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Antler Hat

Every single winter since I came to New Zealand, I’ve wanted to get a cabled hat. A cream one. Now I’m not big on wearing hats but that’s another story. Anyways, every time I see a cream cabled hat in Kmart, I’d come with some excuse not to get it .The underlining  fact behind all those excuses is one and only reason .And that is ,like every maker, I always think I can totally make that  .

Only, I never get around to making it because I’m distracted by something or the other . Another reason I’ve realised over time is that when something intimidates me, I keep putting it off until I work up enough courage to tackle it. Thats what happened to the cabled hat as well.

Then in one of the video podcasts I watch, I saw a baby cabled hat and heard of the Antler hat pattern from Tin can Knits.Since this site is widely spoken of as a beginner friendly pattern site, I decided to give the baby Antler hat a go, the smaller size seemed less intimidating. The sizes run from baby to adult size.


A few false starts later, it was smooth sailing. I still made a few mistakes because I was too tired   and sleepy to count properly or distracted.

I used one whole skein of Heritage Polwarth   and 5 mm Chiagoo needles.

Project Details :

Yarn : Heritage Polwarth 8 ply  shade : 404 Karr Pink  Batch 103932-33

Needles : 4mm and 5mm Chiagoo needles

Pattern : Antler Hat by Alexa Ludeman

Tid Bit : “Now I’d actually pay you to make me something like that ”  Those words coming from an usually disinterested teen is high praise  I think and says a lot about the pattern ūüôā

DSC_0349This hyacinth plant is special because  it reminds me of a friend who came by to spend half a day with me. When she came to visit me, she brought this lovely hyacinth plant for me. I never knew hyacinths had such  sweet scent before then.We shared a meal, learned a little bit about each other, exchanged recipes and bid good bye.

When the flowers withered, I planted  the bulbs and did not remember  about them until I saw the flowers.

They remind me of  a lovely time and also that spring is slowly making her entrance .Can’t wait to see the earth bloom and come alive with flowers of different colours.

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Baby gifts

Baby showers are a great excuse to make baby gifts. I love making gifts for babies not only because of how adorable they look but it also makes me marvel at the miracle of life itself, in the words of the Psalmist, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.Those verses in Psalm 139 : 14-16, they get me every single time.

I have been plotting and planning to make gifts for a special friend in church, who is having a baby very soonbaby quilt

This was not the original quilt I had planned for her. Like I have done several times before,I changed my mind after I finished making  quilt top with the fabrics I had got before and decided to make her another one

For this simple baby quilt,I used  the dreamy , whimsical woodland themed Hushabye hollow (by Lydia Nelson for Moda) charm pack that I had in my stash plus some extra yardage to make this quilt so that the baby can use it upto toddler stage. I backed it with the softest minky in a soothing  fawn colour. I also added my Hold&Cherish label to it.

Then I also made her a stroller knit blanket with 100% New Zealand Organic Merino.This yarn is no longer available so I’m really happy I had enough to make this blanket. I misplaced the care labels I had printed earlier somewhere and so couldn’t attach it to the blanket. knit baby blankie

The pattern for this blanket was part of a test pattern I did back in June here. You can read how I got to be test knitter in the first place here. Makes me smile every time!

I used my 4.5 mm ChiaoGoo fixed knitting needles for it and they are a dream to knit with.I’ve used a few circular knitting needles now to know that ChiaoGoo fixed circulars are my favourite . I plan to get them in a few sizes and lengths.

My friend is on FB and Instagram .I didn’t want to ruin the surprise ¬†for her so I did not post it anywhere else online, except here because the maker in me couldn’t contain the excitement of having the gifts ready to give ¬†to the precious baby. Fingers crossed¬†these gifts will be received well ¬†by my friend and be used till they fall apart.

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WIP: End of the year catch up

Schools have closed for the the year .The summer sun , the wildflowers , the roses ,hydrangeas and the lavender blooming  in my garden are keeping  me  very happy.

I’m sewing a lot more than I used to do.Finally I feel like I have a desire to sew and that came about with learning to sew this drawstring bag.

The unlimited possibilities that this pattern offers is its allure I believe.I made one more for Lil B’s Teacher to put her year end gift in.

I have now claimed my dinning table as my sewing set up with my machine, cutting mat and ironing all in one place.I can just sit and sew whenever I feel like it .

I’m also doing a modern mash up quilt- along.

I like Quilt -alongs/sew alongs because they often break down the big tasks into little do-able bits . Not just that, it is a great opportunity to learn from other people, being able to see the different versions of a block, in the comfort of my home.

These are the blocks I’ve made so far.

I’ve learnt to draw colours from an inspiration picture and work on it. Its hard but I’m trying .Choosing fabric has been the hardest part for me so far.

Knitting and crochet ¬†have definitely taken a back seat. That does not mean I’m not doing them at all.

I’m testing the waters at the moment and trying to find out what sock knitting is all about. I want to know if it is for me, if yes, I want to see if I like cuff -down or toe up better. I want to give it a go once and see what the hype is about, ¬†That ,and sock yarn is so pretty .

