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Fabric Haul

When things are not so peachy, I always turn to retail therapy for comfort. As if on cue,  my local quilt store was having a spring clean up and I decided to go and get a few things.

I made a list of things I wanted and I’m so happy I stuck to my list and my budget.

These seven fat quarters are going to be a neutral baby quilt top for a very special baby . I’m planning to back  it with a minky fleece .Next is the French General Christmas fabric. Although this fabric was not marked down, the lovely lady who owns the quilt shop gave me the marked down price. She did mention that she may not bring in this line back in the future. So I was happy to get that.The last one but a long awaited purchase was this Moda Frivol No 5 from Moda. The prints again are from the French General Line. Can you tell I’m a fan of this classy line? This little tin was marked down a lot and I decided it was the best time to snag one for me.This box has the pattern, and the fabric for the project in this beautiful tin that can be used as a sewing tin in future.

I see a lot of sewing / quilt making in the future for me.

The craft I’m favouring at this point in my life is definitely sewing  and because I’m one of those hoarders who need a lot of the supplies of the craft I’m leaning towards, a lot of fabric purchases have been made and used as well. I have a few people in mind to gift these items I make . I have long ago learnt to make things only for people who will appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the handmade. So I know it will be well received.

Half the fun in the making is the dreaming, shopping , planning and the anticipation of the recipient’s reaction,is it not?  With the damage the done and dusted ,retail therapy has brought the smile back in place . Is that not what therapy is meant to do anyway?

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Making every day

DSC_0009No matter what I do through the day, creating some thing everyday is a must for me. Whether it’s sewing something or planning fabrics to use for a project, or even knitting a couple of rows.

My day doesn’t feel complete if I have not done at least a little bit.Just putting together fabric and seeing if they go together gives me so much joy.Specially when I feel down.


So I’m currently working on a few quilt blocks. I want to finish this quilt before the end of the year. It’s a special gift to someone very special. I know it will be very appreciated.DSC_0009


the story of my creative life….


I grew up in a home where making things were a way of life.Both my grandmothers , my mother and my aunts  made our clothes, soft furnishings for the home.All  of them embroidered  and sewed. One Christmas , I remember my maternal grandmother dyed coconut Fiber and made a Christmas tree and my aunt made tons of ornaments from cardboard and cotton.My paternal grandmother had beaded purses and patchwork pillows, thread crochet decorations she had made, all around the house. My mom made a lot of my clothes, often without a pattern.DSC_7827.JPG

Two favourite fond crafty memories have stuck with me.

One is rummaging through my paternal grandmother’s  beads and making necklaces . The other is,when I was around twelve , my mother taught me the basics of embroidery and we both enjoyed scouring through piles of Soviet Woman magazines   to decide on a summer embroidery project I would work on. I embroidered a couple of teapoy covers, a small tablecloth and half saris.

The  typical Jill of all trades ,I dabbled in a lot of things but never really perfected any craft I learnt. I tried every little craft I saw in Newspapers and books, I  never pursued anything with passion. That is not to say that I did not get obsessed with whatever was my thing at that particular time.

Drawing , painting and colouring were my thing  from age 6 .So I drew all the time , coloured with colour pencils, sketch pens and painted with water colour.DSC_0110

Towards the end of my college years, I took a few sewing lessons , and made a skirt , a top, a pant , a sailor neck top and a shalwar kameez but couldn’t get my head around pattern drafting and it felt like my teacher made those things for us. Also, at that time,I  was neck deep into fabric painting.

After I got married, I learnt a few things here and there , from my mother in law, my eldest sister in law  and my third sister in law,  who were all very very creative .  A crafty neighbour and J’s friend taught me a few crafts .Again my interest at that time  was cooking. I complied all the recipes I had collected over the years and tried new recipes all the time.fullsizeoutput_35

Then J and I moved to Middle East with our pre school kid. Only when my son started Kindergarten, did I discover Crochet. I taught myself from picture tutorials online . Annie’s Crochet and Crochet Cabana.  I discovered MSN groups and with a lot of hand holding from the wonderful ladies in that group I learnt to read crochet patterns  and various stitches . These ladies  also sent me yarn, patterns and lots of goodies and encouraged me every step of the way.I was  deeply hooked into the craft.

I started with thread   doilies and moved on to acrylic yarn scarves,blankets . I taught myself to knit with videos tutorials from knitting help website, but Crochet was my craft of choice and cotton yarn my favourite to work with.

Knitting became a serious obsession only after moving to New Zealand , (and an injury in my right arm,) where I learnt about natural wool ,hand dyed yarn , circular needles and flicking. There has been no looking back after that.

In the meantime I learnt to quilt at a beginners workshop in Kuwait. Choosing fabrics scared me and the colour coordination did not make sense to me then as it does now.

The ability to walk into a quilt fabric store and ask for help , was my impetus for dipping my toes into quilting again.

DSC_7831Recently I took an online quilting class  as a refresher. I’m still trying to finish that quilt. Now and again I go back to my old loves and  dabble in a bit of  embroidery and drawing.

I have a very supportive husband who never complains about my supplies shopping craziness and  encourages me to do all the creative things that make me happy.

I’m really excited to have a  my own little nook  on the web to consolidate where I am  at with my projects and  share  tidbits   and the other cozy things my life.

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Ode to the Fire Place

Watching the roaring flames eagerly lap up the wood beneath… Family huddled together in one place, each doing their own thing , seamlessly getting in and out of conversations…. I would write an ode to the fire place if I were a poet. Clearly I’m not and so I just write….

Dear Fire place…I cannot thank you enough for making  the family hang out together ,

warming up not just our cold face, hands and feet but the very cockles of my little heart and making our house a home!

