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I love this time of the year.

The slight dip in temperature made me start this project in the first place.However, in all honesty I’ve been wearing light cardigans or scarves and feeling extremely hot and sweaty


This cowl  I made  with Lion brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn is super warm and would be ideal for covering up on a cold cold day.

The things  I love most about the Christmas season are the special Christmas programs we have in our church. Christmas carol service, the carolers coming home to sing and the Sunday school Christmas program.

We had a lovely Carol service and despite being a novice choir, our program went rather well even if I say so myself.


Then there was Villupaattu featuring the life of Ruth.This is the second one in our church and was just as entertaining as the first one,if not more.Incase you donot remember me posting about it last year, its here

photo (3)

The children in our Church put up an adorable Christmas program.Except for A, the oldest in the group , the others kids are all in primary school. So it was extremely entertaining. The manger setup with dried palm leaves was the talk of the event next to the antics of the pint-sized angels and shepherd boys.563808_567302096620286_120629543_n577939_4541534250546_401306613_n


A was the compere and also the Santa. He did  a pretty good job of both. M was one of the Wise men. M was to say his one line  to King Herod, in the little skit they put up,” Where is the King of the Jews born?” Right when he had to say it, he forgot what he had to say and Big Brother pitched in  and said his line as well .

photo (2)

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May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases be white

christmas 3 051-1

We’ve been having a busy week , preparing for Christmas celebrations. The home is beautiful, with little fairy lights twinkling  on the Christmas tree, Christmas carols playing in the background and the sweet aroma of Christmas cake baking in the oven mingling in the air.

The children are pretty excited about their Christmas gifts which they have already opened Smile The anticipation  of wearing new clothes and attending the Christmas Service is hanging in the air….. oh yes and the feasting and calling family back home and in other parts of the world too…..

I have not finished half the Christmas projects I started. I did however manage to finish my Christmas snowflake Wreath.Merry Christmas 3

Wish you all  lots of hugs ,laughter and love on Christmas Day and  in the New Year.

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Soon it will be Christmas Day

Christmas 2011 076

I finally finished my red table cloth just in time before the Christmas Festivities started over here in J household.

Christmas 2011 080

I ‘ve lost count of the times, I just wanted to throw it away as I was making it, but the end result was totally worth all the tears .If you look really really close you can see the colour difference in the thread.  I’m just too happy that I’m knocking out projects off the UFO list one by one, to be bothered by it now Smile

.Christmas 2011 114

Project Details

Pattern: from the book Pineapple Lace

Hook : 1.75 mm Tulip

Thread :9 50 gm balls DMC  size 10 thread

M decorated the Christmas tree this year mostly by himself .He decided on the theme too!Christmas 2011 009

We’d picked up two  boxes of red and gold ornaments from IKEA and he wanted to use only that for the tree.

Christmas 2011 096

I also made this little stocking ..I ‘m sure you all know where it can be found now. SmileThis cute pattern is from Sucrette’s blog.You’ll see a lot of them  if you go  blog hopping.

Christmas 2011 091

Christmas 2011 092

I used scraps of Catania Cotton for it with a 3.75 mm hook

The Christmas programme at the Sunday School was really sweet

A acted in a skit Christmas 2011 055

M was Joseph in the Nativity play

Christmas 2011 023

A was one of the Wiseman

.Christmas 2011 060

I had a lot of fun dressing up the children and chatting with the other moms there.

Then it was time for the Carolers to come  singing to our home. We lit up all the candles in the hall.

Christmas 2011 106Christmas 2011 101

This is my entranceChristmas 2011 103Christmas 2011 115Christmas 2011 116Christmas 2011 102Christmas 2011 118

All lit up and readychristmas carols 004

My Christmas Cheer quilt. Smilechristmas carols 005christmas carols 006christmas carols 009christmas carols 010christmas carols 011

Later we had a party for them too. I was busy entertaining the guests that I completely forgot to take pictures of the party and only remembered I had to take pictures when they were getting in their vansSmile

christmas carols 014

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The year end is at hand

Christmas was really  good for us this year. Dh had a day off which meant we had a long weekend_ He usually has to work on Christmas day too.It seemed like all we  did was I cooked, they ate  eat that day   A played host to  his friends for a Movie and pizza /KFC evening. I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends this Christmas.

School closes for the children  for another long weekend tomorrow.They are pretty excited about the year end party they have with their classes and the gift exchange.I do not think I will have time to post in the weekend .

So I wanted wave off 2011 on the blog , with a collage of projects I made this yearMosaic 2011 true

The final project for the year is the Mountain Rivers Hat that I tested for Jessyz,

random 021

I want to thank each of  you ,who visited my blog  , cheered me on with your lovely knot of love  aka comments.I know, I would not have kept at blogging if not for you all my sweet friends.Hope to see you all in the New Year  .Happy New Year Smile

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Christmas Decorations

We are planning to go to India to celebrate Christmas at home. Since we are going away I wasn’t  planning to put up the tree and the decorations. Saturday while I was preparing the special lunch,(this time, fried rice ,matar paneer, cutlets and gajar ka halwa) the boys decided to surprise me by putting up the tree and decorating the hall.

I was not supposed to know all this was happening .I  happily pretended to be  shocked and surprised that they did all that for me while I was in the kitchen! I think they did a wonderful job. : D


to see my crocheted tree skirt,  my quilt on the coffee table


and my favourite snowmen on the dining table thus displayed ,make me smile every time I look at them.Every year we have this little tradition to add a new Christmas decoration.This year its this little Christmas Train set


Later that evening was the Sunday School Christmas function


There was singing ,dancing

IMG_0778 IMG_0789

and the nativity scene.And of course Presents!

Then the carolers came


finally after a looong wait at 1.30 a.m! We had a  little party for them after they  finished singing the carols.


It was fun 🙂


All my Christmas  projects are in various stages of getting finished.The shopping, packing  mad rush that usually precedes our trip has taken over. I ‘ve decided not to worry about  finishing them this year.

The only project that  got done is this  mini Christmas Elf quilt.


This Stitchery can be found here.I learnt to do French knots for the first time with this project.Hand appliquéd the ornament the elf is holding with a small piece of fabric from the side border .

IMG_0818 NO4

Don’t you just love the gold and vibrant red together?! I love it !

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out although there is plenty of room for improvement.