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A season to rest

All the fluffy pink lacy  cherry blossoms on trees  around, had me wistfully waiting for buds on my cherry tree, every single day  ! Finally they are here!

Look ! its blooming.

 I am itching to weed and potter around in the garden , but I need to rest!  I hurt my arm a few weeks back and now although I am getting better,  I am trying not to overdo anything. So I sneak in a bit of crafting , and a bit of computer time between other household work.

 Its very slow, but I’m grateful for what I am able to do.I was this close to going insane not being able to use my hands.

 This is on my needles right now.The pattern I’m knitting is called  One Row  Lace Scarf.

The reason it has not grown much is  because I manage to knit about two rows in a day , which is completely fine right now. I’m so in love with this gorgeous  peacock blue merino/silk blend from Feather Brush Yarns. which I got at  Unwind Dunedin. The colour way is called ‘Tiara’.  Ofcourse I’m using my favourite Chiagoo needles.

I have it  all together in my hold and cherish project bag. I love this bag too. The beautiful saturated hues  from Kaffe Fasset is right up my alley. I just love looking at all the colours together.

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April Showers Scarf/Swap

Other than celebrating my birthday,  this month, I  also looking forward to the Secret Santa Swap .

As for the Secret Santa,now that the  Swap is over, I can show you the scarf I made for her and also the gift I received

I decided to start by choosing my yarn first. Since my swap partner’s favourite colour is purple, I went in search of a nice purple yarn.

 Malabrigo Silky Merino with 50% Merino and 50% silk in Nocturnal  seemed like a good one.

When I checked Robyn Egge yarns website, it said that purchase of two or more skeins came with the pattern for the April Showers Scarf.  That sealed the deal  for me, cutting down on the  the wild goose chase for the perfect pattern as well.

Its the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern, with the slightly variegated colour way giving an interesting character to the flower like design.

 Once the pattern  started making sense,the project was a breeze and the end result ,very satisfying for me.The yarn is divine to work with.So soft and squishy.  I think the recipient liked it.

I  did not know who my secret santa was. But I love the gift I got.IMG_0348IMG_0352 A cowl. You all know how much I love my cowls .

I love colour and the textured pattern. So pretty!

How is the New Year going for you all? For me,the days seem  to be blurring away faster than I would like.

I’m loving that  its summer in January  in this part of the world. Warm and sunny and nice most of the days.

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The Year in Review :2015

With Christmas done and dusted, it’s now time to wave 2015 goodbye. 2015 started out full of promise . I’m so grateful for the wonderful things that happened throughout the year that is now fading away fast.

Straddling between different cultures, it has not been an easy ride but I’m so proud of all of us for hanging on . There were tears and tantrums from all of us at some  point or other . Now they are memories we laugh at together, ‘Remember the time when?’

I’m so thankful to God for placing people in our lives who have helped us knowingly and unknowingly through these trials.

Things that make me very happy and grateful this year :

  • Learning  to drive and getting my NZ licence .It’s not my favourite thing to do, but I can drive! Yay!
  • Learning to navigate the public transport system in Christchurch .I’d never thought about using the public transport until a fellow designer from Pay it Forward who lives close to our neighbourhood introduced me to it.Now Lil B and I have two solo trips under our belt. What makes it so big for me?  I’ve never been on my own, out of my comfort zone, for a long long time.
  • Starting my little business not only has enabled me to stretch my creative muscles ,find my way around life on my own terms but also has given me the opportunity to meet other creatives , find inspiration and learn from them.

Craft wise,I’ve enjoyed working with NZ wool this year .  Going by the collage,I feel I have been very productive this year, I’m pleased that I have also used a lot of yarn from my stash.

These are my absolute favourites.

The coming year , I hope to :

  • learn spinning . Its my dream to spin ,dye and knit from  scratch.
  • Live life on the slow lane, teach my boys the same , taking care not to step on toes in a mad rush to achieve our goals.

Praying that 2016 will be year of blessing ,happiness, peace and the knowledge that our sovereign God is in control at all times.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

How has your crafty/personal year been? What are your plans for the new year? Do share.

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Missoni Inspired Scarf

One thing that has been rubbing my colour loving brain the wrong way ,is the lack of colour around me.Give me the blinding neon red orange with  copper sulphate blue flower lungis and sarees please,I miss them in this sea of muted shades, blacks and greys.

This must be the reason I find myself  drawn to bright colours ,unconsciously.

Ironically, I preferred lighter colours much to my mom’s angst, When I lived in India with her.”Choose bright colours please”, she would nudge me and I’d stubbornly pick a cream or beige saree.

My brother and I rolled with laughter at those very red orange with copper sulphate blue flowers lungi, we spotted people sporting. Little did I know, it was all going to come and bite me in the back, with me longing to see those exact colours around me!! Funny , no?

