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Antler Hat

Every single winter since I came to New Zealand, I’ve wanted to get a cabled hat. A cream one. Now I’m not big on wearing hats but that’s another story. Anyways, every time I see a cream cabled hat in Kmart, I’d come with some excuse not to get it .The underlining  fact behind all those excuses is one and only reason .And that is ,like every maker, I always think I can totally make that  .

Only, I never get around to making it because I’m distracted by something or the other . Another reason I’ve realised over time is that when something intimidates me, I keep putting it off until I work up enough courage to tackle it. Thats what happened to the cabled hat as well.

Then in one of the video podcasts I watch, I saw a baby cabled hat and heard of the Antler hat pattern from Tin can Knits.Since this site is widely spoken of as a beginner friendly pattern site, I decided to give the baby Antler hat a go, the smaller size seemed less intimidating. The sizes run from baby to adult size.


A few false starts later, it was smooth sailing. I still made a few mistakes because I was too tired   and sleepy to count properly or distracted.

I used one whole skein of Heritage Polwarth   and 5 mm Chiagoo needles.

Project Details :

Yarn : Heritage Polwarth 8 ply  shade : 404 Karr Pink  Batch 103932-33

Needles : 4mm and 5mm Chiagoo needles

Pattern : Antler Hat by Alexa Ludeman

Tid Bit : “Now I’d actually pay you to make me something like that ”  Those words coming from an usually disinterested teen is high praise  I think and says a lot about the pattern 🙂

DSC_0349This hyacinth plant is special because  it reminds me of a friend who came by to spend half a day with me. When she came to visit me, she brought this lovely hyacinth plant for me. I never knew hyacinths had such  sweet scent before then.We shared a meal, learned a little bit about each other, exchanged recipes and bid good bye.

When the flowers withered, I planted  the bulbs and did not remember  about them until I saw the flowers.

They remind me of  a lovely time and also that spring is slowly making her entrance .Can’t wait to see the earth bloom and come alive with flowers of different colours.

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WIP: Hat & Scarf

A rush of new beginnings is happening here. It always gives a new excitement, rt? Much anticipation of a new FO and lot of dreaming in between 🙂

There is a little baby hat on my knitting needles right now.

I’d wanted to learn knitting  a round hat .I had some of the yarn left over from the baby blanket. Its Fingering 4ply.When I went looking for Circular needles suitable for that yarn, I was much disappointed that they did not have a 40 cm -3.5 mm circulars .So I thought I will get a bigger yarn and different size needles .No luck there either. I never noticed it until now, there’s no worsted weight yarn available here! There’s DK yarn, Fingering yarn and Bulky/Chunky yarn.But No Worsted Weight yarn.

All I could manage to get was a 40cm-2.5 mm needles .But no DPNs to match it.I decided to get them anyways.

I’ve cast on for this ribbed hat pattern.I’ve Cast on 108_ more stitches than the pattern called for.DSCN1540

I’ve never knitted with needles this tiny and it  feels like I’m knitting with a couple of skewers.

There’s something new on my Crochet hook as well. I just started the Angel Crochet Scarf , simply because I wanted something simple, quick and pretty to crochet . I did not realise that it was written in British terms until I worked up  about two rows . Somehow the stitches seemed too big for my taste and then I checked notes on Ravelry which said it was written in British Terms. Ah! that made sense.Now I’ve ripped it and started again.DSCN1570

I’m using a Denim yarn that I used for this bag.

I got completely confused by the dtr / tr thing that I had to check a couple of videos to get my stitches right again! :))

M had been bugging me to let him use my Acrylic paints .They have been just sitting there for more than a year.Secretly I was delighted but did not let it show.He got up bright and early, rushed through the morning chores and rushed me through mine .Finally we sat down .


He loved it !. Then it got too much and we ‘ve wrapped it up. It was so much fun while it lasted!

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Basic Hat

This hat’s only claim to fame is the yarn it is knit in. Yummy Delicious,Andean Silk in Pitch and Slate,that my brother sent me .I actually made it for dh . Although the yarn is divine to feel , it sheds when working and got into my nose all the time making me sneeze.And so little yardage.I used all of the 2 skeins of Pitch and one skein of slate.

Project Details :

Yarn: Andean Silk55%superfine Alpaca,23%silk,22%merino wool 2 skeins Pitch(lot 84781)and one skein Slate( lot 84776)

Needle: 4 mm pony straights

Pattern: Basic hat