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Spring Sewing

Come spring in Christchurch, specially in Hagley Park , Daffodils ,Hyacinths , Cherry Blossoms, Kowhai,  Magnolias, against the bright clear blue sky , together with   brand new green leaves on  the trees,  put on a spectacular show for all to enjoy.DSC_0393DSC_0425.JPGDSC_0428The flowers, sunshine and the bird songs does something to the mind and automatically uplifts the spirits.

I was in the mood for tidying up my messy craft corner.As I was cleaning, I realised that I had  posted about this very special  bag only on Instagram.This space being place to record all the things I make, I decided this bag had to be on the blog. DSC_0123First of all,it was the fabric name ‘Makers’ by Cori Danitini  that caught my attention and then of course, the print  was too hard to pass by.DSC_0128I decided to make a reversible bag using a picture I saw on Pinterest, as reference. Since I used the entire panel for the pattern, I only used the panel size as the size of the bag and kind of made up as I went along. I also used the panel for lining so that it would be truly reversible.DSC_0131I also referred to Ayumi’s Reversible patchwork bag pattern for attaching the drawstring casing.

The beads I got in India, came in handy for adding finishing touches to the cord.

The sweet print and pattern came together so well and quickly became a personal favourite finish.

The flowers , birds and the general magic of witnessing the earth come alive in a myriad of colours, cast a spell on me and I had to do something to celebrate the promise of warmer days in the air.

I tried the same pattern I made for the previous bag but this time with fusible interfacing. It did not turn out exactly as I envisioned it. Will keep trying though.

The bag and the tulips that grew in spite  my negligence  of my garden ,had to be documented and hence they are here.DSC_0346

The Putitputi pouch collection  was inspired by the desire to bring all the delightful elements of spring into the craft space.

Putiputi by the way, means flowers in the Maori language  These pouches were well received and I was thrilled with the positive feedback I got on them too.

Of the two people who bought from this collection, one of them has received her package and was extremely happy while the other unexpectedly  has not yet received hers thanks to NZ post. Fingers crossed it will reach her soon. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say  about her bag.

Untitled design-5

The other couple of projects I made were commissioned by a lovely lady from church. She wanted two baby blankets  in blue for friends who were both expecting baby boys. Her other brief was  something that will not be available in the regular baby sections of stores.

I decided to go with my ever favourite woodland theme for both.

For the first quilt I went with a simple squares and it measures 30″ x 35 ”

Untitled design-6.jpg

For this quilt, I used the Fast Four -Patch Pattern from Diary of a Quilter

Untitled design-3

In my hurry  to pack and give it to her, I forgot to take pictures of the backing. Both the quilts are backed with dimpled minky fabric.

It completely made my day to  see the happy smiles on her face and hear her say that it was hard for her to choose which one to give her favourite friend .

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Colour Story Baby Blanket

Finished my  first project for 2016

I have been keen to use NZ yarns for my handmade since discovering the wide range of NZ yarns available. I’m all for supporting Local .

The  Colour Story Baby Blanket came as a kit from The Woven Store , which consisted of the Smooth Twist Merino yarn in seven different colours , 4.5 mm Knit Pro Symphony interchangeable needles, a 60 mm cable and the pattern.

It was a very easy and enjoyable knit.With just Gartar rows , it fitted in nicely with all the  T.V watching  sessions and got done in no time at all! The colour changes kept it interesting through out.

This was my first time working with interchangeable needles .I’ve always been nervous working with them as I feared the screws would come undone as I’m working on  my project.No such thing happened, during the making of this blanket. The screws did loosen up a little , which is my fault for not knowing how to put them in properly in the first place and the yarn snagged on the joins once in a while.Other than that, I did not have any big trouble working with them . I positively have gotten over my fear of the said needles but I do prefer working with fixed circulars .

The Smooth Twist Merino is so nice ,springy and soft with a beautiful stitch definition.

Did you notice the change in the header? What do you think? That is the logo I use for my shop. I wanted a uniform logo . Big B helped me change the image I drew into a png image , but I still do not know how to alter it using photoshop. It is a work in progress.

Speaking of Work in Progress, my Northern Lights yarn is working up beautifully

on my Chiaogoo  needles for the Atwood Shawl KAL.

The Chiaogoo  Lace  Circular needles may have replaced the Addi Circulars as my new favourite needles to work with.

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Round Ripple Blanket

After I finished knitting the As sweet as honey Blanket, I wanted to make another blanket  for the little one . You see, I was feeling a tad guilty about not making a blanket specially for him. 

I had been eyeing this pattern for quite a long time, I tried once and failed mostly because I wasn’t paying attention .Then lost interest and gave up on it.

 This time around,there were no hiccups.I loved how quickly  it worked up and really enjoyed working on it. 

