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Spring Sewing

Come spring in Christchurch, specially in Hagley Park , Daffodils ,Hyacinths , Cherry Blossoms, Kowhai,  Magnolias, against the bright clear blue sky , together with   brand new green leaves on  the trees,  put on a spectacular show for all to enjoy.DSC_0393DSC_0425.JPGDSC_0428The flowers, sunshine and the bird songs does something to the mind and automatically uplifts the spirits.

I was in the mood for tidying up my messy craft corner.As I was cleaning, I realised that I had  posted about this very special  bag only on Instagram.This space being place to record all the things I make, I decided this bag had to be on the blog. DSC_0123First of all,it was the fabric name ‘Makers’ by Cori Danitini  that caught my attention and then of course, the print  was too hard to pass by.DSC_0128I decided to make a reversible bag using a picture I saw on Pinterest, as reference. Since I used the entire panel for the pattern, I only used the panel size as the size of the bag and kind of made up as I went along. I also used the panel for lining so that it would be truly reversible.DSC_0131I also referred to Ayumi’s Reversible patchwork bag pattern for attaching the drawstring casing.

The beads I got in India, came in handy for adding finishing touches to the cord.

The sweet print and pattern came together so well and quickly became a personal favourite finish.

The flowers , birds and the general magic of witnessing the earth come alive in a myriad of colours, cast a spell on me and I had to do something to celebrate the promise of warmer days in the air.

I tried the same pattern I made for the previous bag but this time with fusible interfacing. It did not turn out exactly as I envisioned it. Will keep trying though.

The bag and the tulips that grew in spite  my negligence  of my garden ,had to be documented and hence they are here.DSC_0346

The Putitputi pouch collection  was inspired by the desire to bring all the delightful elements of spring into the craft space.

Putiputi by the way, means flowers in the Maori language  These pouches were well received and I was thrilled with the positive feedback I got on them too.

Of the two people who bought from this collection, one of them has received her package and was extremely happy while the other unexpectedly  has not yet received hers thanks to NZ post. Fingers crossed it will reach her soon. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say  about her bag.

Untitled design-5

The other couple of projects I made were commissioned by a lovely lady from church. She wanted two baby blankets  in blue for friends who were both expecting baby boys. Her other brief was  something that will not be available in the regular baby sections of stores.

I decided to go with my ever favourite woodland theme for both.

For the first quilt I went with a simple squares and it measures 30″ x 35 ”

Untitled design-6.jpg

For this quilt, I used the Fast Four -Patch Pattern from Diary of a Quilter

Untitled design-3

In my hurry  to pack and give it to her, I forgot to take pictures of the backing. Both the quilts are backed with dimpled minky fabric.

It completely made my day to  see the happy smiles on her face and hear her say that it was hard for her to choose which one to give her favourite friend .

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Secret Santa gifts

Last year I enjoyed my  Secret Santa Gift so much that I decided to participate this year as well.

After a lot of pondering, I decided on the Three Colour Cashmere Cowl for her. I’d seen a lot of different versions and thought it  would be perfect for my secret santa partner. I had  also wanted to make this pattern forever. It seemed simple enough and I was confident I could handle it even if it was my  first time.

I ordered the yarn , got to work right away. As I was working section B of the pattern , I realised that it was going to end up as a chunky large knit. I had completely missed taking note  of the fact that the pattern required a fingering  weight yarn. duh!

It was also about this time I realised that I did not have a lot of time to order yarn I wanted to make it with  and make same pattern again.  Change of plan happened and actually turned out better than plan A.

The  One Row Lace Scarf  that I started turned out to be a better choice as its summer time here , this scarf is light and airy and my partner wouldn’t need to wait until Winter to use her gift.

This is my first fingering weight knit project. and I love how light and warm it turned out to be.

Project Details :

Pattern:   One Row Lace Scarf

Yarn: Feather Brush Yarn  Fingering ,Colourway :Tiara (Merino/Silk 50/50)

Needles:  4.5 mm Chiaogo Needles

I also made her  my absolute favourite drawstring bag pattern from In Colour Order blog  renamed Hold and Cherish project bag to hold all the little treats I put in for her .

She can  use it as a project bag to hold small projects like a hat or socks later on.A gift within a gift is always a welcome surprise, no?

