Not a skein,Not yet a Sweater

The sweater, which I’ve been working on for ages now!!I was supposed to show an FO here today, however,its still pieces of left front ,Right Front,sleeves, back etc 😦 I just have one sleeve to complete, And my teacher is leaving for good today.

She’s been teaching me step by step,and I tried hard to complete this one before she left.Ofcourse ,she did show me how to finish. I am just not that confident on my own,since it is my first big knit project and first knit sweater and all.

In other news,something very unusual happened here yesterday.A little boy a year or two older than A,tried to steal A’s bike. Well,A being the alert creature that he is ,immedietly found out,we chased him and got the bike back .He said something in Arabic that we couldn’t understand and the strange thing was he didn’t run away at all.Instead he went into the nearby Mechanic workshop and stood there like nothing hapened at all.And the guys in the Workshop swore he would not steal a bike and he was there all the time.

We did catch him red handed……. and let him go ,coz well, except A and me ,no one else saw him take the Bike.A couple of weeks back one of the kids in our building had their bike stolen from the corridor in the building. Don’t know if the guys in the workshop are instigating this little guy to steal.

Our place is supposed to be very safe not anymore I guess.You know,it has happened once,it can happen again.

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Pearlin J

My name is Pearlin.I like to share my crafty creations,recipes, free patterns, travel tales and other tidbits in my life from my home in Christchurch New Zealand

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