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Cupcakes Anyone?

As I was making Nima’s pincushion,I had all sorts of ideas swimming in my head. I decided the top would make a cute cupcake too 😀 Its a very inspiring pattern .Go grab it if you want its up until 31st May

So I decided to make some


When I got done with that mushroom and jellyfish  with curlycues for  legs came to my mind!

After I finished them, I realized the bottom was not stable. I did a Google search and came up with several similar looking cupcakes.The base of these cupcakes are  also not as stable as I would like it to be.Making them unsuitable to be used as pin cushions. Still,I liked how they looked, with those pins stuck in them .

M let me have them for a few hours before taking them away to sell in his Cake Bakery   which btw, has made him a millionaire already  !

I think I should just make him some more play food and start planning for our early retirement  in some Caribbean Island 😉

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Quilt Show : KTAA

Some  quilts I really likedIMG_7835

Bird of Paradise



Funny story about this quilt, I didnot realise it had the Kuwait Towers in it,and was staring at it, trying to get an idea of what it was, M, standing beside me,calmly asked me, “but mumma , why is the Kuwait Tower shaped so strangely ? Its supposed to be round rt?” only then did I realize what the quilt was about!


I was really amazed that M, actually recognized a momma and a baby in this quilt


here I was thinking he would just be walking beside me, not having a clue to what it all was about.


Machine Appliqué Quilt


look at the colours!


I also liked this Peacock Quilt


IMG_7874 IMG_7876


Again Appliqué’








IMG_7938 IMG_7931IMG_7930



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Gathered Clutch

The Gathered Clutch Tutorial by Anna

First I dilly dallied choosing fabric, then I forgot where I  kept my rotary  cutter, and then the zipper decided to play hide and seek……

As I working on this clutch,

  • I  realized that I only get to work under pressure.Otherwise , I ‘d never get things done!
  • I was more confident with the machine. I feel like its my friend now 🙂
  • my stitches weren’t  that wonky this time and I took time to change the threads to suit the fabric colour
  • I did not have to use the seam ripper at all. Well, I did use it in the end, I will tell you about it in a minute.
  • I wasn’t feeling nervous at all till I reached  the zipper part.

It was after that I couldn’t understand what the pattern said. More because I had this mental block about zippers being hard and so on.In fact, I just stopped stitching when the part to stitch on the zipper came on and walked away. checked out  few you tube tutes, and could not make sense of them either.

Then I found a pattern had instructions that was  much easier to understand. I stitched it all around, and realized that I had stitched with the zipper closed. So out came the seam ripper.

clutch 2

Lesson learnt :When stitching the lining and the outer  fabric  together, the zipper has to be kept open ,otherwise you cannot  turn the right side out!

Tid Bits:

  • I lined both the front and the back  with a soft interfacing that they call Vaslin here. I had no clue how to use it as well, it did not come with any sort of instruction. So I just placed the shiny part over the fabric and pressed it with a hot iron.That was all that needed to be done
  • I had no clue how to stitch the gathering stitch either,for that I decided to stitch with sewing machine  set to the longest stitch possible.  Then I tried to pull the lose stitches for the creating the gathers.worked perfectly.Although I did yank it a little hard and the thread broke!
  • While gathering, I think, I overdid it a little ,but it eventually worked out as you can see.
  • Finally. stitching the zipper was not all that I had made it out to be in my head 😀 For my first time, I think it turned out rather well, even if I say so myself.
  • This is the first project, that makes it to the blog without my mom first seeing it .She is flying across continents,rt now to visit  my brother.And I miss her already.

Ok now,more of my first ever  clutch with zipper project.


gathered clutch



Isn’t the lining cute? I  fell in love with this fabric , when i first saw and  got it.A year back or so,as I was working on another project, M who was eager to help me along, spilled ink all over it and made it totally useless.This little patch was all that was left of it. The very next day, we ran back to the shop from where we got it, to get some more.Unfortunately, it was already sold out. So I had been saving that little bit for something special .

I am so glad it was enough for this clutch and some part of a favourite fabric gets to stay on with me.


the dividers and the card holders :))

Am I glad  at how much I have learnt  with this project!

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Table top decor

These are IKEA side tables that I put one over the other to create a bigger table.IMG_9557d

and put some of my favourite things on top.Doilies I made, a cute and whimsical  metal tree I found at Daiso, a filigree casket that my dh got for me long back, lanterns I found sometime back also at Daiso and pictures of my boys on frames that my sister got for me and a  tulip vase   my aunt gave me below.IMG_9593

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Storage Cube

Any kind of  storage thing_  boxes, baskets,_has my vote at all times.I had seen a few Storage Cubes in Ikea, so I wanted to try making it even though it was very intimidating.

Being so new to sewing, I could not follow the pattern very well and was left scratching my head quite a few times,  I must quickly add  though,that the tutorial by Obsessively Stitching is pretty thorough with pictures at every step .

Keeping the basic idea in mind, I worked on it.  Once I made it, the pattern made perfect sense. I will definitely  be making this again.

Presenting not so perfect but still wow for me, storage cube

Ta daaaa…. the heavier fabric on the out side and the lining are both from Ikea.

Storage cube One.

The Lining


Bottom…. I like that  the flower print, came right in the centre, quite unintentionally.Cute surprise for me.


the other side, here is where the wonky stitches show.

view 2

I used plastic canvas too, for the  holding it stiff.


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Spring Wreath

Finishing up this little spring wreath I started last week, took up my creative space.

I’ve been so smitten by this colourful crafty heaven at Attic 24  that I’m tempted to make every thing on her blog!!That her instructions all has step by step pictures is an added bonus.

Now that this little wreath  and the little birdie decoration are out of the way,I’ve now set my eyes on her hexagons , in an attempt to  add more colour around my home.


Project Details :

Yarn :Schachenmayr nomotta Catania Cotton in assorted colours

Hook : I  ,Susan bates Aluminium hook.

Pattern :wreath is here and the birdie decoration is here.

Tid Bits :

  • added a shell border around the wreath and
  • added leaves to the side flowers.
  • attached to birdie decoration to the centre with a slip stitch.
  • the search for attractive buttons was what took the most time.
  • I did not have a button collection to begin with.
  • I had to go  up and down several sewing materials stores, before I got some decent coloured ones. Where did all the buttons go?!  There really did seem to be plenty out there, when I wasn’t looking for them.!

One more little thing, I started today,which I’ll  probably also finish in an hour or so,its  a very small  item that I am in  absolute need of !


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Baby Booties

I am slowly getting over my fear of the sewing machine.

I’ve had this pattern Baby Booties by Stardust shoes in my to do list, like,forever.But was too scared to try.Now,I’m so excited .I did make it after all. I still have a loooooooooong way to go before I make perfect ones.


Tidbits I ‘d like to remember by…..

  • I used cotton batting for the sole.
  • I could not get the iron on interfacing  and I have no idea how it looks too, so I used batting for that as well.
  • I did not have the elastic, so I used the elastic  which I had for making scrunchies, and they are like cords.
  • There’s a whole lot of scope for improvement.