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Bobble Cowl

The thought of knitting with two colours of yarn was somehow intimidating to me , that I never attempted to even try it. Then I saw one of the ladies in church wearing a similar looking cowl in lovely earthen colours that I was tempted to give it a try.

It always takes some time for me to work up the courage to try new things. Once I start,I always realise that it was not as hard as I thought of it in my head! (Over thinker alert right here ). Sometimes , simply just doing it is best.

When I went searching for an easy -ish free pattern on Ravelry , this pattern came up in the search. I decided to make this pattern only because it came with the tip to look up ‘Blister Stitch ‘on You tube ,which proved to be super helpful.

I decided to use the scrumptious Nunnaba gradient and Naturally Tweed I had in my stash . Once I got an understanding the stitch pattern down, it was a pleasure to work on and proved to be a quick finish.

I made a few additional rows than the pattern called for as I wanted the gradient yarn to come through.

I couldn’t however, figure out how to do the jobless join in this cowl . Its ok I think ,as when I’m wearing it, it may not be that visible .

This cowl is so so soft. I love it.

Surprisingly for this project ,I did not use up all the yarn in the gradient yarn like I wanted to.I also have a little more of the brown tweed left over as well.

Pattern Details :

Pattern : Bobble Cowl by Ina Aleksandrova

Needles : US 7 – 4.5 mm Chiagoo Needles

Yarn :Nunnaba Artisan Yarn White Gum Wool 8ply in the Shabby Rose Colourway

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Strip Quilt

I finished the quilt top I was took me a couple of days to finish it.

I’m still trying to decide how I want to finish it.

In the meantime I went back to knitting the cowl I started working on a while back

This is a pattern I had in mind and am extremely pleased it’s working out well. The yarn I’m using is Malabrigo Rios in Lotus that I’m recycled from another abandoned project.

Daylight savings has kicked in and we are trying to getting used to it now that we have to wake up in the morning.

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Keffiyah  Cowl

If you knew me in real life, you would probably have  heard me say that I love cowls a lot . I prefer them over scarves because of how you don’t have to fuss with them like you would a scarf if it gets out of place.

When I finished this  cowl and posted on Instagram , there were a couple of people who said it looked like the Keffiyah , the distinct red and white Kuwaiti headdress and asked for the pattern.

I decided write down the pattern and call it the Keffiyah cowl as it was indeed inspired by the Kuwaiti headdress .

It is really a very simple pattern to make


. I used Heritage Organic Merino yarn  a light worsted weight yarn

Melon Sorbet  50 Gm X 1.25skeins

Ecru 50 Gm X 1.5 skeins


(US instructions )

SC = single crochet

DC= double Crochet

SL ST= slip stitch

CH= chain

With  Melon , CH 27

Row :1  SC in second ch from hook, DC in next ch, ( sc in next ch, dc in next ch) , repeat () till the end.

Change Colour to Ecru , ch 1, turn

To change colour, at the end of the row, draw through the new colour in the last loop of the final dc or sc in the row.

Alternatively, you can also carry the yarn through . In which case you will need more yarn.

Row :2 Sc in first dc, dc in next sc ( sc in next stitch , DC in next sc) Repeat ( ) until the end of the row.

Repeat row 2 until desired length , making sure your last row is the colour that is opposite to your starting colour.

Whip stitch the short ends together . Weave in all loose ends.

For the Scallop Edging

Start the edging at the point where the joining ends. Along the wider side of the cowl, make ch3, 2 DC  in the 3rd ch from hook. Skip two stitches . Sl st in the next stitch. Repeat around. Finish off.

Do the same on the other long side. Weave in the ends .

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Crafty Catch Up

I’ve been knitting mostly stuff I can use for the winter. But, I’m a slow knitter and I’d probably get to use my on -the -needle -projects next winter!

Its so cold here, btw, Like freezing cold!

I’m SO jealous of the people enjoying the summer in the Northern Hemisphere even though we had our share of lovely summer here. If only I could go into hibernation and come back when summer comes again …. 

