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Finished Object

DSC_0314Hi everyone,

I did not know  foggy winter mornings could be so beautiful! The entire landscape appears softened .Intriguing light behind the silhoutte of trees far away adding to the mystery. I had never seen that building before yet it adds charm to the panaroma. It seemed like a watercolour painted scenery to me.

I wonder if the  Master Painter sits there  tapping his brush on his chin musing what colours to paint that day . Each morning so grand yet so different than the day before .Never ever the same yet always a treat.

I feel completely blessed  to be able to just stay in the coziness of my home and enjoy the view through my window .

I would go out more if I did not always end up with a headache and ear ache   in spite of being wrapped under layers of  Merino and Down on cold cold days. That’s why  I prefer my little bubble, warm and cozy.DSC_0101camping on the couch, with my knitting and crochet, basking in the sunshine that makes its way to the couch through my large glass windows listening to podcasts or breakfast shows.

The shortest day of Winter just went past us  . Now Spring  must be just around the corner , no? School is out in two weeks and I can’t wait. Nothing  beats  lazy sleeping in days during Winter. I know the boys will drive me batty with loud music and non stop bickering during the  day.Still knowing they are  under the same roof as me, leaves me at peace.

A cowl scarf  got done and dusted at the said camping .Inspired by the Kuwaiti head dress .  Made of 100% NZ Organic Merino with 4.5 Addi hook,its very soft and warm.

It is going into a raffle package for a very worthy cause. DSC_0104

That and trying out a few middle eastern dishes have  kept me  distracted from getting overly  cranky over  J’s crazy work hours throwing off our routine and all. Oh  and laughing over showing up a week earlier for Big B’s troublesome wisdom tooth extraction appointment.

Until Later

Much Love


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April Showers Scarf/Swap

Other than celebrating my birthday,  this month, I  also looking forward to the Secret Santa Swap .

As for the Secret Santa,now that the  Swap is over, I can show you the scarf I made for her and also the gift I received

I decided to start by choosing my yarn first. Since my swap partner’s favourite colour is purple, I went in search of a nice purple yarn.

 Malabrigo Silky Merino with 50% Merino and 50% silk in Nocturnal  seemed like a good one.

When I checked Robyn Egge yarns website, it said that purchase of two or more skeins came with the pattern for the April Showers Scarf.  That sealed the deal  for me, cutting down on the  the wild goose chase for the perfect pattern as well.

Its the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern, with the slightly variegated colour way giving an interesting character to the flower like design.

 Once the pattern  started making sense,the project was a breeze and the end result ,very satisfying for me.The yarn is divine to work with.So soft and squishy.  I think the recipient liked it.

I  did not know who my secret santa was. But I love the gift I got.IMG_0348IMG_0352 A cowl. You all know how much I love my cowls .

I love colour and the textured pattern. So pretty!

How is the New Year going for you all? For me,the days seem  to be blurring away faster than I would like.

I’m loving that  its summer in January  in this part of the world. Warm and sunny and nice most of the days.

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The Year in Review :2015

With Christmas done and dusted, it’s now time to wave 2015 goodbye. 2015 started out full of promise . I’m so grateful for the wonderful things that happened throughout the year that is now fading away fast.

Straddling between different cultures, it has not been an easy ride but I’m so proud of all of us for hanging on . There were tears and tantrums from all of us at some  point or other . Now they are memories we laugh at together, ‘Remember the time when?’

I’m so thankful to God for placing people in our lives who have helped us knowingly and unknowingly through these trials.

Things that make me very happy and grateful this year :

  • Learning  to drive and getting my NZ licence .It’s not my favourite thing to do, but I can drive! Yay!
  • Learning to navigate the public transport system in Christchurch .I’d never thought about using the public transport until a fellow designer from Pay it Forward who lives close to our neighbourhood introduced me to it.Now Lil B and I have two solo trips under our belt. What makes it so big for me?  I’ve never been on my own, out of my comfort zone, for a long long time.
  • Starting my little business not only has enabled me to stretch my creative muscles ,find my way around life on my own terms but also has given me the opportunity to meet other creatives , find inspiration and learn from them.

