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Pointy Coasters

In an attempt to organise and decorate everything, I have been quietly working away on adding in little cozy corners around my home ,for me to feel inspired and be creative.

So with the help of J, I put together a little blogging nook for myself. I’ve always liked to have a little desk in the corner of our bedroom to read ,write , plan and contemplate.

It is not at all fancy, the table is a hand me down from Steve and the chair is a thrifted gem from the Eco store in Christchurch. But I was extremely happy with how it all came together to serve my purpose.

When we finished working on the space,I was doing my morning devotion with my tea in hand and realised I did not have coasters that went with the space.

So I went stash diving and found this lovely Egyptian cotton my friend Jessyz had gifted me , at one of our meet ups, a very long time ago.

I had tried making many things with this yarn, but nothing made me happy . Each time I would make something, not feel the project, and then frog it and wind it back into the ball.

The best thing about this yarn is that, in spite of the several making and frogging I did, the yarn held its shape without pilling or losing its sheen.

This time, when I tried making these coasters , it made me very happy with how it turned out, that I decided to make a set of four.

I used Laura cotton for the edging which made it go perfectly with my space.

Project Details :

Pattern :   Pointy Coasters by Carmen Heffernan Boho Crochet: 30 Gloriously Colourful Projects

( I do not have the pattern. I saw the picture of the coaster online and kind of made up on my own from the picture and assumed the pattern was by Marinke Slump! Funny thing is, I just now discovered that I made a mistake of who the designer was,as I was writing this post! )

Hook : 3.5 Addi hook

Yarn : Egyptian Cotton ( Gift from Jessyz)

Laura Knitting Cotton in the colour 894

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March Makes

I made these coasters /Trivets. ,

Coastertrivetall three

The pattern is a concoction of something I’ve made before , the border just seemed to flow out  through the hook  and then I happened a see one of the coasters I made before and realized it was the same edging with a small modification.

Closeup2 trivetcoaster

This was a stash buster and a using up scrap yarn  project. The cotton linen yarn is from the project I talked about here and

the brown yarn ,is DMC Senso, left over from this project


Inspired by all the  Crochetmoodblanket 2014, I saw on Facebook, I  pulled out my 2012 WIP and have started working on it. Mine is not a mood blanket. I’ve managed to add five little squares to the blanket today.


My brain had got a little rusty about details like which hook I used for it, a how many starting chain for the granny square, how many chains between the DCsand which method of join as you go I used…but its going on fine now.



I started knitting the Sweert as Honey Blanket for my brother and Sil’s soon to be born baby.

Sweet as honey wip

Like I was saying before, I did about six rows of white and have started the lilac again.

Being a slow knitter, the blanket is not growing as fast as I would like. Still, I’m super excited about this project as it is my very first knitted baby blanket.

I have now memorized the pattern.The Caron One pounds working a soft , warm fabric . I’m sure it will keep the baby all warm and cozy , wrapped in it.


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Round Granny Coasters

My boys have been troopers these couple of months. I’m really proud of the way they have coped with our situation; it has not been easy but they’ve been Ace! 

This little coaster is actually an offshoot of the previous one and I just posted it here just so I won’t forget how I made it. I hope you all like it.

Round granny coaster

Skill Level



Various Colours of Laura Knitting Cotton

Hook F/5- 3.75 mm

This pattern is written in American Terms

Stitches :



Sc= Single Crochet

Dc= Double Crochet

Hdc=Half Double Crochet

Row :1  Make a magic loop and three chain  (Count as 1 dc )and work 1more dc then 1 chain , then work  2 dc , 1 ch . Repeat 4 more times into the loop.Close the ring by pulling on the tail, and join the round by slip stitching in the top chain of the starting ch3.( 6 (2 dc 1 ch)) finish off.

Row :2 Join new colour in the one chain space , Ch 3 (count as 1  dc, )  make one more dc in the one chain space , two dc one chain around. Join the round with a slip stitch in the top chain of the starting Ch3.(12 (2dc 1ch)) Finish off.

Row:3 Join new colour  ,Ch3 (count as 1 dc) 2dc in the same space, Ch 1, 3dc into the next space and into every other one chain space around. Join the round with a slip stitch in the top chain of the starting Ch3. ( 36 dc, 12 ch 1 spaces)

Row :4 Join new colour, in any of the stitch and sc in each of the stitch around. (48 sts)

Row :5 Join new colour,Ch3 1hdc in the same stitch, skip one sc, sl st in the next stitch. In the same stitch, Ch3,1hdc, skip one stitch and sl st in the next stitch. Ch 3 1hdc in the same stitch , skip one st and sl  st around. Fasten off.

if you find any mistakes, please feel free to let me know.

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Cheery Coasters— Free Pattern

Coaster 4

Hi everyone

Thanks for staying with me inspite of my long absence. Thanks for all your loving messages of encouragement , comfort and hope.I really appreciate it .We are in India right now , not sure for how long.

