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Ode to the Fire Place

Watching the roaring flames eagerly lap up the wood beneath… Family huddled together in one place, each doing their own thing , seamlessly getting in and out of conversations…. I would write an ode to the fire place if I were a poet. Clearly I’m not and so I just write….

Dear Fire place…I cannot thank you enough for making  the family hang out together ,

warming up not just our cold face, hands and feet but the very cockles of my little heart and making our house a home!

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The First fall of snow

It seemed like Spring was just round the corner, the plum tree in our garden was slowly bursting forth buds and purple green leaves 

…”oops said Winter, I’m not finished yet” and it snowed!

 Witnessing our first ever snowfall was magical!!

Little fluffy cotton falling down so quietly , covering everything in sight with a fuzzy white carpet !

 while winter and Spring are  trying to make up their minds, some birds seem angry…..

while others seem to wait patiently….

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The Unwelcome Guest

Just when the dust settled on the excitement of the Tailor bird nest,  an excitement of a varied kind happened at # 60 last night.

Big B was out talking to his friend at night, pesky lil B wanted to eavesdrop, but something that moved in the dark on the jasmine shrub caught his eye!

On closer examination this is what we found!

Snake 3

Yes Poisonous…Viper, we are told

Snake 1

A kind stranger  who was passing by ,offered to help drive it away but eventually it was killed as the seemingly calm  thing put up a valiant fight.

We are no strangers to snakes in these parts, but it did cause some jitters and screams at #60 !

So that is the news on this special date 11.12.13.

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Its not the size of your House that makes a home..

Its the size of your heart!

Tailor bird edited 1

This  pretty much happens everyday…at lunch time , I sit on the dinning table  with my parents,… chit chatting about  the mundane stories in our lives  as we have our lunch…looking out our french window.…but today I saw something different…a teeny tiny tailor bird, earnestly stitching up her nest…

I sat there and  marvelled at her ,perched  in a  precarious position on the leaves.First piercing holes in the leaves then diligently   sewing them up to secure the leaves together.

Tailor seamstress edited 2

 I wonder where she gets her thread from, Nature’s seamstress,she holds so carefully in her beak.looks like soft silken yarn.I wonder how many eggs she will lay. How may fledglings will hatch out and safely fly away from that nest.

Nothings sure yet,but still she goes on with quiet intent.The promise of cozy nest for her little family  ,must be her motivation I think. I don’t know what invisible force drives her. I don’t know what goes on in her mind or  Does she even have a mind ? I wonder…

Tailor bird

I’m so glad, I got to a peek into this wonderful miracle of nature.