I asked for help on a FB group  and they directed me to this sock along.

Using DPNs seemed like a good idea at the time I started ,but now I wondering if I should have started with  circulars and magic loop.

I’m hopeful using DPNs will get easier once I get the hang of it. Not only that, it feels so cool knitting with five 2.5 mm toothpicks¬†needles ūüôā

There may have been a bout of startitis and I didn’t know ?.Podcasts and pretty sock yarn are to blame. I ¬†started ¬†the weekender blanket using some minis I had got at Unwind last year ,

¬†then I discovered ¬†hedgehog fibres sock minis and I can feel a ‘mini’ obsession coming up to take hold of me.

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Shawl of slow progress

You might have seen this yarn on my Instagram feed , if you follow me there. It’s hand spun fingering and that is why progress is slow.


spinning and hand spun yarn have fascinated me a lot lately.

The story how I got this yarn is interesting.

I was at Tannery one Saturday hoping to get my hands on some hand spun yarn when I saw this yarn hanging on the rack . I wanted to get it, but before that ,I decided to take a walk around the store as there were some beautiful handmade creations too.

As my back was turned, another lady walked in and reached out for this yarn! I was hoping she would put it down , she didn’t . So I decided to look at other yarns .Nothing spoke out to me as this one did.

 Just as I decided to leave ,this lady put it down and asked the lady at the till if she could help her pick out larger quantity of yarn .

I gathered up the courage to ask her if she wanted this yarn she’d put down.She replied in the negative and said I could have it if I wanted.

When I wasn’t sure about getting something she ‘d wanted .she insisted I have it and said she’d changed her mind!

So the yarn came home with me.

It’s 50% halfbred and 50%silk. It has beautiful shades of lavender, teal, yellow, pink and greyish blue.

This is also the first time I’m working with

fingering weight yarn. The fabric is light. The pattern is the Atwood shawl and I’m excited it’s nearing Finish.

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Unwind Retreat 2016 and Queen Bee

Hi everyone

March seems to be marching away at ¬†great speed. Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Unwind Retreat 2016 which in my head I renamed as my ¬†Yarn Tasting Retreat ūüėĄ

I was more interested in checking out the different yarn available there than anything else!

This was my first time ever at a fiber retreat. I didnot know any one there and was most of the time contemplating reasons to not go.Because I was SO nervous. 

 At the Registration I was  greeted by a sweet lady which kind of put me at ease. Everyone who went there got a nice bag with goodies and lollies from the vendors there. 

The vendors were all wonderful and I got a chance to meet a few of the yarn dyers whose work I have admired online.

I was just overwhelmed looking into the trade hall. So many colours and so much yarn.

I was not sure if photography was allowed inside as I didnot see any boards that said no photographs.Nervous as I was , when I whipped out my phone to get a pic of all the yarny glory spread out in the room, ¬†i saw a lady on the sofa give me hard looks that I quickly put it back in ūüėä as fast as I pulled it out. I should have asked at the registration place. Hind sight being 20/20 and all that. Well I’ll live and learn ūüėĄ

However, I did come back with a big haul. I had saved all my pennies just for this event ,right from the time J got me the tickets as a birthday and wedding anniversary gift.

I got yarn from Spinning a Yarn, Holly Berry Designs, Feather Brush Yarn , Dark Harbour Yarn, Vintage Purls, Let Them Knit,Natural Star.

Stitch Markers from Ginger Mint, Notions pouch from ShoeBox Sally,and a knitters Accessory Kit from Yarnz.

The yarn that I was most excited about though was the Queen Bee yarn by Outlaw yarns ,that made its debut here even before it made its appearance in the stores.

Isnt that tiara just beautiful ?! It said “Don’t let anyone dull your Sparkle ” on the cover. That was the complement from Outlaw company . So appropriate!

I saw a lot of ladies at the retreat sporting this tiara

This is a chunky 100% NZ wool yarn. Soft and squishy with a lovely spring to to it.

I quickly cast on a seed stitch cowl with 12 mm knit pro symphonie circulars. It would be great for quick projects. Easy on the hands and a generous 200gm/ 67 m ,It took me one and a half skeins and one day to make a luscious  squishy double wrap chunky cowl..

There were colours like a nice leaf green, cream and Ice blue grey on display at the booth. 

This time I was going for neutrals and so got a   Charcoal grey called Define

After I finished the cowl, ¬†I wanted a more snug fit and so I frogged it twice to get the numbers right. The yarn has surprisingly held its shape.It felt so cosy wearing it around the neck ¬†. No scratchiness at all! That made me fall in love! ¬†It’s my favourite now and I want more! I’m particularly eyeing the cream and Ice blue.

Until later, take care


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WIP: too many to count

First, on my needles is The Missoni Inspired Cowl, in lovely jewel tones.I was not very happy with that cream shade .

It seemed a little out of place.