Craft wise,I’ve enjoyed working with NZ wool this year .  Going by the collage,I feel I have been very productive this year, I’m pleased that I have also used a lot of yarn from my stash.

These are my absolute favourites.

The coming year , I hope to :

  • learn spinning . Its my dream to spin ,dye and knit from  scratch.
  • Live life on the slow lane, teach my boys the same , taking care not to step on toes in a mad rush to achieve our goals.

Praying that 2016 will be year of blessing ,happiness, peace and the knowledge that our sovereign God is in control at all times.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

How has your crafty/personal year been? What are your plans for the new year? Do share.

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e31f9-picmonkey2bcollageChristmas time always takes me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Times of watching my grandmother dye coconut fibre green and make a Christmas tree. Decorating the tree with  her glass bobbles  with many instructions not to break those delicate beauties, as my brother and I  vied with each other to hang them on the tree.

Expectantly  waiting on the verandah for  cousins coming home  for holidays, with my uncles and aunts.

Caroling around town with our school choir, gathering at my mom’s ancestral paternal home for the annual Christmas Eve party. Sometimes singing carols off key  for our grandparents   only to be cheered on to sing some more.
Waking up early on Christmas morning to go attend church, wearing  our new clothes; the scent of jasmine ,the sound of laughter, music ,the chill foggy December air,  the soft  Christmas lights all lending a magical aura to the whole season.
It made me very happy that here in Christchurch ,we were able to enjoy a little bit of the many past Christmases , singing carols  at rest home,our church and listening to Christmas Music all day long on the Radio.
I’m  particularly  delighted to slow down, this time of the year specially , to make time for others and enjoy the spirit of the season.  Schools closing out for the year and Summer – its just the  perfect timing .
Lil B’s school gave us a big surprise , the last day of school by sending us a big box filled to the brim with groceries and a cook book.
Our Christmas tree went up finally. Lil B painstakingly set up the tree, hung the lights decorated it with a lot of handmade ornaments .The cosy  glow of the tree lights ,the lazy relaxed pace that has taken over our home, makes me realise that my boys are making some memories that they will carry into their adulthood just like I have from childhood..
This  snowflake pattern is my  Christmas gift to you all.
Day Star Snowflake  Pattern
Skill Level: Easy
Anchor Metallic Cotton Thread.
Hook:  1.75 mm (addi)
This pattern is written in American Terms



Sc= Single Crochet
Hdc = half double crochet Dc= Double Crochet

2dc bobble =2dc bo

 {For a 2 double crochet Bobble stitch, do each double crochet without completing the the last step in the same stitch 
(you would have 1 loops after the first dc, 1loop on the hook after the  second dc.Then yarn over and draw through all the loops. That is the Bobble stitch.

For starting bobble, start with 3ch which counts as first dc}
Picot= 3ch ,insert hook in the third chain from hook, yarn over , draw through the stitch. For a bigger picot, 4ch 
Round 1:
Start with magic ring , make the starting  2dc bobble,into the magic ring ,( 3 ch,2dc bobble 3ch) , repeat five more times. Join in the top of the starting bobble  (6 (2dc bobble, 3 ch ) )
Close the magic ring by pulling the thread.
Round 2:
Sl st into the 3 ch space. In the 3 Ch space, make*( 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1dc, 3 ch, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc)* all in the 3 ch space. Repeat * to * in the next 3 ch space  and around. Join with Sl st in the beginning sc.
Round 3:
Ch 1, sc in the same space. 3 ch,* (sc in the next 3 ch space, 1 ch, 1 small picot, 1 large picot, 1 small picot, 1 ch, sc) *in the same 3 ch space.
3 ch, sc in between the 2 sc of the previous row, 3 ch, sc in the same space.
3 ch, sc in the next 3 ch space. Repeat * to * around.
at  the last repeat, sc, 3ch, sl st into the beginning sc.
To Finish , saturate the snowflake in starch, stretch and pin. When dry, attach a ribbon and enjoy!
As usual, if you find any mistake please feel free to let me know. If something does not make sense, please  feel free to ask . I will try my best to answer.
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Cover Me

Along with doing spring break -y stuff, trying to keep Lil B from playing on his computer  all day long,following his Big B’s example,I am up to my neck, buried deep in yarn. Why? do you wonder?