 I  had been holding on to this  fat quarter bundle for a long time.It was one of the very first purchases   from a quaint little quilt fabric and notions shop called Forget me Knots not very far away from my home. Finally it has been put to good use.

The size of this drawstring bag is slightly smaller from the Everything  Size that is in the tutorial. I had to adjust the size to match the directional print . For the drawstring I used a nice festive ribbon that a very kind salesperson pointed out to me as I was searching for a matching ribbon at the store..

I really hope my secret santa partner really liked this little package as I was not able go  watch her unwrap the gift.

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Spring projects

The landscape in Spring  is truly a visual treat;,flowers blooming everywhere,birds chirping,bees buzzing…. the skeletal trees sprouting tender green leaves.Its truly a sight to behold  the earth come alive with vibrant colour and vivacity after seeming dead and dry all Winter.

 Seeing the Spring fairy happily prancing about touching every tree and grass and bulb with a colour spangled magic wand, fills me with hope. Things that appear hopeless outside still has hope within and everything will turn out ok in the end after all !

As much as I dislike Winter, it makes me appreciate Spring and the change of seasons more than ever .

A friend gave me a few Kowhai seedlings, until then I had not paid close attention to these gorgeous yellow flowers or that it’s nectar is much sought after by birds!

With the arrival of spring, I have been gravitating towards sewing.It started with me making a baby snuggle blanket with some lovely woodland fabric I had got earlier in the year.

backed it with fleece and it does not have any batting .

After I finished my purple zippered pouch, I decided to seize the fact that there was purple thread on the machine and finish up the drawstring pouch that I had set aside when I ran out of purple thread on my bobbin halfway through the making of the pouch


J made a request for  a quilt , with fabric that I loved. He didn’t want the traditional man quilt. Still I didn’t want him to have something he didn’t like at all  so we choose fabric that we both liked Of all the fabric we saw on the Stitchbird website, the Vintage Picnic was the fabric we liked.

I decided to follow the basic jelly roll beginners quilt top by Melanie k ham. Worked up quickly and this is what I have finished so far

I’m just loving it! The splash of colours in my surroundings and in my works in progress.

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Hold and Cherish

My love for drawstring bags or churuku pai , as we call it,goes back to my childhood days . People from my hometown maybe familiar with the tradition. How and why it came about, I have no memory of .

What I do remember, is the  early morning visit from my grand uncle to give us sangam money and then slowly gifts of money from other relatives’ home would trickle in.And then my mom would get set to sew drawstring pouches for us. We  felt very rich for the day ,being able to spend our own money in the evening ,in the pop up local market where vendors sold sweets and wooden toys. So to me, churuku pai drawstring pouches are treasure bags of memories and very first pocket money.

Drawstring bags always seem to contain something precious to hold and cherish.

When I made a bunch of these drawstring bags with my absolute favourite floral and polka dot prints,name Hold and cherish  just popped up in my mind. So they are my Hold and Cherish bags… to hold and cherish  knit and crochet projects. Btw, Cherish is my absolute favourite word of all times .

The Inspiration to make these bags came about when I  was thinking how to pack the scarf I made for my secret Santa partner. I thought it would be a good idea to give it in a bag that she can also use later on  as a project bag .

I followed the tutorial from In Colour order for Lined Drawstring bags. 

This size which I think is perfect, is free. Other sizes are also available for purchase. The tutorial is pretty thorough and very easy to follow with all the step by step pictures.

Whenever I have to cut fabric, I work myself into knots. This time I opted to use Fat quarters. Granted that this is a small project ,the sewing itself doesn’t take a long time but the preparation sometimes wears me out.

To make it less stressful for me, I broke the entire sewing project into small chunks at a time. Over time, I have come to the realisation that I make mistakes when I’m tired. So I cut the fabric one day, did one part of sewing another day and then finished it the third day.  I used sheer satin ribbon for the drawstring.

This way, I enjoyed the making without making too many mistakes and getting frustrated. I will definitely be making more of these bags.

They are so handy to put my projects in and the pretty fabric make good eye candy too. 


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Beaded Batua

I had no idea for a long time that these little drawstring bags were called Batuas.

In my part of the country, they called it suruku pai.One of my favourite memories associated with it is that, there used to be an Event called Sangam in our Home Chruch .All the elders in family would give us small amounts of  money .Those who cannot come would send them through others early in the morning. We looked forward to it so much.

