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Scrappy Happy Tote


This everyday catch all tote has been in the making for a long time.

The exterior and interior  fabrics I got  a long time back from my favourite local fabric store Forget me knots , with the intention of making a tote.

I love combining a patterned fabric with the News print fabric, so thats what I decided to do for this tote.I had cut out the fabric . I added the slip pockets (using the same method I learnt long back at the bag workshops in Kuwait. It is my trusted go to method.)DSC_0307

For the pockets ,I just pulled out a few big enough favourite fabric scraps from my stash .

Then  I wanted to add an inside zipper pocket along with the slip pockets. Since I did not know how to do that, ‘procraftination’ happened.

A few tutorials combined helped me figure that out, however, this tutorial in particular.helped me a lot.

I wanted a pop of colour against the black and white lining fabric and  decided to add a bright red zipper that I had bought in Kuwait, back when .


That the silver metal teeth of the zipper kind of matched the bag interior was an added bonus.I prefer silver, and copper coloured metal teeth zipper to the nylon and gold ones.


The colourful lining to the zipper pocket was to keep up with the pop of colour theme and to add a little surprise element to the tote.


And while I was at it , I thought I’d add a key fob too.


The lovely owner of Forget me knots once told me that it is always a good idea to use darker colours for bag handles as that is one of the places to get dirty first . So thats what I kept in mind choosing fabric  for the handles.The fabric was part of a precut Fat quarter bundle,  I purchased in a sale.

The bag is interfaced with fusible batting and the handles with a thinner interfacing for flexibility and sturdiness.What's in my bag?

I learnt a lot making this bag  as I went along, adding elements that I would like in my dream tote. It’s still a work in progress even though I’m happy with how this bag turned out.

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Sew Happy

I just love sewing bags .This bag has been in the making for a while. I go about gathering stuff to make a bag n then let them sit.Then after a long long time, I suddenly get the urge to get it done and get it done in a day.

 I’ve added some of my favourite features in a bag_ quilted exterior, polka dot lining and pockets . I wanted to add a magnetic snap as well but misplaced the one I had . So I went ahead and finished the bag. And wouldn’t you know?! Found the said snap as soon as I finished the bag. Oh well, there will be more bags and I will add them then.

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Zippered Pouch

Its almost back to school time! I am happy with how our holidays went this year.

I finished one zippered pouch. J wanted one to put knick knacks in. I’m in love with the post card fabric and Essex Linen fabric.

I think they both go well together.

With each bag I sew, I’m learning a new thing. Like for instances , with this bag, I learnt to pay more attention to the zipper tab I’m using. I added a little shoe charm zipper pull as the zipper I got was a lock type short one which I did not know when I purchased it.

It has always been my dream to embroider on Linen and using linen embroidery thread from DMC, I did a little freestyle stitchery because I was not able to transfer my design using carbon paper.

Right after I finished making this pouch J wanted me to make him a smaller pouch with just the linen fabric .

He gave me the specifics  about the size and the features , he wanted in his pouch, like a  little pocket to keep his cards

 and also a zipper pouch for change.

After working on the previous pouch, I kind of made up as I went along. I should have searched up for tutorials but with busy days, I did not have much time for that.I have a lot of practice to insert a zipper pocket. But the fear of adding a zipper pocket is gone. One step forward Yay!

I  added the same stitchery ‘ Begin each day with a grateful heart ‘to this pouch.

It is a simple design I drew after I decided that Grateful was going to be my word for the year.

To accept the good and the bad things with a grateful heart. Because I believe that God is in control always and makes all things to work together for good, for his children.

I’m thrilled  to see J carry it around with him everywhere.

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Zippered pouches

Lil B can be quite the slave driver when his mind is set on something he wants me to make.

It would always start as Can you please make me a ….?’ The minute I say yes , I’m on a slippery slop. I have start right away , will have no control over anything
Right from fabric choice, to having the finished product in his hands, he’d sit with me from start to finish , asking me how It’s coming along ,can he be of any help etc etc
Once it’s done, it will be immediately put to use and feedback given .
Gosh I love this child ! It’s just so hard working for him!

I had long wanted to try sewing Hue Loco’s holiday project bag and this was the perfect opportunity to try it. Being clueless about interfacing, I picked out different varieties and decided to try and find out which one I liked better.
This particular has a very stiff interfacing
He  didnot want two different fabrics on the outside and so I used the measurements for the lining on the outside as well. And it worked without a problem.
Encouraged by the success of the first pouch, I tried another one with the same measurement but with on iron on quilt like interfacing

I like this quilt batting like interfacing better than the stiffer one as its softer on the hands and gives body and stability too to the bag.

Not just for the interfacing I used but also Kaffe Fasset fabrics I used.

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(Repurposed) Summer Bag

Sometime back, I  fell in love with this fabric(  bling and all)I saw at a local tailoring shop and decided to order a tunic made from it. I chose the pattern I wanted, gave order for stitching it and came back , excitedly dreaming about wearing it with this pant and that. Not only did they take forever to deliver  it  ; when they did , it didn’t fit! I was so  disappointed but was so done with the waiting that I decided to just leave it as a lesson learnt.