Have you heard about the Spice of Life CAL? if not, then go check the deets on Sandra’s blog  Cherry Heart

I chanced upon news of the CAL on instagram. Intrigued by the name , decided to check it out and ended up joining it.

Seemed to be perfect timing. Lil B has been asking me to make him a blanket. I had several odd balls of yarn lying around. So I thought I would make him a blanket from those.

Three rows into the blanket, the fussy little man decided he wanted only wood colours. Colours he had already picked out from my stash and said that I could keep the colourful blanket.

He has already rejected two other patterns after I was a few rows into the pattern before. With this  he is quite pleased.

The Spice of Life pattern is very easy, quick and enjoyable pattern. Score.

Big B saw me working on the blankets and gently asked “who is it  for” , when I replied that it was for  Lil B, all I got was a soft “oh ok”. Which just melted my heart and I decided to make another one for him.

So now I ‘m making three blankets in the same pattern but different colours ,all from my stash.

Starting on the third blanket  might seem like I’m on the verge of crossing the crazy line, but the colour changes and  different stitch patterns have kept  me from getting bored.

Plus the pattern being a CAL ,gives me enough time to work on the pattern and wait eagerly for the next batch keeping up the suspense element. Not just that , it is  also helping me use up all the acrylic yarn from my stash, so that I can turn into a complete yarn snob in future 😛

Now that the part four of the CAL is out, I’m slightly behind with the third blanket entering the picture. Will keep you updated with the progress .

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Sweet Baby set

 This Vanilla and Chocolate  baby blanket was custom made for my cousin who is going to have a baby soon.

The Blanket is my run-to baby blanket.

While I have made many baby blankets for little ones in the family, the flip flops are a first.

I rarely make baby booties or flip flops. I might have made a couple for Lil B and then for my nephew, that is it.

It took some time for me to get my head around the concept of  having to make a new born to three months size. Are baby feet really that small?!! What if it is too small, what if it doesn’t fit … ah those doubts come without calling!And then I checked the sole size for newborns and the size was spot on! phew! big relief.

I so wanted to add a ribbon to secure it tightly .The to-be parents have chosen not to find the gender of the baby yet and wanted a gender neutral option. And so i made this. After I packed and posted the package to Auckland, where it has reached now, I got an idea for a simple tie. Ah, hind sight is always 20/20!

At the moment I’m on a making mission . I have finished some of the unfinished projects that I had sitting in my WIP basket. Feeling very productive, I made a few more things with the plan of stocking them  in my Etsy Store.

Its the photography part of it that gives me the heebie-jeebies. However, slowly but surely  we will over come that too 😀

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Missoni Inspired Scarf

One thing that has been rubbing my colour loving brain the wrong way ,is the lack of colour around me.Give me the blinding neon red orange with  copper sulphate blue flower lungis and sarees please,I miss them in this sea of muted shades, blacks and greys.

This must be the reason I find myself  drawn to bright colours ,unconsciously.

Ironically, I preferred lighter colours much to my mom’s angst, When I lived in India with her.”Choose bright colours please”, she would nudge me and I’d stubbornly pick a cream or beige saree.

My brother and I rolled with laughter at those very red orange with copper sulphate blue flowers lungi, we spotted people sporting. Little did I know, it was all going to come and bite me in the back, with me longing to see those exact colours around me!! Funny , no?

Winter projects are coming off my needles one after the other. I may not need it now, as Spring has given us some glorious warm sunshiny days… still its good to have them handy.

I prefer cowls to scarves because of how fuss free they are around the neck. You don’t have to keep adjusting them. They keep the neck warm and they are quick knits. Makes one feel like a very competent knitter, you know. Churning out FOs in half the time it would take to knit a shawl or a scarf even.

The pattern , the yarn and the needles are all same as this cowl, just the placement of the chevron is Missoni inspired .