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Calm after a Storm

Hi Everyone,

Saturday started out as a gorgeous gorgeous day not only because it was a sunshiny and balmy winter day, but a day filled with snippets of little things which when  stringed together at the end of the day ,leaves a smile on your face as you lay your head down on the pillow to  sleep.

To have such a day following a Friday evening of ugly tears, flared tempers and tantrums ,makes it all the more special. Because it gives you hope ,that  not everything  is lost after all and lifts  your heart from the depths of desperation , that one tends to get into during those not so lovely moments .

The day started out with J and I going to the Airport to meet some people who were coming to NZ for the very first time.After coffee and some  time alone with J, We went together as a family to Kawa Cafe for lunch.

It was Big B’s treat for us with his first ever earning .It was a delicious lunch . It felt surreal, filled with mixed emotions, pride at my son’s milestone, sadness at how time just flies and  excited for all the new things and experiences that await my kids as they move from one stage to another.


Then,  when we came back, there was a package waiting for me at the doorstep, for which I was waiting too! Sometime during last week, there was a call out for Test knitters on The Woven page on Facebook. The willing test knitters had to finish a haiku that started with

Knitting is awesome. Now I’ve never attempted a haiku before, but I did try

Knitting is awesome
With two sticks and some soft string
Creates a spl’ thing.

( initially I had written’ Creates a special thing’, which someone pointed out as having more syllables and so I changed it to Spl’ so as to cut down the syllable .)

I got selected to Test knit.Yay!!I  kind of like that I wrote my first ever haiku and got to try  some new yarn and a yet to be published pattern in return. Yay!)

The Woven sent the yarn , needles and the pattern. Isn’t it wonderful!DSC_0205I cast on right away and its coming along swimmingly.


We also saw a  movie called Inkheart together as a family. Its the story of a guy who has a special gift of making the characters in the book he reads out loud , come to life. It was not a wow movie, but was interesting in its craziness.

Sunday was a quiet rainy day. I realised that when the sky looks like this at sunrise,it turns out to be a wet cold day .PicMonkey Collage

That colour inspired me to start a new crochet project as well. Its a pattern I have made several times before.Although I’m not entirely in love with the way the colours look worked up in the  pattern as opposed to the way it looked as a skein, I will continue to work on this , because it feels so soft and warm against my skin.I’m really loving that it takes less than 30 mins to make a motif and I enjoy seeing the project grow one little flower motif at a time.

So that was pretty much my weekend, how was yours? Do tell

Much Love




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Birthday Celebration at Costa Taverna

Birthday was fun with wishes pouring in from friends and family and my boys made it extra special for me with presents ,cake and a lovely dinner IMG_0329.jpgat the Greek restaurant  Costa Taverna.

We really enjoyed the ambiance and the food. Also the special birthday voucher I got , which made my birthday dinner free!
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Glentui Water Falls

Do you have special traditions for the New Year’s Eve?

Back in India and Kuwait, we always had the Watch Night Service at Church, which we attended without fail.

Here in New Zealand, we don’t have that and so J and I had our own version at home.


Then later in the day, we joined friends for a walk around the Glentui waterfall


The Glentui Water Fall is about an hour’s drive from Christchurch. It is so serene and lush .

(At  the waterfall, my friend showed us the little Fan tail nest they had discovered there.If you looked closely at the nest,in the picture below, you might even catch a little orange open mouth, demanding to be fed. The little miracles of nature never cease to amaze me.)

and later for a sumptuous picnic lunch of sandwiches, cheese , crackers and pesto dips


It was a warm and sunny day DSC_1251 and the children had a blast swimming and splashing about in the Ashley Gorge river.



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Ode to the Fire Place

Watching the roaring flames eagerly lap up the wood beneath… Family huddled together in one place, each doing their own thing , seamlessly getting in and out of conversations…. I would write an ode to the fire place if I were a poet. Clearly I’m not and so I just write….

Dear Fire place…I cannot thank you enough for making  the family hang out together ,

warming up not just our cold face, hands and feet but the very cockles of my little heart and making our house a home!

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Strawberry Fare

J got a voucher to Strawberry Fare for his birthday

We were not very familiar with the dishes on the menu ,when we checked out their website.  The Dessert Menu looked very appealing , however. So we decided to go there for just desserts.

When we went ahead to book our table , we were informed that they didnot take bookings for desserts and asked us to just show up.

We were greeted warmly ,when we showed up  later that evening,   by the waitress and asked to wait by the bar while our tables were prepared.It didn’t take very long.

The place was full, the decor very minimal

I ordered their The Ultimate Chocolate Dessert. … It’s a chocoholic ‘s dream come true!!

There was a chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pate with cream strawberry and raspberry sauce_ I was in chocolate heaven _each flavor of chocolate different from the other but perfectly complimenting one another.

In the plate ,my favourite were the chocolate fudge and ice cream . It was quite a big serving but I finished it . It was to die for!

J ordered Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake and liked it very much.

Lil B ordered Strawberry Pillows and enjoyed very much too. Again too big for him . Next time we will go Dutch I think.

Big B didn’t want to come  and I felt sad that he missed out. There is always a next time.

All in all we loved it. And can’t wait to go another time . We might even get brave and try their other dishes.

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Easter Happenings

I  finished my Easter Egg stitchery, like I was hoping to.