Round ripple 2

The natural coloured yarn was gift from my aunt .she gave me two skeins of the Bernat Soft Boucle in Natural and the maroon,  also Bernat Soft Boucle ,was a ROAK(random act of kindness) from Shelle

Project Details: 

Hook :  6.0 mm  (J)

Yarn:Bernat Soft Boucle ( Natural and Maroon)

Pattern: Round Ripple 

Tid Bits: I added a Reverse Crochet edging  so that the edges would be sharp. 

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As Sweet As Honey

Done and out jpg

The  brother and Sil announced that their baby no 2 is also going to be a boy. After having three boys in the family, we were waiting with baited breath for them to announce ,they were going to have a baby girl. Surely there needed to be a balance in this  high energy all boy household.

When they did announce that they were having a boy, all that the Silly aunt could think of was, what was she going to do with the lilac blanket that she was almost done knitting , anticipating a little girl.

As sweetas honey baby blanket jpg

The Brother and Sil, being the good sports that they are, happily asked her to send it anyway! “We’ll get away with it as long as we can, the baby was not going to know what color blanket he was wrapped in” they joked.But have promised to point in her direction ,should he decide to sue them for therapy.

True to style, the grandparents can’t really understand the fuss about the colors.

In all honesty, small town that I am , did not know of the gender colors until I had Lil B and happily dressed Big B in colors that I liked. My brother and I wore all the colors of the rainbow too, when we were younger.Then the brother moved to the US of A, and started wearing grey and such boring colors 


Anyways, the boys are super excited, there is going to be one more boy in the family.They high- fived and declared, they have one more hand to gang up against me! Ha! Really?!! Why?!!

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Wip: as sweet as honey baby blanket

The blanket has grown a little.

I’m now considering adding White ,for a lavender and white stripey kind of blanket. I have not yet added the white because, I got a little distracted and tried a heart pattern from the Japanese book called 100 Bag Motifs.

This yarn is Craft Linen I got from Daiso long back. I really like how nice it feels, with just the right amount of drape and softness. I doubt it will be good for wear but yes ,for household items, it’s really good.Pity I do not have more colours. 

On the other hand, the Debbie Bliss yarn I’m using for the rest of the heart garland( I’m planning to make a heart garland) is a dream to work with. 

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Baby Set

The much awaited new addition to the Clan, has finally made  his grand entrance, three days after his due date, just a day earlier to his grand aunt’s birthday. He is the cutest, with a tuft of thick dark hair on his perfect round head and perfect little features. My hands are just longing to hold the little munchkin and give him a squeeze.

I am not sure when I will be able to do that , but  these are the things that will be making their way to him in a few days  across the Ocean. DSCN2567

I’ve learnt to stick to familiar patterns when making gifts .The pebbles manly vest and the baby hat with ear flaps_ I have made both  before.I wanted to add a pair of bootees too, but I wasn’t able toDSCN2568

I found that little Scottie iron on patch at Daiso and  thought it’d look cute on the sweater.True enough it does, doesn’t it?. I think the mom will love it as she is a dog lover.


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Deneen’s Baby Blanket

It started as just a trying out an edging, session .I got carried away with it and crocheted way into the night till I was done  .


The Close Up


Project Details :

Pattern : Deneen’s Bubble Baby Blanket

Yarn :   For the Body _4 Skeins of King Cole Baby in Colour 059 Dye 62142

For the edging _0.5 Schachenmayr nomotto Bravo in Colour 8281 dye 81387

Hook : I /5.5mm Boye

Tid Bits :

I’ve made this pattern before.I didnot realise  that until I happened to check out my project page in Ravelry.Today when I was searching to link the pattern, my own previous post came up in the search! And guess what! I first tried the Tiramisu Blanket, this time as well and then switched to this one as it wasn’t quick enough!

Its the same yarn too!

This time around, I did not crochet with two strands of yarn Iike I did before.I made 110 foundation chains.

Good thing I decided to do a different colour edging this time around. :))

For the edging :

This is what I did.

Row 1 :Sc all around, make 3 SCs in the corners.

Row 2 : Sc, 3 Ch, Sc in the same stitch, skip 2 Sc, then repeat Sc, 3Ch, Sc . Repeat all around.

This pattern has become my run to pattern for a quick gift  .You can see how fast this worked up since I posted when I started as well.

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WIPS : Baby Blanket,Table Runner

I have now started this baby blanket_ Deneen’s Bubble Blanket.

It is working up fast  even though I am using a single yarn of King Cole Baby 059/62142. I love how soft and light it is right now.  I only hope the yarn I have is enough to make a decent size


There ‘s a KAL for February Lady Sweater at SAARC Ravelry and I’ve joined in it too.DSCN1488

I’ve since frogged it after I  noticed the holes I ‘d made at the M1 . I ‘m going to cast on again

While we are on the topic of knitting let me just show you this adorable  little charm I got for my cell phone.


The runner is coming along nicely


I like  the smaller print than the bigger print  shown in the  book .Its amazing how fast sewing goes