My mom would stitch  little drawstring bags from old clothes.Later in the evening, we would all go to a little fair in front of the church,where mostly indigenous toys and sweets were sold. We usually went with a bag full of coins and came back spending every little paise and getting all that caught our fancy!

Recently I came across this post that gave a nice introduction about history of these batua bags .

I started making this bag on a whim, as I was making it, it struck me that it would go very well as a party bag with my Kantha saree. DSCN1398

sure does don’t you think?

Close up of the beads and true colour


Another view from the side


Project Details :

Yarn/Thread : J&P Coats Speed- Cro-Sheen  size three thread and two balls of Anchor Knitting Cotton .Both in Black.

Hook: 3.25 mm  boye  steel hook

Pattern : Winged/

Tid Bits :

Initially I had planned to bead the entire bag,  I ran out of beads   and the thread it self.Now I am happy with how it turned out and think that it  after all looks better this way.

I used J& P Coats thread for the first half  and then held two strands of Anchor Knitting Cotton and finished off the rest  .I was delighted to find that they made no difference at all

Its the same as the bag I made before a long time back.Just the beading is different.Its the same beads tho’ 🙂

Don’t you think it goes well with the saree?

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WIP: Drawstring Bag

Has this ever happened to you? _ you dream of a project and when you wake up and try it out, it really works?! It has been recently happening to me quite a bit. There is one other project I am working on, which is a quilted table runner, the fabric choices for that one happened that way. Then this one.DSCN1129

I’ve had the thread and beads for a long time now.And it just clicked that they would go together in my dream .Really! Don’t laugh!

Btw, that thread is black.I’m loving how it came together.Its going to be a small drawstring bag.

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Beaded Drawstring Bag

Presenting my first ever Finished Object made without a pattern.

Ta… Da…. 😀

I LOVE shells and beads!!! I tried making two different patterns that I thought of, at the time.They, however, didn’t meet my criteria for a bag,  like for instance,I don’t like a open lacy work around the base of the bag.You know , it can be annoying, when things stick out from the bag or when they fall out through that lacy work on the bag.

Here’s a close up of the stitches and the beads. Just a simple pattern but I am extremely proud of this one,coz its my own 😉

Its not lined and does-not have a strong base lined with cardboard or anything.

You think my mom will like it? All done on my to do list for mom.YAY!!!

The Materials List for Future Reference

Thread :

Used a little less than two skeins of


    • Schachenmeyer Nomotto Catania


    • 100% Cotton


  • Colour: fabre 0108 pie 5855



  • size F /5 -3.75 mm Boye


Used 2 tubes of Close Beads (60 in each tube)

Colour :Art 30110.009 B-47346564

Pattern: My own

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Magenta bag

There is no such thing as too many bags rt? Rt.

I hardly ever keep the crochet bags I make.I actually feel very shy about carrying something I made. So I gift them all away.I donot have one single bag I made with me ,right now, except this one of course.This is going to my cousin sister- who- is -as -good-as -my own.

Project Details

Yarn : Catania Magenta in colour 0223 lot 6552

Hook : Inox 3.5mm

Pattern: Click Here

Tidbits :


    • I used a little less than two skeins


    • I ran out of yarn for the handles and so used to eyelash yarn that Jaishree sent me long back in a swap.I think it turned out to be a nice addition.


    • The colour is true in the pictures.



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A Crochet Gift

Dh and I went to meet Dh’s ex coworker and his wife who is pregnant ,yesterday.She speaks Urdu and I can’t even speak Hindi but can understand a bit.So we communicated through her husband who translated what I said to her and viceversa.

After the intial awkwardness , I happened to look at the crochet doily that she had on her coffee table and asked if she made it.She said yes,and somehow after that we didn’t need a translator! She showed me all the purses she had made and Boy were they creative!!They were all so dainty .

I wish I had taken my camera with me.I was  so surprised when she told me that they were all her patterns and has never followed a pattern, ever to make anything.She is leaving to India for good soon , and she gave me an absolutely gorgeous bag as a  parting gift. Wasn’t that just the sweetest thing to do?!!!!

A closeup

Somehow all the wonderful people I meet are going back to India for good or to someother country or they are online and we havn’t met in real life