EasterEgg 3

 I found the link to the stitchery by chance on Facebook .

Easter Egg 4

Being a complete green horn , I was so excited to learn  a few new stitches with this stitchery and definetly  fell in love with the double herringbone stitch!

There is a  neat tutorial here

I also added some bling with the stones and fabric glue that I had at hand.

Easter Egg 01

I wanted to finish it into a mini quilt,mini quilts have caught my fancy lately, but I have not set my rotary cutting mat and machine ready to sew. One of these days, I will get down to it.Until then it will have to stay on the hoop.

Easter Egg 2

The boys took part in their Annual School Day celebrations and had to practice really hard for it.

The Event was on Easter Sunday . My parents and I attended the early morning Church service, at 4 a.m. , had to prepare breakfast  and lunch quickly and had to take them to school for their final practice.

At the school event,Big B gave the welcome address.

Big b welcome address 

and also took part in the School play The Bishop’s Candlesticks

Bishops candlesticks

Lil B gave the Vote of Thanks

Lil b vote of thanks

It was the first public speaking event for  both Big B and Lil 

B. They both did really well.

 Not just a biased mom’s opinion, a lot of other people in the audience said the same too.

Lil B told me, he felt like his heart would jump out of his chest at any minute, it was beating so fast , as he stood there in front of all those people. I’m sure Big B felt the same way too , but just wasn’t as eloquent as Lil B.

The kids and teachers had put in so much effort and the program was very colorful  and lively.

 Annual day collage

The next day was a school holiday and we went to attend the housewarming function of my cousin’s home.Which was so lovely too! 

Meeting up with my cousins, laughing over our shared childhood memories and watching our children play and make memories now, are some of the things that really  make my heart  happy. We were so busy catching up , I forgot to take pictures :facepalm.

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I love this time of the year.

The slight dip in temperature made me start this project in the first place.However, in all honesty I’ve been wearing light cardigans or scarves and feeling extremely hot and sweaty


This cowl  I made  with Lion brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn is super warm and would be ideal for covering up on a cold cold day.

The things  I love most about the Christmas season are the special Christmas programs we have in our church. Christmas carol service, the carolers coming home to sing and the Sunday school Christmas program.

We had a lovely Carol service and despite being a novice choir, our program went rather well even if I say so myself.


Then there was Villupaattu featuring the life of Ruth.This is the second one in our church and was just as entertaining as the first one,if not more.Incase you donot remember me posting about it last year, its here

photo (3)

The children in our Church put up an adorable Christmas program.Except for A, the oldest in the group , the others kids are all in primary school. So it was extremely entertaining. The manger setup with dried palm leaves was the talk of the event next to the antics of the pint-sized angels and shepherd boys.563808_567302096620286_120629543_n577939_4541534250546_401306613_n


A was the compere and also the Santa. He did  a pretty good job of both. M was one of the Wise men. M was to say his one line  to King Herod, in the little skit they put up,” Where is the King of the Jews born?” Right when he had to say it, he forgot what he had to say and Big Brother pitched in  and said his line as well .

photo (2)

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Teapoy Cover

These squares were originally for a little cushion that my mother in law made a long time ago for A .A misplaced it somewhere and so I decided to turn the squares into a Teapoy cover just in time for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. DSCN7011

What makes me excited about this cover is not the top …’s the edging that I came up with for it.DSCN7014

All made with Laura cotton yarn and a Hook. All that cotton yarn has made the cover quite heavy ,even if that’s what make it hang so nicely.I really like this yarn ,just wish it came in 100gm balls. The border was a yarn eater really.I do regret not keeping count of the number of balls I used for it and  also not making note of what I did. However,its easily reproducible .Nothing complicated  at all!



yes ,it completely matched the cake; no, it was not planned but a sweet coincidence Smile

I  also made a couple of other little things here and there….an edging for a hand towel


and a little granny square with Embroidery floss and 1.75 mm steel hook.This is a colour combination I saw online  and wanted to try it . DSCN6010

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Sezession I

I got four skeins of this gorgeous shade of Riot Chunky and was planning to originally make the Survival stole with it.I wanted to get a couple more just in case I run out  while working on it. Turns out everyone was smitten by this one shade of  colour and by the time I went in to get more , every single skein except one was sold out .Even that one skein was already kept aside for some one else.The SA and I had an interesting conversation over the phone.She thought I was the one who had asked her to  save that one skein of yarn and told me to hurry or she’d have to  give to the next person who wanted it. I was quite confused by what she told me, but I went anyway.She took one look at me and realized she had asked the wrong person to come.Long story short, I got the other shade I am now using for the Survival Stole  and came back.

I was just itching to work with this yarn .Since I did not have any granny style shawl, I decided to work on one with this yarn.

shawl 011shawl 012

Project Details

Pattern :Sezession I

Hook:6.5 mm (K)

Yarn: 4 skeins King Cole Riot Chunky 658 Dye lot 67212

Tid Bits :

Took me all of two days to get it done.

This patterns reminds me so much of the Groovy Crochet Shawl I made for my sister in law a long time back. Back then ,I made it with Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair

I added a shell border for the last row.

My parents are coming over for a visit.Dh and I had to run to the Friday Market to get a few things , so I wore this shawl for the first time.It felt so soft and kept me warm in the cold , rainy weather and cheered me up on this  rather grey, gloomy day .