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Teacher’s Gift

The last minute teacher’s gift I put together for my son’s teacher.

I made a little gift bag with gift wrapping paper. And tied a bow on it. He took a white paper  cut it carefully into a square and wrote “from Lil B to Mrs C with love.”

schools close for the year in December here in New Zealand and it takes some time getting used to the idea.And thats why it slipped my mind completely.


Project Details

Hook 2 mm ( addi)

Yarn: Bali Cotton

Pattern: Japanese Chart

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Ruffled Doily

When I first started crocheting, I made only doilies. I enjoyed the seeing the dainty delicate lace pattern come to life in my hands.I loved working with thread, the finer the better .Still , I never once made a ruffled doily.

Pleat Repeat close edited 1

 just love the mesh centre 

Then I moved on and did not make doilies for a long time.

Pleat Repeat 1

the complete look

When there was a Crochet Along  for a ruffled doily ,at the Crochet group I belong to, on Facebook, I decided to join in .

Surgery, recovery got in the way and I finally got   in,late to  the party. All the lovely finishes of the ladies in the group, motivated me to finish mine.

I just made one part of the pattern. It was a breeze till I reached the ruffled part, then I did not know how to proceed from there.The lovely ladies in the group tried to help me but no I  couldn’t figure out how to do the ruffle joins. I kept it aside and went on to make other smaller projects. Then it came to me.Without any trouble.

Like a honeycomb

Tell me, would you have known, if I didn’t tell you, there was more to the pattern? No? I thought so !

I decided to stop working more on the pattern, because I felt that  just the inner part of the pattern  was a doily by itself.  Moreover,The novelty of making a ruffled doily had worn off as soon as I finished this part and did not want to go further. 

Pleat repeat close 2 edited 2

Inspired by the pictures of fall colours I saw on FB, I made this doily in a not so thin  size 8 DMC Perle Cotton , and  a 2.35 mm steel hook. 

Pleat repeat 3 edited 1

Apart from the customs people still dragging on and on pointlessly, power cuts and lack of internet driving us insane; the inverter does not even have a chance to charge ,we  sit  sweating , cranky and ready to scream,waiting for the power to come back , rubbing on odomos ,  and flaying our hands around to keep mosquitoes from whining in the ears., (A lesson in patience for us, I guess!) nothing else is going on here.

So how are things in your part of the world?

Have you made doilies before?

Do you like making doilies?

Have you made a ruffled doily before?

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The crochet edging pattern

I’m posting this edging pattern separately so that it will be easy to find , if you want to use it some time.

So this is what I did.

Start in one of the sc in the previous row,

Ch 3, 1 dc, *(Ch 4, Sl st in the 3rd ch from hook, Ch 3, Sl st in 3rd ch from hook , Ch 3,Sl st in 3rd Ch from hook, Ch 1, 2dc.)* then

2 dc, repeat from * to *. Finish off.


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Blue Doily


 I finally figured how to do the rest of the rows on the doily I posted in my previous post. Some helpful ladies, at the group the  CAL was on , tried to help but  I could not wrap my head around it. So I put it aside and decided to work on something else, to take a break.

 I had a lone ball of Anchor Knitting Cotton lying around and decided to stash bust. Not that I have a stash to speak of right now.

The edge

The pattern is from a Japanese Chart , no idea where I got it from. I was looking for a  quick project and this one fit the bill. Took me an afternoon to finish. When I finished , I realised that it had no border! So I gave it one.

Here’s a better view of the Edging. Its really simple and I will write it up soon.

What do you think?



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WIP:Ruffled Doily

I’m working on a doily after a very long time. It ‘s part of a Crochet Along on a group in Facebook. I’m actually very late,like I always say , better late than never .

These are the pictures of my progress I posted on Instagram and on my Facebook page.

1374831 528198643933194 169342525 n

1383883 528763333876725 88304205 n

1376549 529194703833588 1676389148 n

After completing a full row of ruffles, I found out I made a mistake and so have frogged it and started the row again. Somehow  it seemed a bit tiresome when doing the same row again, so I’ve kept it aside and taking a little break.

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Lillies in a pond

The other doily of the doily duo is all blocked and done.yarn and all 006


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you ‘d be able to recognise this one. Yup, I ‘ve made it before.  I gave that to my aunt , who I always say is my other mother. She has it framed in  her home in the U.S.  I havn’t seen how it looks though.

This time I decided to do a bead  edge. The green thread is DMC Perle’ Cotton 8. The pattern is from the same book Beautiful Crochet Lace Doily and Table Center.

yarn and all 008

I was going for the lilies in a pond look.Do you think the doily gives that impression?

yarn and all 009

In other news

I finally untangled all my completely tangled and messed up Catania Cotton . I went from this

yarn and all 001

to this

yarn and all 002

Stacked in the box.

yarn and all 004

Does anyone else find untangling tangled yarns therapeutic ? or am I  the only nutty  knotty one or  do I have a knotty soul sista out there?

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Mom’s Work

Its March already .It’s that crazy time of the year_ with the annual exams going on and the children impatient for their holidays to start and me trying to get them into  some sort of  studious mood.

Anyways, I’ve been mostly feeling blah all the time and no inspiration to do anything except admire the stuff my mom churns out  .  One fine day she  asked if I had a  saree blouse that I wasn’t using .I had one, so I gave it to her. She said she had an idea in her mind that she wanted to try out and this is what she did.She would have done up the entire blouse   had she not run out of thread.

 photo (27)

That started her Creative juices to flow and she designed this wall hanging for me on some felt  , with embroidery threads and beads I had lying  around.Paisleys are my absolute favourite motifs.Everytime I look at it , I just can’t help smiling .

liberation day embroidery 035

I just love how this  turned out and hope that one day some of her Creativity will rub off on me as well. M and I had a little owner ship tiff over that one.  I got called ‘selfish” and’ greedy’ for wanting to own everything thathi (grandmom)made .My mom was just rolling her eyes at how childish I could still get .She still thinks I’m in school, having a fight with my brother. Moms!!!

So I  did what I usually do under these circumstances_ brushed aside her order request  to give it to him right then and there  and  simply asked her to make something else for her dear grandson. So she made him this little applique.M has asked her to stitch it on a plain Tee for him so that’s what we will be doing next.

giraffe 001

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WIP: Drawstring Bag

Has this ever happened to you? _ you dream of a project and when you wake up and try it out, it really works?! It has been recently happening to me quite a bit. There is one other project I am working on, which is a quilted table runner, the fabric choices for that one happened that way. Then this one.DSCN1129

I’ve had the thread and beads for a long time now.And it just clicked that they would go together in my dream .Really! Don’t laugh!

Btw, that thread is black.I’m loving how it came together.Its going to be a small drawstring bag.