Crochet Squares-wip

I wanted more bunting and one more Spring in My Heart for hanging in the hall.So I quickly got that done watching Chronicles of Narnia.  I seldom like to repeat things and its a hard thing to make myself repeat the same pattern again.However, I’m on a mission – I am decorating my home all over with my handcrafted things. Previously it was just crocheted doilies here and there , now I’m making to things to hang on the wall ,and decorate with here and there.

After I finished another Spring in my Heart wall hanging and one more set of bunting I kind of didnot know what to do. I started looking into my Ravelry Favourites and decided to give this a try


Not  sure what I want this to become eventually…. a coin purse, a pillow and a bag look like a good option to me. Also a wall hanging seems appealing.

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Pearlin J

My name is Pearlin.I like to share my crafty creations,recipes, free patterns, travel tales and other tidbits in my life from my home in Christchurch New Zealand

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