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Maker’s Journal : The Colour Affection Shawl

It has been a while since I last posted here.Is it just me or are there a bunch of us who struggle with starting back again after a bit of a break? 

I  find that I’m often overwhelmed by the amount of catching up I have to do after said break. More so when the fog of ill health gets mixed in the lot and the uncertainty of these weird times too. On a side note , How is it even November already?

I cannot complain however, I am incredibly blessed to be doing exactly the things I love , surrounded by creative people, keeping my mind engaged and productive,  while picking up new skills along the way.

I have mentioned it previously that  I finished my Colour Affection shawl a while back. Ethan my co-worker had offered to block it for me.

When I went into work a few weeks back, Ethan had blocked it beautifully and left it on the counter for me. I wasted no time to try it on and Carmin my friend (and co-worker) offered to take a picture for me; so that I can have pictures of my finished shawl.

Given that I’m always awkward in front of the camera, hasn’t Carmin has done a great job of posing me and taking beautiful pictures of an awkward old me ?!

Project Details :

Pattern  : Colour Affection Shawl by Veela Valimaki

Yarn :  Little Bandit by Outlaw Yarn  ( Rogue, Scamp, Scallywag)

Needles: 4mm Chaiogoo Needles

Project Notes :

  • In all fairness, I had no clue this pattern existed and I have to thank Ethan for pointing me to this pattern and choosing the colours for the shawl with me, more because it was going to be a Store sample at Outlaw Yarn HQ
  • As per his suggestion , I also added a YO after the first knit stitch but instead of dropping the YO, when I got back to it on the purl side (the WS) , I unwittingly knitted it as well.
  • Nevertheless the top edge turned out tight , (I am a tight knitter) which through the amazing power of Ethan’s blocking skills looks fabulous now.
  • I learnt to do short rows for the first time with this project and it was n’t as hard as I imagined it to be.
  • The garter rows, the colour changes and a little bit of new technique made this project a very enjoyable one.
  • I also did the Jenny’s Surprisingly stretchy bindoff to finish the shawl.
  • I totally and truly adore how squishy and light this shawl turned out to be.So much so that I want to make another one for me.

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Favourite FO of 2019

Two months have gone by in 2020 already and 2019 seems like a distant past.

Still the fact that I had not not share my favourited Finished Object of 2019 here on the blog was not lost on me.

So to amend the glaring omission, I just wanted to share pictures of my 2nd Avenue Shawl here .

Working at Outlaw HQ, has given me the privilege of being surrounded by very talented makers, gorgeous yarn and so much inspiration.

Initially ,seeing the colours, the different yarns , textures, patterns , makers , enjoying the community and admiring their beautiful creations, I was like a child in a sweet shop, I wanted to make all the things .In the end, I really couldn’t decide what I wanted to make !

When Outlaw October rolled around, it was also around the time , a new limited edition of polwarth/ silk yarn line called NYX Prohibition was released. The colours and the silky sheen of the yarn were too hard to pass up .

So off to Ravelry I went to search for a project that would use as many colours as possible ; which then ended up in me zeroing on the Second Avenue Shawl. I have had this pattern on my queue for a while now but never got around to casting it on.

The Outlaw October Knit along and the irresistible beauty of the NYX Prohibition yarn ,ended up being the creative fuel I needed to cast on this shawl .

This shawl is a really nice, simple pattern with just enough elements ,to keep me interested -with slight pattern changes and colour changes -in the pattern until cast off . So I enjoyed knitting on it and was really pleased with the end product.

Project Details :

Pattern : 2nd Avenue pattern by Amy Miller

Yarn : Outlaw NYX Prohibition

Needles: 4.0 mm ChiaoGoo Needles

Project Notes :

  • I cast on 156 stitches
  • I used 5 colours , Corpse Reviver, Apple Jack,Highball ,Hanky Panky and Whisky Sour
  • I used one ball and a little more of the second ball of yarn of all the colours.
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Sunday Shawl

This week I finished my Sunday Shawl. I usually stay away from making the same project twice. This shawl is too pretty not to make .Unlike the first time I made this shawl, this time I made it in DK yarn , again from Outlaw Yarn , this time in Bandit Yarn. As expected, it worked up to be another quick project.