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New Zealand Take 2

September 18 th We are in New Zealand back again

This time in ChristChurch. Feels like a dream.

It’s a lovely sunny day although very cold for me . The cherry blossom stalks are from my yard . I cut a few stalks to pretty up the living room.

It’s nice that everything here in Christchurch is just a short drive away.IMG_6542.jpg

We went to a harbour called Lyttelton. Breathtaking as most of the scenery in NZ are!

the boys are in school


We found an Indian store and shopped for Indian groceries

I like the church we went to.IMG_6641.jpg

We got invited to lunch and dinner on the same day on Sunday 

Some people might think this is too much but I do find changes hard to accept .

Soon after I landed…

I felt completely disoriented. Couldn’t understand the directions, even at home!! I felt crazy and helpless.

After a week in NZ

I Slept through the night for the first time.

And things are looking up.

Most of the people we met were lovely and warm.

We have a fire place .our friend came

and showed us how to get the fire started.

I love working on my crochet sitting near the fire place

Boy,Is it cold or what!


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Piece of the past

Staying temporarily at your mother’s place means finding long forgotten treasures , pictures and books.

The other day, I caught a glimpse of a very much loved book from my childhood and was washed over with nostalgic memories.

Mummy patty,my maternal grandmother, was a great story teller.She told us stories everyday when we were little, after dinner time.


I  can just close my eyes, and  the little scene,  stamped so vividly in my mind comes alive like it happened yesterday!

My two little cousins, my brother  and  I sitting around her in small chairs in a semi circle, while she sat on her bed.

We sat there mesmerized, eyes glued to her face, as she transported us to a whole new world of Elves and dwarfs,of cyclops , Ulysses,Medusa, Hercules, Snowwhite, Cinderalla, 

Rapunzel,the Ugly Duckling, the humble homes of Hansel 

and Gretel and the Shoemaker… weaving magic with her words.

I recall being fascinated by the story of the shoemaker and the shoemaking elves. … the tiny clothes they were presented with , wondering why they did not return after that


 …  I used mull over where they lived, how their homes looked and so on.

Story time with patty is one of my favorite childhood memories and the Shoe maker and the elves was my favorite fairytale.

Mybookhouse in the nursery

As I turned the pages of this very old book, careful not to crumble the already crumbling pages, I realized that it was she who first kindled in us , my brother and I the desire to read…. I recollect being thrilled to discover that the stories she told us and the poems she taught us…  were all in this book!

And perhaps the love of shoes in me too.Because every time I looked at beautiful shoes,  I imagined in my eight year old mind that shoemaking elves made them!

Did you have a favorite fairy tale growing up? Did someone read to you or tell you stories? Do you remember who inspired in you the love of books? Please do share.Pi

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the little tea bag

A cup of tea, early in the morning .. on a weekend that dh makes for me…..maaaannnn it tastes so good when he makes it………..puts a big smile on my face…. he doesn’t drink tea or coffee so… we like to sit with the cool morning breeze caressing us gently…… talk leisurely about the week that went past, the day ahead and so on…….laze around…watch the birds through our balcony and the world go by……….the children still asleep….. me sipping the divine drink as he looks on …………. it happens only once a week .

On other days tho…….its a very different story………we ‘re all in a rush.

Unlike my hubby who is all bright and chirpy as soon as he steps down from the bed…..I am grouchy and sleepy for a while ……I sleepwalk into the kitchen ……When I get into the kitchen to get the breakfast ready, first thing I do is grab the box of Lipton tea bags.Its done in a ,automaton mode….make myself tea ……a flap on the little tea bag comes bearing the name of the product…….nothing else…… or so I thought until recently !

A few weeks back, I noticed the tea bag flaps have little riddles on them .

Today’s riddle was

Why did the boy throw out the butter through the window?

Answer: Because he wanted to see butterfly!

Bless the soul who came up with this cute idea ………coz these little riddles make me look forward to my cup of tea ……..makes me eagerly look for the day’s riddle…….. makes me break out into a big grin……..switches my little brain on to working mode……..share the little (kadi , as we say in tamil)joke with A.( he ”s collecting it all to share it with his friends and my mom)…and makes me cheerful for the rest of the day 😀 .

In short , they help start my day on a happy note !

Have you noticed these little riddles on your teabags ? do they have any?Lipton or other?People in the Gulf? US? other places?

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The tale of the pink summer sunny tote

I wanted to  share this little story about the Summer Sunny Tote I made recently.IMG_8502

This past Saturday, as we were getting ready for Church, Dh and the boys were collecting all the books and CDs  to be returned to  the library and looking for a bag to put them all in.

This bag caught Dh’s eyes. He gave me two options to choose from.Either I sell it to him, or turn the other way, while he stole it. Not giving me much time to think,he fished out a 10 Dinar note from his purse , stuffed it into my hand and before I could say yes or no, he put all the library stuff into it and took it  away.

So yes,I made my very first sale.Ever.For a whopping sum of 10 K.D.

Although I gave it away very reluctantly, I smile each time I look at it now coz its a pink ladies bag and the man has no reservations whatsoever carrying it around.Plus I feel weird not being able to  have a say in how gently it should be used _ because I made it_ coz he paid for it too and now I no longer own it :))

What do you think I did with that 10 K.D??

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Bliss is ….

Inhaling the scent of the freshly wet soil

Watching rain drops fall softly on the ground

feasting the eyes on the new hue of green , the plants and trees take on

Sipping hot ginger tea, with crisp spicy bhajis to bite into

Crocheting a quick working scarf and watching the world go by…….

thanking the heavens above , for being able to stay inside the warmth of the home, than being out there getting wet in the rain 😛