Midwinter makes

Good Morning my friends

It’s hard to believe we are already a week into July! School closes today for another two weeks . I’m hoping to have some very   relaxed midwinter term holidays with my boys.

This morning, I decided to convert my dining table area into my sewing space. I’m so grateful for the light coming in through my windows on this very overcast day.

With the help of  the LinedDrawstring Bag  tutorial from the In Colour Order blog, I decided to finish this idea I’ve been having in my head for a while. 

I love simple patchwork and bags . I decided to combine the two and came up with  a hold and cherish project bag with my own dimensions.

I picked up this pretty charm pack and some co ordinating fabric from  Annie’s country quilt store in Ashburton when we went on a day trip there , back in January this year. 

I wanted to make something special with it and my first thought was to make a table runner.Turned out the coordinating  fabric I had purchased without any real plan was not enough for the backing.

It lay languishing on my sewing table for a while before a thought to make a bag with it came to my mind.

I went back and forth with (ripping out seams etc)what I wanted before I was happy with my bag.I absolutely love the colours.

I decided to line it with this pretty Polka dot fabric . All the fabric were purchased at the same store as a souvenir. I’m going to add a ribbon for the drawstring.

The beauty of sewing is that , once the prep work is done, the finished object can be ready in about an hour flat. 

Now Im off clear up  my sewing table before the boys come back home all excited about the holidays. 

Until Later


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Pearlin J

My name is Pearlin.I like to share my crafty creations,recipes, free patterns, travel tales and other tidbits in my life from my home in Christchurch New Zealand

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