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Chat over Chai #1

Hi Everyone

The idea to start the Chat over Chai series, has been on my mind for a while now. In spite of sharing a lot on the blog, I felt a certain disconnect, so I’m going to try a bit of blogging like old times.

This is basically simply a catch up series ; to connect a little bit more, by offering a sneak peak into things happening in my life , to chat about things I’m really enjoying ; on the crafty side , slow living , cooking , current favourites – different things , I can share to make note of, look back on , enjoy and be inspired to grow and thrive.

You might want to grab a cup of chai (tea or coffee – whatever you prefer) for this one

This year, Autumn and Winter went by really fast and we are into Spring which is really like being in a whole new world.

It’s just so lovely seeing the world come alive with birds chirping , flowers blooming , there seems to be an aura of gaiety in the air.

While I have struggled a lot with the colder months, I have learnt that slowing down and doing a few extra things, that I normally never did otherwise during these months, helped me a lot to keep up my good spirits.

How did my version of Slowing down look like?

Slowing Down

This was pretty much my every day routine during the cold months. I’m sharing it on my blog hoping that it will help someone feeling down as the temperatures, daylight and sunshine go down

  • Making my cup of tea, taking time to sit down and enjoy drinking it , feeling the warmth of my tea , warm up my body
  • Look out my door , make note of the sunlight flooding the mountains with its golden glow or the clouds completely cover up the mountains
  • Send Steve off to school,
  • Snuggle with my baby Amber, listening to my favourite gospel music, reading the Bible and praying
  • Taking time to shower and get dressed in presentable clothes in the morning with care, put on my favourite perfume,
  • Go for a walk once in a while with Amber
  • Do a bit of skin care once a week
  • Gratitude Journal every week
  • Use Bargain box for dinner ( this way, I did not have to do much meal planning but still had the recipes and the ingredients ,had a chance to try something new and different.
  • In the evenings, I often lighted up some lovely scented candles, put on some dreamy jazz music , kept the heat pump on and cooked dinner.
  • I added fairy lights where every I could, added cushions and throws to create cozy and warm around me.
  • Once a week I went out for brunch with my friends, or invited them over to just chat over home made ginger chai, it felt good to have those little moments of just sharing and enjoying the friendships
  • I joined a low impact exercise class which helped immensely as well.
  • Some days when I just did not feel up to it, I just let go, ordered food from Uber Eats and spent time with my kids watching re runs of Castle lounging on the sofa.

Weekends were a little bit different. We slept in , cooked some delicious meals to last at least a couple of days so that when I felt uninspired to cook, there was something to heat up and eat ready at hand.


I’m sharing these here in the hope that it will help someone who needs it. However these are not set in stone things to do, do what soothes your soul the most .

How do you cope with the Colder Months?

If you also do some of these things please share them with me.

Or if you have some other things that helped you cope through the colder months, please share them as well.

Talk later

lots of love


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Harvest Festival

He’d been preparing for days, practicing really hard.When his programme was announced, he walked up with his gang smartly , did the group song and then stepped forward to do his solo performance………

The mom, charged the camera way in advance, went ahead of time,found the best seats with a fantastic view of the dias all set to capture the moment of pride and joy on video…….

Right at that point the camera goes beep beep……….shuts down, god knows what reason. Song Over, camera starts working again!


My Poor little baby A ,ever the generous, magnanimous soul, made me feel all the more guilty _ of course with out knowing_by giving me a big hug and saying that it meant the world to him that I was there to watch him perform.

About the performance, he was nervous, but wonderful . I am not saying that because he is my son, even other people thought so and complimented about it. I hate to admit it,I did tear up hearing him sing like that… and got goose bumps too.

Dh couldn’t come because of his work and it was pretty hard carrying back all the food I bought there, with a restless M and excited A, pulling me on both sides.Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see all the people, the traditional food and the gathering.

Turtles yea live ones at one of the stalls , goldfish and the bubble solutions.

The cutlets are always a huge hit as they are prepared at home and fried right there at the campus.Perfect on a grey winter day.Usually there is a long winding queue for it , I have no idea how many we gobbled up, we also brought back a lot with us home for dh. And it never seems like we brought enough.

No Harvest Festival worth its name is complete without Kappa and Fish Curry, Appam and chicken curry…

The Thattukada( road side eatery) brought in the native feel to the Harvest Festival.

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The day I love

Wednesday is truly the day of the week I love .

Its the start of the weekend for us plus its my ME day.I get to go to my painting class,spend two hours all by myself ,learning to oil paint,chat a bit with the other ladies in the class,admire everyone’s work.I like the chatting and looking at what everyone is doing ,part rather than the actually learning to paint part .Its a pity noone is interested in crochet or knitting there.However its a very welcome and refreshing treat for me.

Dh takes care of the house and kids,while I am away and drives me back and forth to the class.When I come back ,the house is always spick and span .(isn’t he the sweetest!!!!)Usually after the class gets over,we go shopping for a nice DVD to watch together as a family, later in the evening.Inevitably,I graviate towards the yarn shop near by and always end up buying some colour yarn out of the limiting colours available here. Noone can understand why I need to buy yarn everytime I go to the store…………I don’t get it either!But I have a very indulgent dh – he even comes to the yarn store with me and helps me pick out the colours every single time!!!!

When we come back home,we all like to settle in front of our T.V, with our take out dinner and watch the movie together.

Yesterday ,after my class got over,I had to buy some paint and then went into the yarn store and got some of yarn.For once I stayed away from the Pinks ( I unconsciously pick up some shade of pink,all the time,even if I have every known shade of pink thread and yarn)and got some nice green shades


While I was at the store,a lady came up to buy yarn,hoping to find a crochet buddy or atleast someone interested in some sort of fiber art,I smiled at her,well she looked at me like I was some wierdo and turned to the other side.So much for my efforts at finding a buddy to talk about yarns and about crochet!