


Pattern: Pastel Lace Coaster


Pattern: Anywhere Mat


Pattern: Hana Doily

All doilies made with size 1.25 mm Jimra Hook and left over size ten threads.

I’ve had people ask me how I starch doilies. So for people just starting out…..

This is a thermocol sheet I picked up for 100 fils from the 100 fils store.First I pin out my doilies, and then spray starch. And allow to dry.


Simple! 🙂 and it is for this simple process, dear people, that I procrastinate endlessly :))

Do you also block your doilies this way? or How do you block your doilies? I’m curious to know.