Bobble Cowl

The thought of knitting with two colours of yarn was somehow intimidating to me , that I never attempted to even try it. Then I saw one of the ladies in church wearing a similar looking cowl in lovely earthen colours that I was tempted to give it a try.

It always takes some time for me to work up the courage to try new things. Once I start,I always realise that it was not as hard as I thought of it in my head! (Over thinker alert right here ). Sometimes , simply just doing it is best.

When I went searching for an easy -ish free pattern on Ravelry , this pattern came up in the search. I decided to make this pattern only because it came with the tip to look up ‘Blister Stitch ‘on You tube ,which proved to be super helpful.

I decided to use the scrumptious Nunnaba gradient and Naturally Tweed I had in my stash . Once I got an understanding the stitch pattern down, it was a pleasure to work on and proved to be a quick finish.

I made a few additional rows than the pattern called for as I wanted the gradient yarn to come through.

I couldn’t however, figure out how to do the jobless join in this cowl . Its ok I think ,as when I’m wearing it, it may not be that visible .

This cowl is so so soft. I love it.

Surprisingly for this project ,I did not use up all the yarn in the gradient yarn like I wanted to.I also have a little more of the brown tweed left over as well.

Pattern Details :

Pattern : Bobble Cowl by Ina Aleksandrova

Needles : US 7 – 4.5 mm Chiagoo Needles

Yarn :Nunnaba Artisan Yarn White Gum Wool 8ply in the Shabby Rose Colourway

Boneyard Shawl

This shawl started as a knit along with my friend. We both decided to use Rosewood Wool , mine is 12 ply while hers is 8 ply I think.

Soon after , she started working at a school and I left for India, our knit along kind of took the back seat.

Coming back from India dealing with all the change in weather and home sickness, I started knitting on it  with  Amber sitting on my feet for company acting as a little smooshy cushion  , listening to podcasts , munching on Nagercoil banana chips….

(  I mention Nagercoil chips in particular because ,there is a huge difference between Lakshmi Vilas Nagercoil Banana chips and Banana chips available in other parts of the country. Nothing comes close to it and it is one of the those comforting taste of home food)

Also because knitting on this shawl was more like eating chips, cannot stop with one.`And before I knew it I had finished  two  of the three skeins I had, along with my stash of chips I brought back with me from India..

Then I had a chance to go to an afternoon to Handy Dandy craft group at the library and in the almost two and a half hours I was there, I had reached the end of the third ball and only the border was left to be done.

Back home, little more knitting and   just like that this shawl was done. Much like the  packet of banana chips that finished before realisation came about! (So regretted not getting more of this taste of home , and now that I write about it, I’m craving for some ) 

Project Details:

Pattern : Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West

Needles : 4.5 mm Chiagoo Fixed Circulars

Yarn : Rosewood wool Romney Aran in Shepherd’s Delight Colourway.

Baby gifts

Baby showers are a great excuse to make baby gifts. I love making gifts for babies not only because of how adorable they look but it also makes me marvel at the miracle of life itself, in the words of the Psalmist, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.Those verses in Psalm 139 : 14-16, they get me every single time.

I have been plotting and planning to make gifts for a special friend in church, who is having a baby very soonbaby quilt

This was not the original quilt I had planned for her. Like I have done several times before,I changed my mind after I finished making  quilt top with the fabrics I had got before and decided to make her another one

For this simple baby quilt,I used  the dreamy , whimsical woodland themed Hushabye hollow (by Lydia Nelson for Moda) charm pack that I had in my stash plus some extra yardage to make this quilt so that the baby can use it upto toddler stage. I backed it with the softest minky in a soothing  fawn colour. I also added my Hold&Cherish label to it.

Then I also made her a stroller knit blanket with 100% New Zealand Organic Merino.This yarn is no longer available so I’m really happy I had enough to make this blanket. I misplaced the care labels I had printed earlier somewhere and so couldn’t attach it to the blanket. knit baby blankie

The pattern for this blanket was part of a test pattern I did back in June here. You can read how I got to be test knitter in the first place here. Makes me smile every time!

I used my 4.5 mm ChiaoGoo fixed knitting needles for it and they are a dream to knit with.I’ve used a few circular knitting needles now to know that ChiaoGoo fixed circulars are my favourite . I plan to get them in a few sizes and lengths.

My friend is on FB and Instagram .I didn’t want to ruin the surprise  for her so I did not post it anywhere else online, except here because the maker in me couldn’t contain the excitement of having the gifts ready to give  to the precious baby. Fingers crossed these gifts will be received well  by my friend and be used till they fall apart.