Now on to my Finished Projects…

This is a simple cowl I knitted  without any pattern using King Cole Riot

Chunky yarn left over from my Survival Stole


Then I finished my Favourite Scarf Ever .  (Ravelrylink)I had in my stash single skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino with me and decided to use them for this Chevron scarf that I’ve wanted to make forever. I used the modified version of the scarf (ravelry link)

Like with all my knit projects, I had to frog and redo several times before I could get the pattern right.

Once I got a hang of the pattern , it was smooth sailing and very enjoyable project.

Then  I ran out of yarn! So I stitched up both the wide ends in a whip stitch and turned it into a cowl.

Being able to knit these simple projects keeps me from feeling upset about not being able to crochet.

Another reason why there are not many crafty posts here is that, I have given in to the immediate gratification of Instagram and post  my pictures of my works -in -progress and the very few finished projects there.

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Cowl and make -up wipes

Encouraged by the fact that some people I met here, really liked the cowls I made before, I added a couple of them to my felt store.

The idea for these  eco friendly face pads to remove makeup or apply cleanser took shape as I was trying to teach myself to knit ergonomically. I may not have succeeded with that, but I’m very pleased with how these face pads turned out.

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A Sweet Surprise

Leonie commented on my last post saying that I won a giveaway on her blog. I was thrilled beyond words! I sent her my mailing address  lo and behold,the package arrived the very next day! I will say this much:it could not have arrived at a better time to cheer me up!

Anyways, gorgeousness greeted me as I opened the pack. 6 lovely shades ,of Moody Hues (75% NZ Merino 15% Alpaca 10%possum )Yarn from Skeinz NZ.  Am I lucky or what!!


ooo the colours! Just what I’d been wanting to try ever since I came to New Zealand. I’d read a lot about New Zealand made natural yarns  you see . As we were getting showered with hail and thunder storms a few weeks back  I started a  project with the grape colour


_ a cowl, just my own pattern .Love the feel of the yarn ,its light, and soft  and oh soo lovely to knit with !! Just the thing to warm the soul and fingers, as the storm raged outside.

Here is the finished Cowl, I wore it all day long, no itching scratching that sometimes happens with natural fibers and kept my neck so cozy and warm. I couldn’t believe how soft it was!


Do you remember the green top I’m wearing?  I’m not self-conscious anymore of wearing my handmade stuff . It just makes me super happy  that I’m able to  wear  my handmade stuff  around.


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Rosa Caponcho -take 2

The temperature here in Kuwait has dropped down and we are slowly pulling out our warm clothes and room heaters . All that I can think of right now is knitting scarves , shawls,cowls and hats.

Like I mentioned before, I frogged the Rosa Caponcho I first made and started working on it again. I do not like working on the same projects over and over again.When I make the same thing again, it becomes a chore that I try really hard to finish.However, when I do not get something right the first time around, I get OC about making it right and can only rest in peace after I finish it to my satisfaction.I think someone has pushed the” try try till you succeed  “ a little too hard into my head.  no mom its not you ,I think it was mummy patty

Anyways ….., since second chances donot come by often, its good to grab it with both hands when it does.I’m quite happy with how it came out the second time.  I ran it in the washer and it has bloomed out nicely.Its really soft too.

Today is the last day of school for my children.So dh and I went to drop them at school and meet their teachers as well.Since it was quite chilly this morning , I wore this to school  .When we came back, I asked dh to take a quick picture for me.Its so warm and cozy and I love it.

poncho 012

This is the true colour

poncho 002


I cast on 80 stitches. After working 115 rows, I worked five rows of garter to keep the edge from rolling up.

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I managed to finish the Cowl I started .IMG_2150G

Its basically the Dolores Park Cowl pattern, but  I decided to use the seed stitch border that I saw somewhere and forgot the name.

The yarn is the lovely squishy supa soft, Malabrigo  Worsted in Pale Khaki 602, also from Shanna.Thanks so much Shanna. Love love it.

I got a little surprise package through a friend from my mom and look what she sent me.


her hand stitched hankies for me. I never use them  but I love collecting them 🙂IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2141 IMG_2139

These are super special coz she has taken up embroidery after ages now.