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Autumn memories

Its been a while since I wrote on my blog. My last post was in March 2019! I did not mean to be away for so long. But I have been busy doing things and not so regular in updating the blog

It was the school holidays. I happened to stumble on a book called How to Hygge by Signe Johansen in the library online and promptly downloaded my first ever e -book loan from the library.

I have read a couple books on the Danish concept of Hygge but nothing spoke to me the way this book did . So I decided to put some of the things into practice .It really helped, I must admit.

I added cushions and a faux fur throw to cozy up our couch ,

Used dried lavender from our lavender plant for our kitchen counter

dried hydrangeas from our garden in the hall

greenery from pothos plants that I have been propagating, pine cones that I found in our walk in the Christchurch Botanic Garden

some fairy lights and some candles I made at a Workshop

Beginning of Autumn, we spent a day walking around the Christchurch Botanical gardens. Every season there is something to enjoy at the gardens, but my favourite times to visit there are Autumn and Spring.

The colours are just spectacular during this time. I’m sharing some of my favourite pictures my son shot.

Walking around the Rose garden ,the roses and the scent of roses pervading all over the garden was glorious.

We spent a good amount of time watching the ducks chase each other on the water

While the geese glided around seemingly oblivious to the commotion happening around

This swan was so graceful in the water

Creating a cozy space, having greenery inside the home, taking note of the things in nature really helped me, to focus on the beauty of simple things and take pleasure in them.

Also, during this time, a friend and I together , started a knit / craft and chat that like to call the Knit2together group in my home . This turned out to be a simple yet cozy way to connect with the ladies in my church doing something we all loved.

Practising gratitude, enjoying the seasons , connecting with nature and other people made Autumn a very lovely season for me.

Being intentional this way also helped me to forget dreading the approach of Winter .(which I would always do and work myself into a knot)

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Boneyard Shawl

This shawl started as a knit along with my friend. We both decided to use Rosewood Wool , mine is 12 ply while hers is 8 ply I think.

Soon after , she started working at a school and I left for India, our knit along kind of took the back seat.

Coming back from India dealing with all the change in weather and home sickness, I started knitting on it  with  Amber sitting on my feet for company acting as a little smooshy cushion  , listening to podcasts , munching on Nagercoil banana chips….

(  I mention Nagercoil chips in particular because ,there is a huge difference between Lakshmi Vilas Nagercoil Banana chips and Banana chips available in other parts of the country. Nothing comes close to it and it is one of the those comforting taste of home food)

Also because knitting on this shawl was more like eating chips, cannot stop with one.`And before I knew it I had finished  two  of the three skeins I had, along with my stash of chips I brought back with me from India..

Then I had a chance to go to an afternoon to Handy Dandy craft group at the library and in the almost two and a half hours I was there, I had reached the end of the third ball and only the border was left to be done.

Back home, little more knitting and   just like that this shawl was done. Much like the  packet of banana chips that finished before realisation came about! (So regretted not getting more of this taste of home , and now that I write about it, I’m craving for some ) 

Project Details:

Pattern : Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West

Needles : 4.5 mm Chiagoo Fixed Circulars

Yarn : Rosewood wool Romney Aran in Shepherd’s Delight Colourway.

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Spring Scenes in Hagley Park

A jaunt to Hagley Park to witness Spring in all its glory “is a must do  “my very first friend in Christchurch told me fondly remembering her own childhood days,when I came to Christchurch two years back. We have religiously kept up with the tradition ever since.

 The spring showers almost threatened not to let that happen this year, but over the weekend, the clouds and rains gave way to bright blue skies and gorgeous sunshine with just enough breeze to cool us down on a warm day.

Needless to say, I was so excited to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and birds and be able to click away till my camera battery died and came back home with a big smile on my face.

The ducks swam up to us  fearlessly hoping to be fed.

We sadly did not take anything to feed them. they sure seemed disappointed.

After much coaxing I managed to get one picture of Lil B among the daffodils.He didn’t want to pose for pictures because he was busy hunting Pokémon

People people everywhere, enjoying the weather

A jolly mood seemed to prevail everywhere….DSC_0259DSC_0264 (1)

I’m sure it ‘s because of the flowers, the myriad bird songs

and witnessing  new life sprout out of the once dull winter earth.ad2fa-dsc_0361

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Midwinter Woolfeast at Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre 2016

Hello friends

The much awaited Midwinter woolfeast 2016 in Christchurch happened this Saturday .It indeed was a  yarn junkies  feast!

The day started with gorgeous weather.Always a good sign. Big B agreed to take pictures for me at the festival, another good sign to have a helpful teen by your side.

Two yarny Sheep welcomed visitors to the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre at the door.PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Inside was this poster welcoming the visitorswoolfeast

into a hall filled with  yarn in every kind of fibre and colour ready for purchase; stitch markers, project bags, knitting supplies, books etc galore, it was a fibre enthusiast’s dream come true. PicMonkey Collage1The entire hall was buzzing with knitters, spinners, felters, united in their crazy love for colour ,fibre  and yarny goodness. So many people! The  energy and vibe around the venue was  just AMAZING! PicMonkey Collage2A treat to the senses to enjoy with people who just  get it _the fascination for all things fibre and yarn. I must admit it was like a yarny heaven .To have so many passionate creative artists  under one roof! PicMonkey Collage3

I met some lovely ladies I knew from the Christchurch Guild of weavers and Spinners.DSC_0181 (1)

I caught up with my friend there , who is a very active member of the guild.It was just wonderful! I hadn’t seen her for a while. And it was lovely catching up.DSC_0186PicMonkey Collage4The adjacent hall space was allocated for knitters / crocheters to sit and knit, eat cake or taste some craft beer.There were a few vendors there as well. So well organised . PicMonkey Collage5The knitters from the local knit group were there too. They are all lovely ladies. I did know a few faces there who were so welcoming , still my social awkwardness got the better of me and I left earlier than I planned. Nevertheless, I did much better than I did at Unwind in  Dunedin .

