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In the Making…# 2

Hi my lovely friends,

Now that Ive finished a couple of things, I have cast on more . One is a Charity Baby blanket , which I’m really excited about knitting.

There are two baby quilts in the making,

a pair of socks

a crochet shawl and a baby jacket.

The baby jacket tested my patience a bit with me having to swatch a few times and still not getting gauge.

On top of it all ,my Felt shop is open and I’m planning to make more sock bags to put it in there.

I hope you all have a great week ahead

lots of love


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In the Making…#1

The past couple of weeks I must confess have been hectic. Things that took a lot of my mental energy and didn’t leave me energy to do much else.

I had a few projects going , but however hard I tried, I just could not make myself to pick them up my needles or my hook.

So instead of just pushing myself to keep going with my projects, I decided to take some time away from it all. Until I really felt the desire to pick up my needles or hook back.

I downloaded an e book on Libby ( which is an app from the Christchurch Library that my friend Louise introduced me to) and read it. Did a little bit of journaling , tried a few new recipes and kind of went with the flow until I got the making spark again.

The break did me good and now I am back to making .

I have been working on my colour affection shawl and really enjoying it. The garter stitch fabric that the Little Bandit Yarn from Outlaw Yarn creates feels so squishy and soft. I love it.

In the first section, I ran out of the first colour , a few stitches before finishing that section. I ploughed through that with my second colour. And then I ran out of the second colour as well!

So, I decided to put it aside until I could go back into the store to get more yarn.

In the meantime, I was working on a few rows here and there on my Skyping beanie. In spite of the few mistakes I made on it, I’m thrilled , it is now technically finished. I still need to weave in the ends though for it to be officially finished .

After I completed the Beanie, I did manage to go into the store and get the little bandit Scallywag yarn I had run out on. I have started working back on my Colour Affection Shawl. However, I was getting a tad restless as I wanted to get done with this shawl and move on the other two projects I have in mind already.

As I was reflecting on my making journey , I realised that it is good for me to embrace the moments of not making, just as much the moments of making , to truly enjoy the bliss of making things with my hands and to come back with renewed enthusiasm to my projects. I even have a progress keeper to remind of finding joy in the process of making just as much as holding a finished project in my hand.

Instead of just churning out finished objects one after another for the sake of numbers (of projects finished ) I want to experience the joy of making ,with every single one of the items I make. Not just that, I also want to make time to read, walk outside with Amber , try a new recipe or skill or technique, enjoy the simple beauty of nature around me.

I feel truly grateful for having the choice to choose what I want to do with my time and my resources. I do hope this post inspires you to do the same if you are able to.

Sending you all my love


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More Sewing

I missed a big chunk of Winter  , but coming back from really hot weather, it has been hard. We have had cold, gloomy rainy days. However I try not  to let it get to me.There are so many things to be grateful for .

Sewing  my hold and cherish bag over and over again has made me so comfortable with my sewing machine that Sewing has become my craft of choice lately.There is not one thing that  I don’t like  now. Not even ripping out seams!

The pattern  is a bit addictive in its simplicity and the variety of results that can be  achieved with the change of prints and colour in fabric.

The previous quilt blocks I made  as part of the quilt along are still not complete. I will get to it sooon. Only the last set of blocks remain but I have as usual got distracted with new shiny stuff.

A local fabric store is offering a beginners quilting class . The hours and distance were convenient so I decided to go for it. Laid back  and friendly , it was a good first class.

The shopaholic in me was secretly delighted to have a store full of assorted fabrics to choose from .

I decided to go with this purple and aqua combination for my first block which is the simple Nine patch.

Each block teaches a new skill .One done, eleven more to go.

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WIP: End of the year catch up

Schools have closed for the the year .The summer sun , the wildflowers , the roses ,hydrangeas and the lavender blooming  in my garden are keeping  me  very happy.

I’m sewing a lot more than I used to do.Finally I feel like I have a desire to sew and that came about with learning to sew this drawstring bag.

The unlimited possibilities that this pattern offers is its allure I believe.I made one more for Lil B’s Teacher to put her year end gift in.

I have now claimed my dinning table as my sewing set up with my machine, cutting mat and ironing all in one place.I can just sit and sew whenever I feel like it .