Crochet as usual has come to my rescue  amidst all the chaos here.I made these coasters  with some Laura Cotton yarn I flicked  from my mom,  no easy feat my friends, not the making ,I mean the flicking coz she guards them with her life!

First came the idea for the coasters , then the idea for the basket to hold the coasters. The pattern kind of evolved as it went  and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.


Coaster 12

Don’t you feel like smiling when you look at them?Thats the reason I decided to call them Cheery Coasters

Then  the cover for the basket seemed plain and I decided to add a flower to it


So here’s the pattern for the Cheery Coasters.

Skill Level



Various Colours of Laura Knitting Cotton

Hook F/5- 3.75 mm

This pattern is written in American Terms

Stitches :



Sc= Single Crochet

Dc= Double Crochet

3dc bo=3DC bobble stitch

For a 3 double crochet bobble stitch, do each double crochet without completing the the last step in the same stitch, (you would have 2 loops after the first dc, 3 loops on the hook after the  second dc, and 4 loops on the hook when all all three dcs are completed. Then yarn over and draw through all the loops. That is the bobble stitch.

For the starting bobble, start with 3 ch which would count as the first dc.Coaster 3

Round :1  Make a magic loop and three chain  (Count as 1 dc )and work 11 more dc into the loop.Close the ring by pulling on the tail, and join the round by slip stitching in the top chain of the starting ch3.(12 dc) finish off.

Round :2  Join new Colour .Make one starting bobble ,ch 2, make 3dc bo, ch 3, repeat around .Join with sl st to the first bobble. (12 (3dc bo))Finish off.

Round :3  Join new Colour in the two chain space from the previous row.Ch 3,(counts as first dc)make three more dc in the same space. In the next 2ch space ,make4 dc,repeat around.Join to the first dc.(48 dc)

Round :4 Join new colour, ch1,sc in each of the DCs on the previous row, around.Join to the first sc.

Round :5 Join new colour, ch3,dc in the third ch from hook, skip one stitch, sl st in the next stitch.Repeat around.Finish off.

The cheery coasters are done. Enjoy!


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Cheerful Colourful Coasters

Seeing the yarn , patterns and needles instantly puts me in a happy mood.And look what I found rummaging through my yarn box!!


Some  colourful dainty coasters for my table.Don’t they just make you smile?


I made these little coasters before I left for my vacation to India.

After a very long time without reading a single book I  have finally started reading The shop on Blossom Street. A friend sent me this book along with some lovely stuff a long time back . I’m planning to work on the baby block pattern in the book

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Doily/ Coaster

Call them whatever you will_ little doilies or coasters, these are handy little things to have around when you want to grab a little gift for someone or even when one of your little coasters disappear into some mysterious land never to return.

And ofcourse ,who can resist the lure of an instant gratification, when ones sees these little charted japanese patterns?! Not to mention, stash busting as well!

Anyways, here are my little doilies.


Pattern: Pastel Lace Coaster


Pattern: Anywhere Mat


Pattern: Hana Doily

All doilies made with size 1.25 mm Jimra Hook and left over size ten threads.

I’ve had people ask me how I starch doilies. So for people just starting out…..

This is a thermocol sheet I picked up for 100 fils from the 100 fils store.First I pin out my doilies, and then spray starch. And allow to dry.


Simple! 🙂 and it is for this simple process, dear people, that I procrastinate endlessly :))

Do you also block your doilies this way? or How do you block your doilies? I’m curious to know.

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A Coaster, a doily, a table runner and a scarf

Mimi’s Radiant Coaster .Think I need to block it better.This was a easy quick pattern that I made a bunch of and sent /gave along with the Christmas cards I sent.

This is called Cosmos.The pattern is from the Leisure Arts Little Book.Dainty Little Doilies.My First Patricia Kristofferson Doily. Now I’m officially in love with her 3D textured patterns.

Made with size 7 susan Bates Hook.For both the coaster and this doily ,I used the thread I got from Mimi Anchor Lifestyles Metallic Thread MX001.

I tried to block the doily using a hot iron over wet cloth and and almost completely burnt it.Lucky I redeemed whatever little damage I did.But I spoilt the popcorns in the patterns.I s there a trick to make those popcorns pop out really well.I can’t figure out how to make them pop out well.

See the twinkle I was talking about all the time ?Its gives a stunning look when the snowflakes hang on tree with the fairy lights …….oops!!!! which reminds me I packed them all in the ornament box and put them high up on the shelf.Need to get them down.One of these days for sure I promise.

This project is my first filet,first tablerunner and first big project.Used up one whole 100 gm ball DMC Babylo thread in Rose and a size 1.25 mm Jimra Hook.

This is also a first of sorts,coz its my first time trying out Broomstick Lace.Kimberly created a wide interest around Blogland for this technique.I was so glad when she let me test the pattern for the scarf she designed as well….sounds so official to me 🙂 This was a fun project quick and easy once you get the hang of the technique.

Made this with the left over yarn from the Sweater I made.I used a J hook.

I know we are almost at the end of the first month in this New Year.However like they say better late than never. That pretty much sums up my projects for the year 2006.