A season to rest

All the fluffy pink lacy  cherry blossoms on trees  around, had me wistfully waiting for buds on my cherry tree, every single day  ! Finally they are here!

Look ! its blooming.

 I am itching to weed and potter around in the garden , but I need to rest!  I hurt my arm a few weeks back and now although I am getting better,  I am trying not to overdo anything. So I sneak in a bit of crafting , and a bit of computer time between other household work.

 Its very slow, but I’m grateful for what I am able to do.I was this close to going insane not being able to use my hands.

 This is on my needles right now.The pattern I’m knitting is called  One Row  Lace Scarf.

The reason it has not grown much is  because I manage to knit about two rows in a day , which is completely fine right now. I’m so in love with this gorgeous  peacock blue merino/silk blend from Feather Brush Yarns. which I got at  Unwind Dunedin. The colour way is called ‘Tiara’.  Ofcourse I’m using my favourite Chiagoo needles.

I have it  all together in my hold and cherish project bag. I love this bag too. The beautiful saturated hues  from Kaffe Fasset is right up my alley. I just love looking at all the colours together.

Few of my Favourites- July

I just wanted to share  some of  my favourite things that have been bringing  in a ray of sunshine in my daily life. Some crafty, yarn related and some just general things.

The first thing that I have been absolutely smitten with is embroidery

I designed my own pattern .It has been  a delight  trying to  decide the colours and seeing the idea in my head transfer onto the embroidery hoop.I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to finish.

This thrift store find is perfect for keeping  my money plant in the bathroom. I love having greenery around the home.

Moving on to my new purchases that I got this month and absolutely loving it.

The first one is a personal planner that I got from Kiki . k sale! Remember I went shopping in the mall when Lil B was watching a movie with his friend?. Well this is what I got then.

I love writing out lists, and keeping track of what I’m up to , what I’m making ,cooking,menu planning etc . And I’ve loved Kiki . K ever since I  discovered it right after we came to New Zealand.

The reason I got this planner  almost in the middle of the year is because, it is a 6 ring binder, with plastic  pockets at the back

and then has a perpetual calendar with to do pages, tabs etc and all of it can be closed with the elastic closure and neatly tucked away in my handbag. Oh and the stickers always are a weakness. I’m absolutely loving it.

Ever since I came to NZ, I stopped using Body Shop products and decided to try out Lush and other natural body washes, forgetting how sensitive my skin was. Needless to say, I learnt a hard lesson to stick with what I ‘m used to .So  I went back to what i was familiar with -Body shop- again beginning of this month. I loved the scent of these products when I picked them up but after using them all month, I’m loving the products some more

The satsuma shower gel is soap free and does not dry my skin at all.  I love the delicious citrusy scent which also takes over the entire bathroom area long after I have finished showering.It is Amazing!

Another product I fell in love is this Shea Eau De Toilette. As I was browsing the products in the store, the lovely store lady suggested I try Shea shower gel when I told her I was looking for a mild scent. I honestly did not like the  hint of Vanilla in the Shea shower gel but when I just tried the Eau de Toilette, I fell in love with the light , subtle scent right away

It is my favourite everyday scent now and I have already heard the “oh you smell so good momma” from my generally perfume loving boys! I  also find the scent very calming although it does not linger on all the day but I’m totally ok with that.

In Winter , my hands get really dry and this hand cream has been something I reach for constantly to moisturise.I love that it leaves my hand very soft with a lingering  fresh rose scent


I am a totally and utterly in love with  yarn . Although I have been constantly keeping a watch on my yarn purchases recently,  I allowed myself this one indulgence because I was saving up for this yarn.

When I went to Woolfeast, I went looking particularly for this colour way but by the time we went there, it was sold out. Nikki Jones the artist behind the Dark Harbour Yarns,took my email and promised to let me know when she dyed the Budgie Smuggler next. So when I got the email, i jumped at the chance.The merino/silk base is my favourite base and this colour way is just so stunning!

Those are some of the favourite things  in July. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Midwinter Woolfeast at Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre 2016

Hello friends

The much awaited Midwinter woolfeast 2016 in Christchurch happened this Saturday .It indeed was a  yarn junkies  feast!

The day started with gorgeous weather.Always a good sign. Big B agreed to take pictures for me at the festival, another good sign to have a helpful teen by your side.