I’m also doing a modern mash up quilt- along.

I like Quilt -alongs/sew alongs because they often break down the big tasks into little do-able bits . Not just that, it is a great opportunity to learn from other people, being able to see the different versions of a block, in the comfort of my home.

These are the blocks I’ve made so far.

I’ve learnt to draw colours from an inspiration picture and work on it. Its hard but I’m trying .Choosing fabric has been the hardest part for me so far.

Knitting and crochet  have definitely taken a back seat. That does not mean I’m not doing them at all.

I’m testing the waters at the moment and trying to find out what sock knitting is all about. I want to know if it is for me, if yes, I want to see if I like cuff -down or toe up better. I want to give it a go once and see what the hype is about,  That ,and sock yarn is so pretty .

I asked for help on a FB group  and they directed me to this sock along.

Using DPNs seemed like a good idea at the time I started ,but now I wondering if I should have started with  circulars and magic loop.

I’m hopeful using DPNs will get easier once I get the hang of it. Not only that, it feels so cool knitting with five 2.5 mm toothpicks needles 🙂

There may have been a bout of startitis and I didn’t know ?.Podcasts and pretty sock yarn are to blame. I  started  the weekender blanket using some minis I had got at Unwind last year ,

 then I discovered  hedgehog fibres sock minis and I can feel a ‘mini’ obsession coming up to take hold of me.

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Strip Quilt

I finished the quilt top I was took me a couple of days to finish it.

I’m still trying to decide how I want to finish it.

In the meantime I went back to knitting the cowl I started working on a while back

This is a pattern I had in mind and am extremely pleased it’s working out well. The yarn I’m using is Malabrigo Rios in Lotus that I’m recycled from another abandoned project.

Daylight savings has kicked in and we are trying to getting used to it now that we have to wake up in the morning.

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Bye Bye June

frostyHi Everyone

Having to drive two very sleepy boys bundled in their winter uniform, breaths misting in front of their pale pink noses  on  misty  cold mornings ,with brooding grey clouds  threatening to burst into  prickly  cold showers any minute  in the background , to school is no easy task . They have rallied quite well  though considering J’s unusual work hours. Plus we did have  sunshiney  middays so I’m not complaining.

One more week into July ,school will close for Winter break and J ‘s hours will be back to routine I hope.

June was a productive month for me

baby 2

I finished the Test Knit Baby blanket I did for The Woven.I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I love the Organic Merino  .Its going to be my go to yarn for baby knits in future. Babies deserve nothing but the 2

The Keffiyah Cowl is another  Organic Merino yarn as well. It was a well received pattern  and it makes me very happy.


Did you notice how both my June Finished objects are the same colourway? It was completely unintentional. The yarn for the baby knit was sent to me and the yarn for the cowl I had purchased even before from here, I entered into the test knit.


This poncho might have been off  the needles by now . The rolling over edges had me trying different  crochet borders .It didnot work as well as I thought they would and so I’ve settled for a knit one purl one rib border. I can’t wait to cast it off .

The yarn is Nunnaba artisan yarn in the luxuriously soft Gum Wool base. The single gradient and the semi solid of the Tiramisu from the Something Sweet     Collection were not enough for the length I wanted and I used Ranunculus from the   Heirloom Collection. I would have liked one gradient and semi solid of Tiramisu more for this poncho.

With this, I ‘ve been mulling over the idea of  planning before I buy yarn – the base , the colours and the items I make with them so that they will all go well with my wardrobe. I’m thinking sophisticated neutrals in beautiful merino/ silk base but I also often get sidetracked by my inner gypsy  with her love for colour as well .Honestly I can’t make up my mind and so I’ve decided to  embrace both the dignified and subdued as well as the wild and free ?

The thing  is , as I’m working on this Japanese Flower shawl ,

shawl jap.jpgI find myself working out what  colours , neutral and otherwise from my stash, would work  for this shawl .I love how soft and silky this Merino/possum/silk blend yarn feels but  I’m not entirely loving how this  colourway works up in the pattern. The yarn is a souvenir I picked up in Arrowtown when we went there last Autumn and this colourway is a reminder of those gorgeous fall colours.So I’m holding on to it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and the likes .

