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Kia Kaha = Stay Strong

This is an embroidery design I designed sometime back . I had been holding it so close to my heart.

Working on embroidery projects always takes me back to times when I eagerly looked forward to the summer holiday project , my mom helped me do. She helped me pick out a pattern from Soviet Woman magazine, helped me choose colours and also taught me the stitches.

I regret not pursuing my interests more seriously. Still, Its never too late to make a fresh start.


I’m thrilled it was accepted to be sold in the Pay it Foward Co Op. I was on tether hooks until it got approved by the curators. Rejection is not a easy thing to handle even after all these years. I even considered not placing it for curation, and I’m relieved I didn’t listen to the little negative voice in my head

Kia Kaha means stay strong in Moari

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Hoop Art

Hoop Art that I finished in a workshop quite a while ago. It needed to be finished and I finally finished in time for Valentine’s Day.

The hearts are cut out of felt. I learnt a few new things at this workshop, the correct way to do the long and short stitch , work with felt. It’s one thing to figure out by yourself and another thing to have some handholding and company while figuring out. I’ll take the latter  over the former any day!

The most valuable lesson for me was learning how to finish the hoop properly and neatly at the back.

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Easter Happenings

I  finished my Easter Egg stitchery, like I was hoping to.

EasterEgg 3

 I found the link to the stitchery by chance on Facebook .

Easter Egg 4

Being a complete green horn , I was so excited to learn  a few new stitches with this stitchery and definetly  fell in love with the double herringbone stitch!

There is a  neat tutorial here

I also added some bling with the stones and fabric glue that I had at hand.

Easter Egg 01

I wanted to finish it into a mini quilt,mini quilts have caught my fancy lately, but I have not set my rotary cutting mat and machine ready to sew. One of these days, I will get down to it.Until then it will have to stay on the hoop.

Easter Egg 2

The boys took part in their Annual School Day celebrations and had to practice really hard for it.

The Event was on Easter Sunday . My parents and I attended the early morning Church service, at 4 a.m. , had to prepare breakfast  and lunch quickly and had to take them to school for their final practice.

At the school event,Big B gave the welcome address.

Big b welcome address 

and also took part in the School play The Bishop’s Candlesticks

Bishops candlesticks

Lil B gave the Vote of Thanks

Lil b vote of thanks

It was the first public speaking event for  both Big B and Lil 

B. They both did really well.

 Not just a biased mom’s opinion, a lot of other people in the audience said the same too.

Lil B told me, he felt like his heart would jump out of his chest at any minute, it was beating so fast , as he stood there in front of all those people. I’m sure Big B felt the same way too , but just wasn’t as eloquent as Lil B.

The kids and teachers had put in so much effort and the program was very colorful  and lively.

 Annual day collage

The next day was a school holiday and we went to attend the housewarming function of my cousin’s home.Which was so lovely too! 

Meeting up with my cousins, laughing over our shared childhood memories and watching our children play and make memories now, are some of the things that really  make my heart  happy. We were so busy catching up , I forgot to take pictures :facepalm.

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Let Love Surround You.


Is it just me or did this weekend go by too fast? 

My friends and I had planned to meet up on Sunday but the meet up did not happen as planned. So ,I went with my boys and parents to visit my aunt who is recovering from a knee surgery. She is recovering very well .It was so nice to see her and the rest of the family there.

On Friday,I went to a local saloon and chopped my shoulder length hair by a couple of inches .I can now wear my hair up in a little pony tail. Its light on my head and keeps my neck from getting sweaty. It has been really really hot.But you know what, none of my family , liked it.

Lil B  had just come  back from school as I was arriving home. And he asked “mumma did you cut your hair? show me” When I replied  in the affirmative  and showed him after taking off the hair tie, he got all  Rrumpelstiltskin on me.

Big B was like “oh mumma why did you cut your hair!… and continued on in a more sober “oh well ,it’ll grow, its your hair after all”….

My dad took on a stoic silence while my mum yelled my name and then fell silent.

J in his usual style said” its nice, but I liked the long hair.” I ,on the other hand, was quite bemused and  did not know how to react to the dramatic reactions of my sometimes very dramatic family. What’s with my family and long hair,?  or is this an universal thing? 

 I’m surrounded by love , I know! and I ain’t  complaining. 🙂

)Val stitch 02 

This is the other stitchery I was working on..I did not add anything to the pattern and I think its a free pattern . I found it on Pinterest. I’m so pleased I get to   strike off one more project from  my to do list .Yay!