Winter projects are coming off my needles one after the other. I may not need it now, as Spring has given us some glorious warm sunshiny days… still its good to have them handy.

I prefer cowls to scarves because of how fuss free they are around the neck. You don’t have to keep adjusting them. They keep the neck warm and they are quick knits. Makes one feel like a very competent knitter, you know. Churning out FOs in half the time it would take to knit a shawl or a scarf even.

The pattern , the yarn and the needles are all same as this cowl, just the placement of the chevron is Missoni inspired .

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WIP : Scarf and Stole

On my Hook and Needles are two easy to memorize projects.With a huge move looming in the background,and all my craft stuff packed away… I’ve just put aside enough yarn for two small  projects to work on ,(one crochet and another knit) when the itch to work on something strikes .

The first is the Isar Scarf… which I’ve been working on  now and then,while driving around in the car doing last minute shopping.A serendipitous discovery happened by the way ,I’ve used the same colours in this skein for my runner previously.

ran 002

the other is the One Row Lace Scarf. I absolutely love these needle I’m using for it.- addi needles .

ran 004

Both the yarns are Alize .For the Isar Scarf I’m using Alize Diva Batik and for the One row lace scarf, I’m using Alize Cotton gold Batik.

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Saroyan Scarf

I started this  project with much trepidation.I am so happy to report that turned out to be one of the most enjoyable knit for me. DSCN3681

Project Details:

Pattern : Saroyan

Needles : 4.5 mm Pony Straights

Yarn : 4 skeins Knit picks Cotlin in Colour Crème Brulee 045 dye lot 3087

After I showed my work in progress , I ripped it out when I realised that I would run out of yarn.I considered ordering more but it is all a  tedious process for me .

I decided to do seven increase repeats and seven straight repeats  and seven decrease rows and ripped out till seven increase repeats and started working on the straight repeats. I was not too happy with the idea but I did not have any choice too. When I came to the seventh straight repeat, I chanced upon  one more skein of same yarn when I was rummaging through a different box of yarn  searching for something in it!.

So  I ripped it back again  to the seventh repeat and went back to my original plan of twelve increase repeats, eight center repeats and twelve decrease repeats. I am petite, so decided to do eight center repeats to just cover my shoulders. Thankfully I had just enough with only this much left!


I am pleased that I was finally able to complete it just the way I wanted it.

I haven’t blocked it and donot plan to do so yet.I like it just curly and all.

I love this yarn too, its soo soft and most importantly not heavy at all to wear.

p.s.: did  you all notice today’s date? 11.11.’11, I like dates like these ? Do you also take note of these kind of things ?

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WIP: Saroyan


If there is something called pattern stalking, then think  I’ve done to the max with Saroyan.I was so completely smitten by it and also extremely intimidated by it. Eventually I just decided to give it a go .Every time I take it to knit, I always find myself shaking my head in disbelief at how simple it really is and how I’d been intimidated for no reason at all.

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WIP: Hat & Scarf

A rush of new beginnings is happening here. It always gives a new excitement, rt? Much anticipation of a new FO and lot of dreaming in between 🙂

There is a little baby hat on my knitting needles right now.

I’d wanted to learn knitting  a round hat .I had some of the yarn left over from the baby blanket. Its Fingering 4ply.When I went looking for Circular needles suitable for that yarn, I was much disappointed that they did not have a 40 cm -3.5 mm circulars .So I thought I will get a bigger yarn and different size needles .No luck there either. I never noticed it until now, there’s no worsted weight yarn available here! There’s DK yarn, Fingering yarn and Bulky/Chunky yarn.But No Worsted Weight yarn.

All I could manage to get was a 40cm-2.5 mm needles .But no DPNs to match it.I decided to get them anyways.

I’ve cast on for this ribbed hat pattern.I’ve Cast on 108_ more stitches than the pattern called for.DSCN1540

I’ve never knitted with needles this tiny and it  feels like I’m knitting with a couple of skewers.

There’s something new on my Crochet hook as well. I just started the Angel Crochet Scarf , simply because I wanted something simple, quick and pretty to crochet . I did not realise that it was written in British terms until I worked up  about two rows . Somehow the stitches seemed too big for my taste and then I checked notes on Ravelry which said it was written in British Terms. Ah! that made sense.Now I’ve ripped it and started again.DSCN1570

I’m using a Denim yarn that I used for this bag.

I got completely confused by the dtr / tr thing that I had to check a couple of videos to get my stitches right again! :))

M had been bugging me to let him use my Acrylic paints .They have been just sitting there for more than a year.Secretly I was delighted but did not let it show.He got up bright and early, rushed through the morning chores and rushed me through mine .Finally we sat down .


He loved it !. Then it got too much and we ‘ve wrapped it up. It was so much fun while it lasted!