The pattern has been updated since I made it last time .It was not a difficult pattern to follow in the first place but with the updated pattern , it was a breeze.

It felt really good to get back into crochet again.

Project Details :

Pattern : Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland

Hook : 5 mm

Yarn : Outlaw yarn Bandit

(I used 5 skeins of the colour Curiosity for the main colour and one skein each of Daring, Frolic,Rouge, Kan-ten, Adventure and Scallywag for the accent colours)

My work mate Ethan and I chose the colours for this shawl as it is going to be a shop sample at Outlaw HQ . It was sweet serendipity that the colours I got custom dyed for my previous Sunday Shawl accent colours were all almost of the same colour palette.

Whats more, my usually very disinterested teen actually thought he could pinch it from me for himself and was sorely disappointed that it was a for a store sample.

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Boneyard Shawl

This shawl started as a knit along with my friend. We both decided to use Rosewood Wool , mine is 12 ply while hers is 8 ply I think.

Soon after , she started working at a school and I left for India, our knit along kind of took the back seat.

Coming back from India dealing with all the change in weather and home sickness, I started knitting on it  with  Amber sitting on my feet for company acting as a little smooshy cushion  , listening to podcasts , munching on Nagercoil banana chips….

(  I mention Nagercoil chips in particular because ,there is a huge difference between Lakshmi Vilas Nagercoil Banana chips and Banana chips available in other parts of the country. Nothing comes close to it and it is one of the those comforting taste of home food)

Also because knitting on this shawl was more like eating chips, cannot stop with one.`And before I knew it I had finished  two  of the three skeins I had, along with my stash of chips I brought back with me from India..

Then I had a chance to go to an afternoon to Handy Dandy craft group at the library and in the almost two and a half hours I was there, I had reached the end of the third ball and only the border was left to be done.

Back home, little more knitting and   just like that this shawl was done. Much like the  packet of banana chips that finished before realisation came about! (So regretted not getting more of this taste of home , and now that I write about it, I’m craving for some ) 

Project Details:

Pattern : Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West

Needles : 4.5 mm Chiagoo Fixed Circulars

Yarn : Rosewood wool Romney Aran in Shepherd’s Delight Colourway.

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Shawl of slow progress

You might have seen this yarn on my Instagram feed , if you follow me there. It’s hand spun fingering and that is why progress is slow.


spinning and hand spun yarn have fascinated me a lot lately.

The story how I got this yarn is interesting.

I was at Tannery one Saturday hoping to get my hands on some hand spun yarn when I saw this yarn hanging on the rack . I wanted to get it, but before that ,I decided to take a walk around the store as there were some beautiful handmade creations too.

As my back was turned, another lady walked in and reached out for this yarn! I was hoping she would put it down , she didn’t . So I decided to look at other yarns .Nothing spoke out to me as this one did.

 Just as I decided to leave ,this lady put it down and asked the lady at the till if she could help her pick out larger quantity of yarn .

I gathered up the courage to ask her if she wanted this yarn she’d put down.She replied in the negative and said I could have it if I wanted.

When I wasn’t sure about getting something she ‘d wanted .she insisted I have it and said she’d changed her mind!

So the yarn came home with me.

It’s 50% halfbred and 50%silk. It has beautiful shades of lavender, teal, yellow, pink and greyish blue.

This is also the first time I’m working with

fingering weight yarn. The fabric is light. The pattern is the Atwood shawl and I’m excited it’s nearing Finish.

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Atwood Shawl

The Atwood Shawl is now finished. I mentioned this Knit Along in the passing before  but did not give anymore details.

Nicole of Hue Loco  hosted  the Knit Along for the Atwood Shawl she designed and I jumped right in. One of those delightful patterns even a beginner like me can make without much hair tearing.

I only noticed that I made a big mistake of skipping the garter rows in-between the eyelet rows, but you will not know unless I mention it and also the beautiful yarn kind of makes up for it don’t you think? I used the rest of the yarn to crochet a picot edge.