However,I did not want to throw it away .You see, I was  smitten by the colours ,  and the chumkis /sparkly things on it that I decided I’d make  some sort of a bag with it and saved it. Like a lot of my sewing plans, it never materialized.Yesterday morning, determined to get some sewing done, I  took out this tunic without any fixed  idea of what it was going it be.   I was thinking of a drawstring pouch. And then out of the blue, the idea to use the bamboo handles came .

Here I must tell you all, I never used any pattern, measurements ,rotatory  cutters or mats. All along I  eyeballed everything , thinking”   I am just trying to make something so why measure  or cut with a rotary cutter etc !” And what do you know!!!

bagjumka 010

I ended up with this  bag !!For a novice like me ,whose mantra is usually stitch rip repeat with more ripping than stitching happening , this really is progress!!  Somewhere along the way,those bag workshops  I took have come in handy  after all!

bagjumka 013

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Margo Bag

I took advantage of the fact that my mom was here ,to sign up for a full day Margo Bag Workshop. I had wanted to take this one for such a long time! It is a one day workshop and I hate leaving the kids alone at home after they are back from school. So  I kept putting it off. Just before the workshop, M got sick because of the crazy low temperatures we were having here, I lost my voice and A was also catching a throat infection. In other circumstances, I wouldn’t have gone but since mom was there  covering it all, I still got to go!

It was a really wonderful workshop. I learnt to make zippers in a new easy way.It was such a joy meeting all ladies who came there .There were two versions of the pattern and I chose to make the smaller version. We got to choose between making either the smaller version or the larger version.

Between the four of us at the workshop another lady and  I chose the smaller version ,  the other two  ladies choose the larger version .Each one turned out so different from the other.That was the fun part of the workshop. We ran a little late and so I could not get the picture of the other bags. Here is the one I made at the workshop

.margo 001

Close up

margo 002

The zipper

margo 003

Inside pockets

margo 005

the back

margo 008

the front pockets closer look

margo 011

I am still waiting for the pattern to arrive, so that I can start making the pattern all by myself.

Speaking of my mom, she has been busy too , making this little Elephant hankie for M. She saw the pattern online and drew by hand ! No tracing of patterns for this lady!. Is n’t Ellei cute?!

ELEI 002

a close up

ELEI 003

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A Bag for M

When A got to go to the movies with his friends, I told M that I ‘d take to him to see Rio at the theatres.He agreed and patiently waited.July is M’s birthday month.In keeping with our little tradition of celebrating from the beginning of the month up until the birthday,I decided to take him to see the 3D Cars movie that is running in theatres now. But there was one small hitch, I cannot sit through an entire movie in a theatre without ending up with a blasting headache. Now A is a big fan of Cars and M wanted to experience going to the movies alone without parents just like his Big B.So it was decided that we’d drop them at the theatre , go for a little stroll around the mall , come back and pick them up once the movie got over.

I made a little mistake reserving tickets online which Dh said if we left early could be sorted out without any problem. Now that  we were all set, I decided to do one of my favourite things to do, browse for bag patterns. [My computer crashed a few days back, (thats why I have not visited all my fav blogs)I had all my pictures and files backed up but lost all my bookmarks.]

As I was looking this pattern, M walked in.We saw the  slideshow together and after that I have no idea how the little imp made me agree to making one for him. I remember him saying we had similar fabric with us. Giving me instructions about which fabric would match with what. (My quilt teacher was right all along about him being better at choosing fabric than me!!)

Anyways, I started out happy but with a little slave driver near me, jumping around  and instructing me that it had to have a zipper on top and the sling just that falls just  so below his hip.That I did not know how to make all that fell on deaf ears with “ I know you can make it mumma ”_it got a little nerve racking and  by the time  I finished I was on the verge of tears! Really, no joke! Somehow it seemed like I was making food when my hungry baby was screaming for food.Yes that would be M! Totally! Even as a baby he would scream his head off if he was not fed that very second he was hungry. Oh I forgot to tell you about this little pocket he instructed me to make for putting coins inside, which I stitched upside down and noticed it only after I finished the bag .So I just ripped the pocket out, except for that one teeny tiny thing, Mr M was completely satisfied with the outcome. I was in no mood to photograph but he was having none of it.Are you not going to show my bag to your friends? he asked and proceeded to model it for the pictures. He had to check if his poses were show casing  the bag properly after every picture I took!


My husband walked in the door , took one look at me and knew  right away ! As M was jumping around modeling his bag and doing the salesman pitch for his new sling bag, extolling my virtues as a great mother and greater bag maker who made the “bag of his dreams”,he came aside and asked me incredulously “how did he talk you into it?! All I  could muster was,”I don’t know “and ran and hid in the bathroom for a quick hot shower to get ready for the outing! Not before letting M know “ M , you are not going to make me do anything like this again” For which I got a solemn“ I won’t ask you  to make the same bag again mumma ,next time we  will use  different fabric and a different design mumma!


He took it to the theatre and has been constantly carrying it around telling  whoever was willing to  listen that his mumma made it for him  just the right size bag with a zipper and a sling that fell just below his hip  :D. That BIG B approved of it was a bonus. Btw,Cars 2 was great and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.