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Snowflakes Monday (fail)

Today being Snowflakes Monday,I managed to finish one snowflake.Altogether I have three snowflakes now.Not blocked yet.I need inspiration strike me before I can block my snowflakes.And then I would block them all at a single go.

Do you know how hard it is to crochet with a very active toddler around.?Especially when he thinks it fun to frog everything mommy crochets.

Ask me!!!!..

In the morning,I rushed through the cooking and chores at hand.Started early to make my snowflakes .I was so excited when I finished one snowflake . Ah! and here I was thinking I would make several today with the pace I was going today.

I let my heart soar high and dream of making many more today . Wow I would have so many snowflakes the end of the year on my Christmas tree.And yes I would give the excess as gifts to my mom and mother inlaw.

And Thud!!!! back to reality!!!!!

I made the mistake of leaving it on the low table to get my scissors.What should I find when I come back?

My  little munchkin all tangled up in the thread he had frogged and unable to get out of it. Yes he had frogged the whole snowflake!!!!!!.I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry although I was sorely disappointed with my labour gone waste.

I had forgotten to charge the camera battery or I would have shown you a picture of how cute he looked all entangled like a little kitten in the yarn.

This is better coz he once frogged an entire doily I had made.

Oh well , I had to make the snowflake again and remind myself not to count the chickens before they hatch.

Finally made up my mind to join Crochet Olympics ,I’m planning to do a with a rose in the centre called a Rose by any other name.I hope I manage to finish it with the stipulated time.Its fun to see so many participants in the race.And I’m really excited about it. Go Go Go!!!

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And they lived happily ever after…………

There was once a little girl, all of eight ,who loved going to weddings. She loved the scent of tuberoses ,roses and sandalwood ,the aroma of coconut ,cooking meat and jaggery wafting from the kitchen mingled with the scent of jasmines in the air …she admired the women in rustling silk sarees n matching jewellery  wearing jasmines on their hair serving tea and snacks  ….everyone decked In their finery. … Busy  men overseeing the outdoor arrangements, standing in groups discussing .
Laughter and music ,children running about ,cousins meeting and laughing….

it was at one such wedding, her cousins were all gathered , but this time there was a squabble, a squabble over who had the the most chairs, boys vs girls, the boys were stronger , they pulled out every chair, the girls weren’t going to let go , they fought fiercely back. It was then she saw him, sitting aloof, away from the fight, but with the boys, something in his eyes caught her attention, was it sadness, loneliness that she saw there,she was too young to know. All she knew was she had to reach out to him in friendship. She went up to him and invited him to come to be with them, he refused. She tried again and failed…yet the look in his eyes that looked liked he was almost ready to cry, never left her mind.
Years went by, the incident long forgotten, the boy and the girl were at the same weddings, a few more times, the boy’s friend was getting married to the girl’s brother, the boy’s cousin who was the girls friend was getting married , yet they never met … Not even once ….
Years later, the girl happily married.loved to narrate stories from her childhood to her husband …she was narrating about how cousins fought over chairs at a wedding. Oh yes I remember one he said and went on to share one he was at to her. 

“Oh I was there too” she exclaimed! Then out of the blue, it came back to her mind, Oh were you the boy that didn’t join in ?she asked, “yes” he replied.

 I remember you !! she cried … She still remembered those almost red teary brown eyes…the only boy in shorts…..sitting among some  hormone crazed boys fighting it out with equally hormonal girls ,arms crossed across his chest….she remembered him so vividly right down to the colour of the shorts he wore…Sadly he didn’t  remember her at all !
That boy was you and the girl me ….
And thus our paths crossed several times  unaware of the fact that we were destined to be together forever. And always.

Happy Anniversary J . … We were meant to be! even if I sometimes wonder aloud why i even bother putting up with you ,when you annoy me so much  :P<3


Crochet in the family


Does Crocheting run in the family?

I have always wondered if Crocheting is environmental or genetical. I have never seen anyone actively crocheting in my family. My paternal grandma had plenty of lovely crocheted things around the house though I ‘ve never seen her crocheting.

When I was about seven or eight years I vaguely remember going to an Exhibition from Madura Coats,displaying a wide array of threads.My mom got a green spool of thread , designed her own doily and presented it to her friend.That was the only time I saw her crochet.I have wanted to crochet eversince.

My mom wasn’t too enthusiatic about me taking up crocheting .The reason being her fear of me spoiling my eyesight,like her aunt who completely lost her vision as a result of doing too many needle crafts.

I finally self taught myself  from the net. I wanted to do something to keep myself from getting depressed in a very new country with no friends around. My son had started regular school by that time and I was feeling pretty lonely.

Anyways I am very happy I finally learnt to crochet, coz it’s a very great stress buster for me. Not to mention the compliments that comes along unexpectedly. Like the one I got from my brother………… “Your doilies look just like grandma’s”. A compliment like that from him is something coz he never comments easily on anything. I was so touched even though I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go before my doilies look like the ones my grandma made!!!

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Snowflake Mondays

Snowflakes on Mondays

.My plan is to make as many snowflakes as possible so my tree looks like this in Dec 2006

A very kind online friend, sent me four snowflakes books  as a ROAK.They are absolutely fabulous !!!!II have several snowflakes pattern I printed off a Russian site.I plan to make some beaded snowflakes.So that makes me all set to go .

These are some of the snowflakes I had made previously.These are made with metallic knit Crosheen from J&P Coats.I used 1.5mm Jimra Record hook.

This thread was also a gift .we don’t get these kinds of thread here.I loved the white and silver sparkle thread .The way these flakes glitter against the fairy lights on the tree.

I have found that plain white thread dipped in silver glitter also looks just as good but there is something otherworldly about these flakes in metallic thread.

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Yarn Things

I have also fallen in love with yarn eversince my online fairy godmothers introduced me to yarn ,with their RAOK of yarns and patterns from the U.S.

I work with yarn,when I like to do mindless crocheting.I mean when I can just let my mind travel to all the places it wants to go and not pay much attention to what I’m doing. Like when doing a simple sc or dc scarf.Or a very uncomplicated pattern.Like the ones below

The lovely yarn I got the other day,was so soft and warm,that a Poncho for my niece ( our God child), seemed like a good idea to me.

This pattern from looked cute and wasn’t as intimidating for my very first attempt at making a poncho.

I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I wasn’t intimidated , Yasmin,offered to help and we decided to do a crochet along.(in case I get stuck in the middle)The pattern turned out to be pretty easy to follow and also worked up fast.

I was excited I had the K hook called for in the pattern . And had similar coloured yarn.To brust my little bubble, I couldn’t find the same sort of novelty yarn for the edging.

Yasmin came up with the idea of doing a simple shell edging and so we did that as an alternative for the lack of disco yarn used in the pattern.

This yarn(70%acrylic and 30%wool) is a rare find in these parts of the world .

I loved the luxurious feel of the yarn in my hands while working this poncho .

I’m soooooooo pleased with the way it turned out,although it looks a little loose on her. The ties are there to take care of that. The ties weren’t there in the pattern.Yasmin (again)gave me a simple easy to follow instructions for that.

My niece loved it .