Until later

Much Love


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Shawl of slow progress

You might have seen this yarn on my Instagram feed , if you follow me there. It’s hand spun fingering and that is why progress is slow.


spinning and hand spun yarn have fascinated me a lot lately.

The story how I got this yarn is interesting.

I was at Tannery one Saturday hoping to get my hands on some hand spun yarn when I saw this yarn hanging on the rack . I wanted to get it, but before that ,I decided to take a walk around the store as there were some beautiful handmade creations too.

As my back was turned, another lady walked in and reached out for this yarn! I was hoping she would put it down , she didn’t . So I decided to look at other yarns .Nothing spoke out to me as this one did.

 Just as I decided to leave ,this lady put it down and asked the lady at the till if she could help her pick out larger quantity of yarn .

I gathered up the courage to ask her if she wanted this yarn she’d put down.She replied in the negative and said I could have it if I wanted.

When I wasn’t sure about getting something she ‘d wanted .she insisted I have it and said she’d changed her mind!

So the yarn came home with me.

It’s 50% halfbred and 50%silk. It has beautiful shades of lavender, teal, yellow, pink and greyish blue.

This is also the first time I’m working with

fingering weight yarn. The fabric is light. The pattern is the Atwood shawl and I’m excited it’s nearing Finish.

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WIP: too many to count

First, on my needles is The Missoni Inspired Cowl, in lovely jewel tones.I was not very happy with that cream shade .

It seemed a little out of place.

So I restarted the same shades with a darker colour.

I think the darker shade looks better. Do you?

The yarn I’m using is Ashford 8ply Tekapo in 100% NewZealand wool. With my Chiagoo 4.5 mm circular needles. Have I told you all how much I love these needles. It’s my favourite these days.

This project is an easy one and the colour changes keep it interesting.

I’m trying to be all organised and wrote out the details in my craft book complete with yarn colours and all ! I borrowed the idea from Erin of Holland Handmade podcast

I’m proud of myself for starting to be more organised, people. 😄

Next is the Botanical Cowl by Megan Goodacre

The yarn I’m using for it is Malabrigo Arroyo in the Lotus colour way. I just love the teal and magenta, pink n bits of light blue . The yarn is so soft.

Then I have the 3colour cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli

I’ve frogged it and started over thrice already because obviously I can’t count properly .

Half way through the first time, I noticed that as it grew, it was also getting narrower . I couldn’t figure out how I decreased without noticing but it happened and I had to frog it !

So now I have all the markers on it to keep track . It’s helping but I haven’t made much progress.

I’m using the Rosewood Wool Romney 8ply in these three colours you see in the picture.Rosewood Wool is hand dyed using natural materials in Waikato NewZealand.

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Cover Me

Along with doing spring break -y stuff, trying to keep Lil B from playing on his computer  all day long,following his Big B’s example,I am up to my neck, buried deep in yarn. Why? do you wonder?

Have you heard about the Spice of Life CAL? if not, then go check the deets on Sandra’s blog  Cherry Heart

I chanced upon news of the CAL on instagram. Intrigued by the name , decided to check it out and ended up joining it.

Seemed to be perfect timing. Lil B has been asking me to make him a blanket. I had several odd balls of yarn lying around. So I thought I would make him a blanket from those.

Three rows into the blanket, the fussy little man decided he wanted only wood colours. Colours he had already picked out from my stash and said that I could keep the colourful blanket.

He has already rejected two other patterns after I was a few rows into the pattern before. With this  he is quite pleased.

The Spice of Life pattern is very easy, quick and enjoyable pattern. Score.

Big B saw me working on the blankets and gently asked “who is it  for” , when I replied that it was for  Lil B, all I got was a soft “oh ok”. Which just melted my heart and I decided to make another one for him.

So now I ‘m making three blankets in the same pattern but different colours ,all from my stash.

Starting on the third blanket  might seem like I’m on the verge of crossing the crazy line, but the colour changes and  different stitch patterns have kept  me from getting bored.

Plus the pattern being a CAL ,gives me enough time to work on the pattern and wait eagerly for the next batch keeping up the suspense element. Not just that , it is  also helping me use up all the acrylic yarn from my stash, so that I can turn into a complete yarn snob in future 😛

Now that the part four of the CAL is out, I’m slightly behind with the third blanket entering the picture. Will keep you updated with the progress .