I was also on strict yarn budget and so I only got yarn from Dark Harbour Yarns like I planned initially.Let me tell you, those yarns seriously make  my heart flutter !


I had a little chat with Nikki Jones the artist behind these gorgeous yarns . She told me  that being a knitter herself,she is very particular about the colours she wants in her projects .And so she dyes them until she gets the colours she is satisfied with .


She showed me a skein of Copper yarn she had dyed  , for which she had dyed several shades of copper coloured yarn before she arrived at the one she was happy with . She also showed me the other copper colour ways and they were just as beautiful!

It was really interesting to have a little insight into how these amazing colorways are created.DSC_0220Anyhoo, it was such a spectacular event and I can’t wait for next year. Hoping that by then ,the said awkwardness would have gone and loads of spending money would have accumulated 😉

Until later

Much Love


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Birthday Celebration at Costa Taverna

Birthday was fun with wishes pouring in from friends and family and my boys made it extra special for me with presents ,cake and a lovely dinner IMG_0329.jpgat the Greek restaurant  Costa Taverna.

We really enjoyed the ambiance and the food. Also the special birthday voucher I got , which made my birthday dinner free!
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The Tannery

The thing I like about Winter here in Christchurch is that while we have cold cold days, we also have warm sunshiny days.

When those sunshiny warm day happens to be a Saturday ,it is a bonus . When a certain surly teen that lives around these parts, wants to join in  with you , without much prodding , then you can be assured that all your stars have aligned ,the angels are watching out for you and it’s going to be a beautiful day !

We decided that our weekend exploring was going to include The Tannery.

 One naive small town , thought it was a really a tannery, you know, where animal hides are tanned. Seeing that she was really worried, that a beautiful city would have a highly polluting place smack right in the middle of the population,  and refused to go with him there,her worldly wise hubby decided  explained to her  that the 1878 historic tannery is actually a must see restored boutique shopping mall . And took her there .

You can check out the story  of how the Tannery came about here

 Even though she wasn’t too impressed by the antique looking exterior,

Her jaw hit the beautifully tiled floor when she saw the interior

 the beautifully lined fancy stores

 and glass ceiling with all the beautiful details

We walked in and out of stores enjoying the quirky mix of art and flowers , books , food and fashion stores.

The Boys decided to grab a bite at She Universe and tried their truffle

and Mango sorbet… the best we have ever tasted! The mango tastes like real mango with out the strange preserved mango taste that usually is found in mango dishes 

We got chatting with MR B, the co owner of She .He told us he loved India and often travelled to Kerala.They even gave us  vouchers to use at their shop at our next visit. 

Across the ample car parking, there were fabric stores …

and then, this wheel caught my eye.  I had to check out the place. Turns out the yarn , fibre and spinning guild of Christchurch is situated here!

I met the lovely ladies there . They kindly invited me to come to one of their meetings. One lovely lady showed me how she spun and another one showed me some of the fleece she had.

They also gave me a piece of fleece to take with me. *please ignore the chipped nail polish* That nail colour was Big B’s gift for my birthday.

I must go one of these days…Actually I’m getting curious about spinning and oh weaving too. Learning to spinning and weaving is on my bucket list , people.

Btw, how cute is this she?!

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Ode to the Fire Place

Watching the roaring flames eagerly lap up the wood beneath… Family huddled together in one place, each doing their own thing , seamlessly getting in and out of conversations…. I would write an ode to the fire place if I were a poet. Clearly I’m not and so I just write….

Dear Fire place…I cannot thank you enough for making  the family hang out together ,

warming up not just our cold face, hands and feet but the very cockles of my little heart and making our house a home!

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The First fall of snow

It seemed like Spring was just round the corner, the plum tree in our garden was slowly bursting forth buds and purple green leaves 

…”oops said Winter, I’m not finished yet” and it snowed!

 Witnessing our first ever snowfall was magical!!

Little fluffy cotton falling down so quietly , covering everything in sight with a fuzzy white carpet !

 while winter and Spring are  trying to make up their minds, some birds seem angry…..

while others seem to wait patiently….

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Embracing Winter

Winter has been my least favourite season always.

As the weather started slowly turning colder, I started getting cold feet ( punny I know :p) .

 If you didn’t know, old homes in New Zealand do not have proper insulation and heating and therefore makes you feel like you are living in a freezer box. We learnt that the home we live in is one such home as well;with no insulation at all ,but a couple of boards to shield us from the blistering winds that make you shiver to the very bones.

The grey skies, bare trees ,the definite chill in the air made me grumpy and panicky…. even before we got into the real cold rainy miserable winter days….

However, while enjoying the company of kind friends, bundled up in layers and layers of merinos , fleece clothes and down jackets,fortified with  copious amounts of Red Label Nature Care Tea, that my mom so lovingly sent me in the packages earlier,  I have come to realise that a slight change in attitude is all it takes to embrace winter , admire the beauty of Winter 

and smile despite  those chapped lips and chattering teeth.

Oh and one of the best things we have discovered this winter is the Aveeno moisturiser to deal with itchy scratchy dry skin. Being extremely prone to dry and itchy skin in cold weather and sensitive to  scents, its a blessing to find something non greasy, fragrance free and light on the skin to help with the dryness and itchiness.

I have found that when we use it right after a shower, the skin remains moisturised  and soft throughout the day, the product gets absorbed immediately and is not greasy at all. Its my favourite for this winter.