Two yarny Sheep welcomed visitors to the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre at the door.PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Inside was this poster welcoming the visitorswoolfeast

into a hall filled with  yarn in every kind of fibre and colour ready for purchase; stitch markers, project bags, knitting supplies, books etc galore, it was a fibre enthusiast’s dream come true. PicMonkey Collage1The entire hall was buzzing with knitters, spinners, felters, united in their crazy love for colour ,fibre  and yarny goodness. So many people! The  energy and vibe around the venue was  just AMAZING! PicMonkey Collage2A treat to the senses to enjoy with people who just  get it _the fascination for all things fibre and yarn. I must admit it was like a yarny heaven .To have so many passionate creative artists  under one roof! PicMonkey Collage3

I met some lovely ladies I knew from the Christchurch Guild of weavers and Spinners.DSC_0181 (1)

I caught up with my friend there , who is a very active member of the guild.It was just wonderful! I hadn’t seen her for a while. And it was lovely catching up.DSC_0186PicMonkey Collage4The adjacent hall space was allocated for knitters / crocheters to sit and knit, eat cake or taste some craft beer.There were a few vendors there as well. So well organised . PicMonkey Collage5The knitters from the local knit group were there too. They are all lovely ladies. I did know a few faces there who were so welcoming , still my social awkwardness got the better of me and I left earlier than I planned. Nevertheless, I did much better than I did at Unwind in  Dunedin .

I was also on strict yarn budget and so I only got yarn from Dark Harbour Yarns like I planned initially.Let me tell you, those yarns seriously make  my heart flutter !


I had a little chat with Nikki Jones the artist behind these gorgeous yarns . She told me  that being a knitter herself,she is very particular about the colours she wants in her projects .And so she dyes them until she gets the colours she is satisfied with .


She showed me a skein of Copper yarn she had dyed  , for which she had dyed several shades of copper coloured yarn before she arrived at the one she was happy with . She also showed me the other copper colour ways and they were just as beautiful!

It was really interesting to have a little insight into how these amazing colorways are created.DSC_0220Anyhoo, it was such a spectacular event and I can’t wait for next year. Hoping that by then ,the said awkwardness would have gone and loads of spending money would have accumulated 😉

Until later

Much Love


Calm after a Storm

Hi Everyone,

Saturday started out as a gorgeous gorgeous day not only because it was a sunshiny and balmy winter day, but a day filled with snippets of little things which when  stringed together at the end of the day ,leaves a smile on your face as you lay your head down on the pillow to  sleep.

To have such a day following a Friday evening of ugly tears, flared tempers and tantrums ,makes it all the more special. Because it gives you hope ,that  not everything  is lost after all and lifts  your heart from the depths of desperation , that one tends to get into during those not so lovely moments .

The day started out with J and I going to the Airport to meet some people who were coming to NZ for the very first time.After coffee and some  time alone with J, We went together as a family to Kawa Cafe for lunch.

It was Big B’s treat for us with his first ever earning .It was a delicious lunch . It felt surreal, filled with mixed emotions, pride at my son’s milestone, sadness at how time just flies and  excited for all the new things and experiences that await my kids as they move from one stage to another.


Then,  when we came back, there was a package waiting for me at the doorstep, for which I was waiting too! Sometime during last week, there was a call out for Test knitters on The Woven page on Facebook. The willing test knitters had to finish a haiku that started with

Knitting is awesome. Now I’ve never attempted a haiku before, but I did try

Knitting is awesome
With two sticks and some soft string
Creates a spl’ thing.

( initially I had written’ Creates a special thing’, which someone pointed out as having more syllables and so I changed it to Spl’ so as to cut down the syllable .)

I got selected to Test knit.Yay!!I  kind of like that I wrote my first ever haiku and got to try  some new yarn and a yet to be published pattern in return. Yay!)

The Woven sent the yarn , needles and the pattern. Isn’t it wonderful!DSC_0205I cast on right away and its coming along swimmingly.


We also saw a  movie called Inkheart together as a family. Its the story of a guy who has a special gift of making the characters in the book he reads out loud , come to life. It was not a wow movie, but was interesting in its craziness.

Sunday was a quiet rainy day. I realised that when the sky looks like this at sunrise,it turns out to be a wet cold day .PicMonkey Collage

That colour inspired me to start a new crochet project as well. Its a pattern I have made several times before.Although I’m not entirely in love with the way the colours look worked up in the  pattern as opposed to the way it looked as a skein, I will continue to work on this , because it feels so soft and warm against my skin.I’m really loving that it takes less than 30 mins to make a motif and I enjoy seeing the project grow one little flower motif at a time.

So that was pretty much my weekend, how was yours? Do tell

Much Love