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The Good Home

Having witnessed this restaurant being built from scratch, we have wanted to try this restaurant for a while now. Situated in the Landing area of Wigram Suburb, in Christchurch,the Good Home , Wigram restaurant has a spacious outdoor seating area . img_4110One is greeted by a warm, relaxed atmosphere as one walks in. The large open space with comfortable sofas for seating, dark modern art deco floral wallpaper ceiling, the wooden bead board on the side of the wall,the display cabinets with little knick knacks and books, the large TV above an artificial fireplace, not to mention the white piano ,all create a  homely, relaxed and very pleasing ambiance.The  friendly and attentive staff in their checkered blue, red and white shirt  and jeans uniforms (which was a welcome change from the drab black and white one usually sees in restaurants) added on to the cheery and easy vibe that the restaurant exuded. We ordered the Summer Salad, and requested the Gluten free version for the toasts and Mussels steamed in thai green curry. The service time was good as we had enough time to catch up on all the weekly news,but did not have to wait too long.

The flavours of the salad with Gluten free toast, goat cheese, salad greens, toasted walnuts, pear and beetroot with lemon vinaigrette all worked very well together . It was a fresh and refreshing side to have with the other dish we ordered .img_4318.jpgThe other dish we ordered was the Mussels steamed in Thai green curry. This Mussels dish came with toast and fries. Again we requested Gluten free toast which the staff accommodated for us.Speaking of the Mussels dish, the Thai green curry was so flavourful and yummy, that we wiped the plate clean! The mussels themselves were seasoned just right, juicy , tender and cooked just right. The Good Home Wigram offers great value for money as the portions are quite large. Plus they offer a good selection on the menu to cater to all the ages, with a kids menu and pizza too on their Menu.

The Good Home Wigram is definitely a great place to visit for lunch or dinner with friends or family.

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Preserved Cafe

Nestled in amidst the stunning scenery of the Diamond Harbour village sits a quaint little cafe called Preserved offering locally produced , sustainable food.img_0205.jpg

Taking the ferry ride from Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour Village and visiting the Preserved Cafe to grab a bite were the two top things  on our to-do list for the day.

After the walk to the jetty in Lyttelton, the 10 minute ferry ride , the stroll up the hill to the Diamond harbour Village and peeking in and around the historic Stoddart Cottage, we were so ready to have lunch .

The interior of the cafe has a heartwarming rustic charm with burlap and lace buntings, fairy lights and distressed wood industrial type seating. Carrying on the rustic theme, there is a lovely child friendly outdoor seating area on a deck, overlooking the lush green fields, hills and tall eucalyptus trees. 
They had a variety of cabinet food and beverages with a fair amount of gluten free offerings to try . We decided to order three dishes from their to share menu when some of our choice dishes were not available. It was understandable considering their menu is tailored around locally produced seasonal ingredients.

We ordered the Parmesan Polenta Fries which came with inhouse made aioli sauce, the Pork Bites encrusted with seasame seeds came with a vegetable purée and were sprinkled with white snow drop flowers as a garnish and Mussels cooked with chilli and garlic which came with a lemon slice garnish.

The polenta fries were as crispy and cheesy as the name suggested and were lip smacking paired with aoli dipping sauce.The pork bites were soft and succulent with a nice crunch from the  roasted sesame seeds. The vegetable puree was a nice touch and was yummy and the flower garnish was so pretty.
img_3031.jpg The mussels were done just right ! Juicy, tender, fresh mussels with the chilli, garlic and lemon giving the dish a nice kick and tangy zest. This was my favourite dish.

Prices are nominal and the atmosphere relaxing and friendly . The attentive staff dropped by our table twice to check if we were enjoying our dishes. The verdict between the two of us: we both loved the polenta chips and the mussels. I’m not a big pork fan and after the flavourful mussels I couldn’t appreciate the pork bites much.  Louise, however, loved them and if you’re a fan of pork recommends you definitely try them.

All three dishes were gluten free.

We both would have liked a little more vegetable or salad  garnish to go with the dishes.

If you are looking for a cozy ,out of the way fun place, Preserved Cafe provides the perfect spot.

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Birthday Celebration at Costa Taverna

Birthday was fun with wishes pouring in from friends and family and my boys made it extra special for me with presents ,cake and a lovely dinner IMG_0329.jpgat the Greek restaurant  Costa Taverna.

We really enjoyed the ambiance and the food. Also the special birthday voucher I got , which made my birthday dinner free!
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It’s a little over six months since we landed in this country. As each day passes on, we are feeling a little more settled than the previous day.
Like it always happens in a new place, where everything from the traffic rules to the things in the supermarket are different from what we’ve gotten used to, with each new day, we learn something new.
Sometimes, it takes a little bit of asking around, taking recommendations from people who’ve been there for a while and at other times, we learn through trial and error before settling on something we  enjoy. So I decided to put out our experiences so that it would help other people who are new around here.


J and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on the fifth of February.Big B offered to  babysit Lil B for us and so we both went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant called  Coriander on Asaph street.Christchurch

At the outset,We were very excited to find a nice parking spot close to the restaurant.
We had to wait for sometime before we could be seated at the tables we had reserved earlier. In all fairness though ,we made our reservation very late.
The forest green with gold lined  walls , the lowlight interiors,the dull gold moroccan lanterns hanging from the ceiling gave the place a very Indian ,sophisticated air.

 All the staff were very attentive.  Our friendly waitress came checking on us often to see if we were happy . She even took a picture of us both when we told her that we were celebrating our wedding anniversary.The managers too came and checked on us , which left us feeling very special .naturally!

For starters, we ordered Onion Bhajis. The Bhajis were tasty and the serving quite big for the both of us.
For the main, we ordered Chicken Madras, Kashmiri Naan and Kashmiri Pulav .
I found the Chicken Madras, a little too salty for our taste. I also  did not like the abundant use of desiccated  coconut in the Kashmiri pulav.  I wonder if our order was a bit off.  The Kashmiri Naan was ok.
For dessert, we had Gulab Jamun with  French Vanilla Ice Cream . I’m not a big fan of sweet stuff in general and so took just a couple of spoons to taste. J did enjoy it even though in his opinion it was nothing to write home about.
It was a nice finishing touch that the manager brought the Eftop machine to our table ,so that we could pay the bill without having walk around to the counter intruding on the dancing couples.
I really enjoyed watching the couples dancing  on the deck to some lovely music , as we waited for our bill .
What I missed and would have liked , is the complimentary Indian papad with mint chutney that we are so used to getting in India and Kuwait before the meal arrived.This is New Zealand and like everything else I think we’ll get used to that too!