I learnt to slip the beginning knit stitch purl wise without knitting it at the start of the row , when I made the baby blanket. I used the same method to create a neat edge for this shawl too. I made the smaller size.

Projects Details:

 Yarn : 8ply  Northern Lights by Meraki Studio NZ.

Needles: 4.5 mm Chia goo Lace knitting circular needles

Pattern :Atwood Shawl

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WIP: Japanese Flower Motif Shawl

Remember how the Japanese Flower Motif  shawl was a rage in the Crochet world at one time?! I made one as well ?

So, when this nice lady  in church, who crochets as well, (I know coz she gifted a lovely crocheted baby blanket , that she’d made, for a lady’s baby shower)  turned Eighty, I decided to give it to her.  Sure enough , it was very well received.


Back when I first made it,I made it looking at pictures without a pattern.I made notes of what I did  in a little notebook with little diagrams that  I could understand in case I wanted to make one again. Very unlike me, but the funny thing is that  this little notebook arrived in one of the boxes that arrived by sea. As soon as I saw  what I’d noted down,  I wanted to give the pattern a go again to see if I could make it again.Surprisingly it all came back to me and here I am,making another flower motif shawl.

I’m using 3.25 mm D hook and King Cole Riot DK in 404 (66368) this time  

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Sezession I

I got four skeins of this gorgeous shade of Riot Chunky and was planning to originally make the Survival stole with it.I wanted to get a couple more just in case I run out  while working on it. Turns out everyone was smitten by this one shade of  colour and by the time I went in to get more , every single skein except one was sold out .Even that one skein was already kept aside for some one else.The SA and I had an interesting conversation over the phone.She thought I was the one who had asked her to  save that one skein of yarn and told me to hurry or she’d have to  give to the next person who wanted it. I was quite confused by what she told me, but I went anyway.She took one look at me and realized she had asked the wrong person to come.Long story short, I got the other shade I am now using for the Survival Stole  and came back.

I was just itching to work with this yarn .Since I did not have any granny style shawl, I decided to work on one with this yarn.

shawl 011shawl 012

Project Details

Pattern :Sezession I

Hook:6.5 mm (K)

Yarn: 4 skeins King Cole Riot Chunky 658 Dye lot 67212

Tid Bits :

Took me all of two days to get it done.

This patterns reminds me so much of the Groovy Crochet Shawl I made for my sister in law a long time back. Back then ,I made it with Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair

I added a shell border for the last row.

My parents are coming over for a visit.Dh and I had to run to the Friday Market to get a few things , so I wore this shawl for the first time.It felt so soft and kept me warm in the cold , rainy weather and cheered me up on this  rather grey, gloomy day .

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Flower Motif Shawl

The flower motif shawl is done, blocked and here for the show and tell!

This project went pretty fast  and was quite easy.I do not have the book with me yet, and I figured out the pattern looking at the pictures.Its not a hard one .I think Lucy of Attic 24 started a frenzy with her beautiful use of colours for this shawl.There has been deluge of this shawl all over the web as a result


For joining the motifs I referred to my Japanese books. Although I ‘d wanted to try joining motifs as shown in these books, I ‘d never tried it. I was blown away by how easy and quick it was ,as opposed to my regular way of joining motifs.It was exciting to learn a new way of joining motifs.

I was working from one corner to the other of the shawl.Half way through the joining of the motifs I realized that I had joined them from the other end of it, which was actually the beginning of the shawl! It still came out right . I did not have to  undo more than a couple of motifs


Project Details:

Hook : 3.75 F

Yarn  : King Cole Riot  Shade 407 Dye 65628 (30% wool/70% Acrylic) 3 Skeins.


The main reason for this project was the yarn. I am in love.Sure as I thought , it looks great for this pattern. Don’t you agree? This is the first time I have used this sort of self striping kind of  yarn .The last picture is the almost true colour.

I used exactly three skeins  for the 46 motifs I did.I still have three more left and I’m super excited already thinking of projects for them