So I restarted the same shades with a darker colour.

I think the darker shade looks better. Do you?

The yarn I’m using is Ashford 8ply Tekapo in 100% NewZealand wool. With my Chiagoo 4.5 mm circular needles. Have I told you all how much I love these needles. It’s my favourite these days.

This project is an easy one and the colour changes keep it interesting.

I’m trying to be all organised and wrote out the details in my craft book complete with yarn colours and all ! I borrowed the idea from Erin of Holland Handmade podcast

I’m proud of myself for starting to be more organised, people. ūüėĄ

Next is the Botanical Cowl by Megan Goodacre

The yarn I’m using for it is Malabrigo Arroyo in the Lotus colour way. I just love the teal and magenta, pink n bits of light blue . The yarn is so soft.

Then I have the 3colour cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli

I’ve frogged it and started over thrice already because obviously I can’t count properly .

Half way through the first time, I noticed that as it grew, it was also getting narrower . I couldn’t figure out how I decreased without noticing but it happened and I had to frog it !

So now I have all the markers on it to keep track . It’s helping but I haven’t made much progress.

I’m using the Rosewood Wool Romney 8ply in these three colours you see in the picture.Rosewood Wool is hand dyed using natural materials in Waikato NewZealand.

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Atwood Shawl

The Atwood Shawl is now finished. I mentioned this Knit Along in the passing before  but did not give anymore details.

Nicole of Hue Loco  hosted  the Knit Along for the Atwood Shawl she designed and I jumped right in. One of those delightful patterns even a beginner like me can make without much hair tearing.

I only noticed that I made a big mistake of skipping the garter rows in-between the eyelet rows, but you will not know unless I mention it and also the beautiful yarn kind of makes up for it don’t you think? I used the rest of the yarn to crochet a picot edge.

I learnt to slip the beginning knit stitch purl wise without knitting it at the start of the row , when I made the baby blanket. I used the same method to create a neat edge for this shawl too. I made the smaller size.

Projects Details:

 Yarn : 8ply  Northern Lights by Meraki Studio NZ.

Needles: 4.5 mm Chia goo Lace knitting circular needles

Pattern :Atwood Shawl

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Colour Story Baby Blanket

Finished my  first project for 2016

I have been keen to use NZ yarns for my handmade since discovering the wide range of NZ yarns available. I’m all for supporting Local .

The  Colour Story Baby Blanket came as a kit from The Woven Store , which consisted of the Smooth Twist Merino yarn in seven different colours , 4.5 mm Knit Pro Symphony interchangeable needles, a 60 mm cable and the pattern.

It was a very easy and enjoyable knit.With just Gartar rows , it fitted in nicely with all the  T.V watching  sessions and got done in no time at all! The colour changes kept it interesting through out.

This was my first time working with interchangeable needles .I’ve always been nervous working with them as I feared the screws would come undone as I’m working on ¬†my project.No such thing happened, during the making of this blanket. The screws did loosen up a little , which is my fault for not knowing how to put them in properly in the first place and the yarn snagged on the joins once in a while.Other than that, I did not have any big trouble working with them . I positively have gotten over my fear of the said needles but I do prefer working with fixed circulars .

The Smooth Twist Merino is so nice ,springy and soft with a beautiful stitch definition.

Did you notice the change in the header? What do you think? That is the logo I use for my shop. I wanted a uniform logo . Big B helped me change the image I drew into a png image , but I still do not know how to alter it using photoshop. It is a work in progress.

Speaking of Work in Progress, my Northern Lights yarn is working up beautifully

on my Chiaogoo  needles for the Atwood Shawl KAL.

The Chiaogoo  Lace  Circular needles may have replaced the Addi Circulars as my new favourite needles to work with.

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Crafty Catch Up

I’ve been knitting mostly stuff I can use for the winter. But, I’m a slow knitter and I’d probably get to use my on -the -needle -projects next winter!

Its so cold here, btw, Like freezing cold!

I’m SO jealous of the people enjoying the summer in the Northern Hemisphere even though we had our share of lovely summer here. If only I could go into hibernation and come back when summer comes again ….¬†

Now on to my Finished Projects…

This is a simple cowl I knitted  without any pattern using King Cole Riot

Chunky yarn left over from my Survival Stole


Then I finished my Favourite Scarf Ever¬†. ¬†(Ravelrylink)I had in my stash single skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino with me and decided to use them for this Chevron scarf that I’ve wanted to make forever. I used the modified version of the scarf¬†(ravelry link)

Like with all my knit projects, I had to frog and redo several times before I could get the pattern right.

Once I got a hang of the pattern , it was smooth sailing and very enjoyable project.

Then  I ran out of yarn! So I stitched up both the wide ends in a whip stitch and turned it into a cowl.

Being able to knit these simple projects keeps me from feeling upset about not being able to crochet.

Another reason why there are not many crafty posts here is that, I have given in to the immediate gratification of Instagram and post  my pictures of my works -in -progress and the very few finished projects there.