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“Whatever our souls are made of …..his and mine are the same”…..Emily Bronte

Val stitch 01

I decided at the beginning of the year to make at least one decorative thing for our home for each festival. I’ve made loads of things to decorate my home for Christmas, but not for any other festival.

In our home,  while there are a lot of little unexpected  “just because i thought of you, I love you “ things done on  mundane days  , the actual day celebrating Love , passes by without  much of a hoopa la ..  I thought it would be nice to add little touches here and there around the home during the month of February to celebrate  our wedding anniversary and Valentines Day in our future home.

Have  you seen the Movie, The Notebook? I cried buckets when I heard the audiobook the first time…. ages back….the kind of love that  stays ….way into their old age , when all physical beauty is gone, really touched my heart. More because I know a few couples like that in real life and always wish for the same in my life too.

Then I saw the movie… it wasn’t very much like the book,  but still melted my heart to mush ….One of the lines that I really liked in the movie is “if you are a bird, I’m a bird ”

J and I are poles apart in our interests…. … but in core we are the same.With that in mind, I decided to include that quote, in this stitchery I found on Pinterest.


I included the quote  in  the original pattern with an app that allowed use of text and then copied it straight from the iPad . That wasn’t easy as I thought.  Then I added a little crown to the birdie on the right while I was tracing it out on the cloth.

Yes, the writing could have been better, the stitching could have been better , still I kind of like how it turned out . I’ve not yet decided if I want to finish it into a pillow or into a hoop art. I did get some  black paint in hopes of painting the frame black.

Now I’m  also working on another stitchery .. I ran out of the multicolored red thread I got from DMC .( I don’t know the number) So i’m using Anchor color 47 for the rest of the work.

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Easter Eggs

I took Easter Eggs to give at the Church after the Easter service. I simply dyed them using food colour and stuck some stickers on them. I really wanted to try natural dyeing but except for turmeric,nothing else came out as dark as I wanted them to. amma appa 2 087

M is smitten with giraffes lately ,so my mom made him this little pillowcase.The pattern is from Urban threads.She just drew the pattern by free hand.Her efforts were much appreciated by the recipient, who in a moment of overwhelmed gratitude   bestowed  the title of the’ best drawer ‘in the world to her!

.amma appa 2 019.

She also made another felt wall hanging to go with the previous one  she made for me. Another one of her patterns Smile

amma appa 2 111

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Mom’s Work

Its March already .It’s that crazy time of the year_ with the annual exams going on and the children impatient for their holidays to start and me trying to get them into  some sort of  studious mood.

Anyways, I’ve been mostly feeling blah all the time and no inspiration to do anything except admire the stuff my mom churns out  .  One fine day she  asked if I had a  saree blouse that I wasn’t using .I had one, so I gave it to her. She said she had an idea in her mind that she wanted to try out and this is what she did.She would have done up the entire blouse   had she not run out of thread.

 photo (27)

That started her Creative juices to flow and she designed this wall hanging for me on some felt  , with embroidery threads and beads I had lying  around.Paisleys are my absolute favourite motifs.Everytime I look at it , I just can’t help smiling .

liberation day embroidery 035

I just love how this  turned out and hope that one day some of her Creativity will rub off on me as well. M and I had a little owner ship tiff over that one.  I got called ‘selfish” and’ greedy’ for wanting to own everything thathi (grandmom)made .My mom was just rolling her eyes at how childish I could still get .She still thinks I’m in school, having a fight with my brother. Moms!!!

So I  did what I usually do under these circumstances_ brushed aside her order request  to give it to him right then and there  and  simply asked her to make something else for her dear grandson. So she made him this little applique.M has asked her to stitch it on a plain Tee for him so that’s what we will be doing next.

giraffe 001

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Wip : Home Sweet Home

Still working on the Home Sweet Home stitchery.

pict 003

It’s a slow process but I’m immensely enjoying it all come together one by one. Of all the blocks, this S is my absolute favourite.

Any guesses why? well, I’ll not keep you guessing, its because of this adorable  birdhouse!

pict 002

Now that one part of the stitchery is over…

pict 007

I’m thinking of ways to finish them

.pict 006

I want to go scrappy and colourful.These are some of the fabric I have and I plan to use them. I think ,I ‘m finally getting how the colours work in a quilt.